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There is something magical about the Welsh rockers, Holy Coves. The sadness and hope enchanted in the indie melodies and distorted guitars. Darkness and light. Despair and calmness. One would think that it would be impossible to put such extremely opposite feelings in one song, yet here we are listening to “Grey”. Welsh have a beautiful word for something that cannot be easily expressed – hiraeth and we think that it can be applied to Holy Coves’ newest single. We sat down with Scott Marsden to discuss the song, the plans and how beautiful the Welsh seaside is.

Official bio: North Wales Psychedelic Indie band Holy Coves are set to release their shimmering brand new single “Grey” which will be released this Friday 10th of June via prolific North Wales Label, Yr Wyddfa Records. Dropping swiftly into the slip-stream and following on from the successful “The Hurt Within” and “Desert Storm” singles, “Grey” shows off Marsden’s ability to write a killer pop song enhanced by Holy Coves distinct sound, and coupled with a hazy indie pop filter and flourishes of post-punk, “Grey” is a perfect pre-summer single. Through long time friend and Producer David Wrench, Holy Coves were put in touch with Texan Producer Erik Wofford (The Black Angels / Explosions In The Sky) and have built quite a magical working relationship, one where Wofford found himself on Mixing and Mastering duties for the material and certainly contributes to their new sound.


Holy Coves by Dai Eastwood

First things first – an introduction is in order. Who are the Holy Coves? 

Scott Marsden: We’re a Welsh rock band from Anglesey, North Wales.

We are intrigued by your name. As you just mentioned, the band hails from Anglesey, a very beautiful part of the world known for its sheltered bays and coves. Is that where the name comes from?

Scott Marsden: Exactly from that! We’re actually from the Holy Island which is a small island off Anglesey. We have some of the most beautiful beaches here, it’s really a magnificent place. We’re very lucky.

Your new single “Grey” is being released on the 10th of June. What can you tell us about this song?

Scott Marsden: This is a song I wrote five years ago now. It was the first song I wrote for this record. Everything came from this. It’s about stepping out of the darkness and into the light!


“Grey” cover artwork

The single’s artwork was designed by photographer Beth Morris & a tattoo artist John Reynolds. You seem to have a great artistic team bringing your vision to life.

Scott Marsden: This is something very important to me. John is a very close friend of mine. He’s been with me every step of the way writing and recording this record. He gets exactly what I’m trying to do. Beth is also very talented and she’s worked really well with Jon. We’ve just had the tour poster designed by Jon Safafi who’s such an amazing artist.

Talking about the team behind the band – you are also working with Ukrainian director Taras Merenkov on a series of music videos. How did this cooperation come about?

Scott Marsden: As simple as liking his work and asking him to create another part of our visuals. He’s so talented. He will be doing the next music video for “Grey” as well. He’s been through a lot like all Ukrainians have. We shouldn’t have to be talking about wars in 2022. The world’s crazy. It’s such a huge shame.


Holy Coves by Dai Eastwood

Holy Coves are being represented by a DIY label – Yr Wyddfa Records. Is this a label run by yourselves or people close to you as well?

Scott Marsden: This is a label I’ve been planning for the past 15 years. I finally get to do things my way with no compromise of my music whatsoever. I run the label with a few other brilliant team members. My wife Emily, Bethan Jones from Flower Moon PR and Andrew Price from Psychedelic Management.

You are also working very closely with Beast PR.

Scott Marsden: Yes, Aled Thomas is the head of Beast PR. Aled is like the glue that hold this all together.  He changed Holy Coves for the better. He is taking us in the direction we want to head in.  Without him we wouldn’t be where we are now. So happy to have him on board. He believes in this as much as me. He’s got a great eye for detail and a very good ear for music. He just gets me and what we are doing.

Welsh music is well established on the rock scene in the UK thanks to bands like Catatonia, Stereophonic or Manic Street Preachers. We want to hear about the newcomers – which Welsh bands are worth keeping an eye on?

Scott Marsden: Welsh music is buzzing right now. If you’re asking me of bands or artists that can break through, then I’d say keep an eye on Megan Wyn. I see bands come and go which I’m not going to get into now. Two of the bands I had down for Welsh album of the year I’m told have already split up. Keep watching Holy Coves

From August until the rest of the year, you are embarking on a massive UK tour. It basically takes you all over the place. Who is supporting you on the road and do you have any favourite places to play?

Scott Marsden: We are talking to bands who will be joining us on the tour. We should have some announcements to make later this month. I’m not giving anything away! (laughing)

Except for the tour and another single that is being released later this year, do you have any other plans for 2022?

Scott Marsden: There’s the album. Druids and Bards. That’s being announced soon.


Druid and Bards tour poster

We have a tradition on Indieterria that our last interview questions are always pure fun. Imagine you have won a year long, all-inclusive holiday. Where are you going and what are you doing to relax?

Scott Marsden: I’m never going on an all-inclusive holiday ever again! It zaps the culture right out of it. How about I get to go to Chile & Argentina and get lost in Welsh Patagonia for another decade!

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