JW Paris – Runaway single review

There is nothing more rewarding than reviewing a new single by the band you love.  I can’t stress this enough – if there is an artist out there that really gets you moving, go and see them live, buy their album or merch, write about them and share it around. You will have the best of times just by doing it and you will get something positive done in our rather dark times.

I have been ecstatic about JW Paris for a few years now. I have seen them live, I`ve been shouting about them on social media and I follow their musical journey. Forget about all this A&R jazz for a bit. Being a fan is great for my mental health. I get to meet some wonderful people; enjoy great music and I participate in ever growing circles of other JW Paris aficionados. It`s almost like having a new hobby. Every day is a bit like an adventure – maybe I will get my postman to listen to the band or maybe I`ll find a new radio show that will give them a spin.


Cover artwork for “Runaway” by Chris Alderton 

Getting your favourite music out there can be a superpower and it`s available to everyone!

So let me tell you why I love JW Paris so much. Their new single “Runaway” sums it perfectly for me.

I have a big, soft spot for ambitious guitar music that brings something new to the listener. And nobody does a resurgence of 90s grunge with a modern alternative twist like this London trio. You press play and you get the best of both worlds immediately. Yes, they would fit very well on a 1995 Lollapalooza bill somewhere between 7 Mary 3 and Filter but they would rock everybody`s socks off if somebody booked them now at Burning Man all the same. It takes not only skill but a great dose of vision to sound retro but not in a dated way. 1990s rock was famous for being progressive and open minded, socially conscious and politically engaged. And this is another reason why I fell head over heels for JW Paris. Check out their lyrics and you`ll know where the band stands. I treasure acts that have hearts in the right places and are not afraid to stand for something. Call it a Gen X thing.


Danny Collins, picture by c24photography

If you ever have a chance to see the band live you will find out that JW Paris is not driven by ego or power or some shady business deals to elevate them to the top of the charts by artificial hype and payola. They are driven by love of music, connecting with their audience and sense of humour. Take their drummer – Gemma Clarke for example. She is a volcano of positive energy, she laughs from behind the kit, strikes poses, blows you a kiss and hits the drums so hard that the ground is shaking. When I grow up I wanna be Gemma, she`s a role model for every woman in this industry how to handle this job with grace and not take it too seriously.

Singer/bassist Aaron Forde and guitarist Danny Collins are a pure chemistry at work. There`s probably some undiscovered element missing on Mendelev Periodic Table to explain what takes place when these two hit the same stage with their instruments in hand. I don’t usually believe in magic but as I said I`ve seen the band live and it`s nothing short of a mystical experience to see them deliver the songs in a perfect unison. You find yourself going woah in the audience and feeling like you are on top of the world. You see, that`s the best thing about JW Paris – they don’t just look down at you from rock and roll Olympus. They take you up there to the peak with them. After the gig you are just as tired, sweaty and grinning like a Cheshire Cat as the band themselves.


Gemma Clarke picture by c24photography

“Runaway” as a single brings into focus all the elements I treasure about music – a band that is focused on their craft, that follows their own path and that delivers their message with energy, passion and desire to connect with listeners on an emotional level.

If you put your heart and soul into music- the world will respond. JW Paris have been recently invited by champion of independent music John Kennedy to play one of his famous gigs, their single has debuted on Radio X and the band played the most important festivals on the circuit – The Great Escape, Truck Festival or Focus Wales just to name a few. They have been reviewed in rock magazines in the US (Rock at Night) and featured in over a dozen of blogs and music magazines across the world.

I love being a fan of JW Paris – it`s not a secret. It`s a wonderful community of music fans and if you want to join, we will make sure that you have a comfortable seat at the table and a passionate people to mosh with you in the pit. Give “Runaway” a listen and see if they rock your boat. If they do, fantastic. Welcome to the family.


Aaron Forde picture by c24photography

Lastly in this review a shout out to Blaggers Records who released the single and JB Pilon at Buffalo Studios in London who produced this track. Immaculate job. You guys spoil us with every release.

JW Paris on socials:


“Runaway” is out on 23rd of July through Blaggers Records.

Malicia Dabrowicz

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