Art Sale wrap up

And its done

Photo by Mal

The Art Sale had closed at 15:00 today. We had quite a nice crowd considering the fact that it was raining.

What can we say? It was a great expeprience, both meeting people and selling art wise. Pauleen managed to sell a big painting, Rita sold two of her cat series collages and all of us sold prints. Not bad for the first time, not at all. Actually we are thinking of setting up another one in May next year. It will be a third consecutive year of the art sale and we plan to organise some really cool stuff. Want a teaser? How about combining filigree and photographic prints? Or offering unique items to collectors? Ha, we told you that it is going to suprise you. We will keep the best bits to ourselves for now. It needs a lot of preparations, you know, Rome wasnt built in a day.

Photo by Mal

As we have mentioned before we had a nice crowd, it felt vey intimate in the same time and everyone was simply fantastic. Mal managed to snap some nice images that show the atmosphere:

Photo by Mal

Photo by Mal

And we had a group photo at the very end.

Photo by Mal

We are really really pleased. We also hope that next time all those who couldnt attend will be able to join us.

Hope you all had a great week end. We had a ball. As seen on this photo take by Roseann:

Photo by Rose Ann Borg

Now full steam ahead for the next event that will be on 16th of November.

Update cooming soon.
Hugs and hot chocolate because its cold outside

Mal and Rita.

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