Indieterria meets Dois Padres

It is so easy to completely and irreversibly fall in love with Dois Padres. What’s there not to like?  The music has grooves, moods and swings, the band has fantastic voices and skills. There is a great sense of humour, a lot of care for political and social equality and a feeling of genuine friendship among the members. And they have a frog as a mascot! You couldn’t ask for more. We have sat down with Danny Young and George Cowan to discuss the upcoming new album, working with Vandalism Begins at Home and drinks that would smitten the famed 007 agent himself. 


Official bio: Raging since 2017, Dois Padres are Danny Young on guitar/bass & vocals and George Cowan on drums. Formed over a mutual love of Blues, Fuzz and Rock, the duo mix these ingredients together – blended with their signature High Octane Brew – and provide the perfect cocktail for dancing, fighting and/or making love. 

Standard first question for everyone interviewed at Indieterria – please say a few words about yourselves. Who is in the band and how long have you been playing together?

Danny Young: We are Danny and George. Danny is up the front playing guitar & howling and George is up the back thumping the drums. We started playing music together in 2017 and have been blasting out our brand of blues ever since. 

We are wondering what Dois Padres means. It seems to be a misspelt Spanish phrase for “Dos Padres” which can be translated as “two parents” or “two priests”. Help us to solve this mystery.

George Cowan: I was out in California at a house party with a mate and these guys just walked in shouting “DOIS PADRES DOIS PADRES!”. At the time I had no idea what it meant, but after exploring I thought it sounded like a great band name to use in a duo!

 You bonded over a mutual love of blues, fuzz and rock. If you were to list three artists that had a major influence on your music, who would they be?

Danny Young: The big three that we both really bonded over before we even played a note of music together were The White Stripes, The Black Keys and Father John Misty. 


You are one of the bands on the roster of Vandalism Begins at Home. In our opinion, it`s one of the most potent DIY labels in the country at the moment. Tell us about your cooperation with them.

Danny Young: We first crossed paths with Vandalism after playing Luton Aid in 2018. Ben Barry and James Cunliffe watched our set and were both enthusiastic and encouraging. That was a very supportive energy before we’d even had the notion of working together.

George Cowan: Once we’d finished our album “Swamp Jams” at the start of 2020, I played it to Ben and James (two of our VBAH gurus) whilst we were on a red wine rampage (laughing). The idea of releasing it via Vandalism Begins At Home Records presented itself and we were all in! 

Do you believe the DIY approach is the future of the circuit?

Danny Young: I think the DIY approach is a hugely important aspect. I’m a big fan of Henry Rollins, who really embodies the DIY attitude – from his years in Black Flag to starting his own publishing company. It’s a work ethic I truly admire, making it happen for yourself. 

George Cowan: We also throw a DIY ethos at our recording process as well. Everything from Swamp Jams on that we’ve released, has been recorded ourselves. We spent a few years getting the right gear together, but it has been amazing to have full control of where a track can go from the initial writing phase, all the way through to recording and mixing!


Your latest single “Tin Can Phone” is released on 24th of June. Is there any interesting story hiding behind this track?

Danny Young: “Tin Can Phone” was written during the first lockdown of 2020. I had been focusing my time on building instruments, one of which was a Tin Can Microphone. I had also turned my thoughts to how social media was keeping so many people connected and I wondered how it would feel if we didn’t have that connectivity at our fingertips. Looking at the Tin Can Microphone conjured up the image of a Tin Can Phone; two cans connected by a piece of string, and the song flowed from there 

“Mojo Devil” and “How You Gonna” promote your upcoming album “Comin` In Hot”. Where was it recorded and when can we expect the record on a streaming service near us?

Danny Young: We recorded “Comin’ In Hot” ourselves. We took our recording rig to SoundArc Studios which is our usual rehearsal space. It was important for us to capture the vibe of “two guys playing music in a room”.

George Cowan: We went out for mastering with Greg Moss-Coomes. He’s an incredible producer with an amazing ear. He got the tracks to exactly where we wanted! “Comin’ In Hot” comes out on the 29th of July to all streaming services

We also can’t help to notice how close you are to your label mates. You not only play gigs together but celebrate each other’s successes and promote each other’s music. It goes totally against the grain of other labels where acts compete against each other rather than lift each other up. It’s a rather unorthodox approach you have to admit!

Danny Young: Vandalism Begins @ Home is definitely a community where everyone can thrive together. Everybody is involved – from the guys running the label to the bands on the label. They all have a real passion for what they do which makes it so easy to celebrate each other’s successes rather than feel any negative rivalry.


The covers for your three last singles (“Mojo Devil”, “How You Gonna” and “Swamp Jams”) feature a frog. Who is the artist and does the frog have a name?

Danny Young: The Swamp Jams artwork was created by Signs By Jorge who did an unbelievable job. The artwork for “How You Gonna” and “Mojo Devil” was done by Vandalism’s very own Jon West. Jon has a great eye for hiding Easter eggs in the artwork. The frog hasn’t got a name as yet, he’s like the Clint Eastwood of the swamp. But we’re open to suggestions!

Now that the restrictions are finally lifted and bands can tour again, where can we see you live? Do you have any shows lined up? Are you playing at any summer festivals?

Danny Young: We’ll be throwing our album launch for “Comin’ In Hot” at Esquires in Bedford on July 29th. Supporting us on the night we’ve got Feral Dogs and Exploding Ear Ensemble so it’s gonna be a big ol’ rock n roll night!

And finally, let’s have a bit of fun. You are given a chance to create a new drink for the next Bond movie? What is 007 drinking? Is it shaken or stirred or on the rocks?

Danny Young: I like the idea of 007 having a very specific, over the top iced coffee order. Perhaps the barista always gets it wrong or you lose crucial dialogue to the sound of a blender.

George Cowan: I’ve always loved the tropical locations of Bond films since I was a little kid, so think I’d have to go with something classic like a Singapore Sling or a Long Island! Both of which I’m partial to from time to time…

You can follow the band on social media:

Rita and Malicia Dabrowicz


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