The opening of Art Of Silence

We`re back

photo by Mal, sculpture by Jean- Pierre Azzopardi


We have finally managed to edit all the images from the opening of the Art of Silence exhibition. Mal is a happy snapper but work and other (social) commitments in the past two days kept her away from her digital darkroom.

We were kind of suprised when we arrived at the General Workers Union building. There were so many people around. We lost count but for sure there was around 60-90 people, some coming and some going all the time.

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal, sculpture by Jean - Pierre Azzopardi


Five minutes into the opening, we had to attach the quotes to the respective paintings, which started a wave of attention to our works. At one particular moment, we had three men watching the artworks together, but when Mal tried to take a shot, another visitor appeared in view ruining the composition. We are still posting the photo, because we think its a “great fail”. (Jackie Chan always posts a footage of stunts gone wrong at the end of his movies as “great fails”).

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal


 Mark Camilleri gave a passionate speech. He was the mastermind of the project and in the last year had done a lot to raise the question about censorship in Malta. Then the panel followed. It consisted of three speakers (one of them being a writer Anton Bonnici, other two being Norbert Bugeja and Chris Fenech). Each panelist prepared a long and detailed study case (in Anton`s case running for several pages of text) that were then party presented – partly read. We know it takes a lot of research to make such a speech and a lot of guts but we have found it a bit boring. Dont get us wrong. We appreciate high academia and scientific approach but if all three panelist decide to present their arguments in the same manner, its a bit discouraging for the audience. After Anton`s presentation, we quietly went to have a glass of wine and socialize outside. We realize we have missed some heated debate that followed our departure but people in the atrium were also debating fiercely.

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal


We also had a chat with the guys who were making a reportage about censorship in Malta for Al-Jazeera. Really nice and dedicated folks.
When the debate was over, guests went to sign the book and we were really happy to see that they praised the exhibition.

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal


 We managed to catch on camera fellow artists having a talk about their own works (Hi Julian!!). And our good friend – Martin Galea de Giovanni made this nice portrait of Mal.

Photo by Mal
Photo by Martin Galea de Giovanni

All in all, it was a fine night. The exhibition runs untill the end of this month, so if you havent seen it already, make sure you do.

Photo by Mal


MGD drove us home as we were dead tired. We own you a beer, Mart. Next time we meet, its on us.

Thats all to report. Now we need to finish yet another project and we already have something on our mind. But then again, we plan all the time, because we love art and we love to express ourselves through many creative channels. And that, no censor in Malta or abroad can take from us.

Love and glitter

Mal and Rita

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