Being observed

May we have your attention, please


Photo by Mal


 The day zero for is coming. Tomorrow at the General Workers Union building in Valletta, our masterplan will be revealed.

All is set up and we will be gathering around 18:30 pm for the grand opening.


Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal


Last Saturday we have set up all the works, the drinks are ordered and basicly all we need is the public to come and enjoy the event.

We believe it is going to be the sexiest, most thought provoking exhibition of the year. It is also gonna kick some censor ass. Because unlike the Board of Classification, the local artists have balls and are not afraid to stand up for their rights to freedom of expression.

Photo by Mal


We will let you have a quick peek because at heart we are exhibition-ists. So enjoy the free voyeur behind the stages of The Art Of Silence. To enhance your experience Mal decided to edit all the photos in similiar way. Now it really feels like peeping though a hole in the wall. It is exactly how the Board works.

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal


Please spread the word and bring as many people as you can for the opening. The more of us gathers, the clearer and stronger will be our message. We will not tolerate anybody trying to squeeze us into their own little frames. We are artists and as such we think outside of box, we break the rules and we provoke thoughts. We create and we have the right to do it without being prosecuted or patronised.

Photo by Mal


So remember remember 16th of November (with apologies to V, no apologies are being offered to the censors. If something they SHOULD apologize to us…).

Photo by Rita

We are leaving you with a portrait that Rita took of Mal at work.

See ya tomorrow

Mal+Rita D.

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