Its not war – just the end of love

Hey there,

You know, we think we are going to war. Well its not like we are signing up for military and will be dispatched to Iraq in a couple of weeks. Its gonna be an art war. We gonna shoot with quotes, music, paint, photographic prints and yes we are gonna be very intellectual. Its gonna hit home and hurt. We are gonna make people fall from their high moral horse and walk it from Valletta. Because we are angry.

You may want to ask who pissed us off so much that they will be quoted Orwell and Manics at. Well, its the Malta Board of Censors and local politicians who openly vouch for regime in Iran and fight the pay per view channels in hotel rooms.

If you missed the thrill on Halloween, theres a bunch of articles you can read and get a heart attack:

or in short: a story is published and writer is taken to court, books are removed from University library, plays are changed or banned, films are cut and edited, bands are asked to submit lyrics before they perform, carnival costumes land people with suspended jail sentences.

Its enough to give oneself a nervous breakdown. Well there are enough downers in the world so we decided to stand up to the Big Brother with a group of other artists. And we join the “The Art of Silence” exhibition that will open in the capital on 16th of November.

design by Julian Mallia

Out of all the local little horrors, Rita liked the most the story about last year`s carnival when police asked bands to submit lyrics before the show. You know it was perfectly justified. After all you never know when Maltese pop acts will decide to cover Ice T`s “Cop Killer” or worse “Little baby Swastika”;).

So she decided to explore the theme of banning music and causing fear among artists. She even has two beautiful pieces to go with the theme. One is called “Lipstick Lies” which is inspired by Manic Street Preachers. The other is named after Ian Browns tune “FEAR”.

Rita just had the works framed and they will come with beautiful quotes that Rita think will enhance the experience for the Board of Censors.

Photo by Mal

You know Manics in the Richey era: panda eyes, fake fur, lipctick all over, glitter, feather boas, provocative poses and sacrasm. “Lipstic traces” has it all. It will be published with a quote from a song “Donkeys”.

“Put some lipstick on at least your lies will be pretty”.

Artwork by Rita

Oh yes we can definately see MP Adrian Vassallo with a lipstick on. Especially when landing in Iran 🙂

You can see the video here

Photo by Mal

The other artwork is inspired by this track:

Does the violent pink shirt scares you? We are as scared when we think that Univeristy bans books.

artwork by Rita

This piece will go with a quote from Mae West:

“I believe in censorship. I made a fortune out of it”.

We also believe that somebody is cashing on the whole censorhip nonsense. But we aint gonna jump into conspiracy theories. Just please call Mulder and Scully…

What Mal is preparing you will find out tomorrow.
Mal and Rita

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