BEX – Tiptoe single review

I wish every day was just like last Friday. A simple message on Twitter helped us to discover a new artist that we will keep on eye on. Her name is BEX, she is just 19 years old and on 8th of May she released her first single entitled “Tiptoe”. It was exactly what we needed to hear on a Friday afternoon – a sonic kick to the teeth from young fearless musician who knows what she wants and she doesn’t apologize for anything. If you can be anybody, be like BEX. It is an order!

                                                    Cover artwork by BEX and Olivia Brissett

Official bio: Taking influence from her love of renowned bands Rage Against The Machine, ParamoreSystem of a Down and The Pretty Reckless, BEX has the hairs on your arm rising with her distinctive brand of angsty punk-rock.  Starting out as a bedroom project in the summer of 2020, BEX decided to take her love for rock music that inch a bit further by picking up a bass and playing covers of her favourite riffs on instagram. Starting off with a mere 2,000 followers at the beginning of the year to a skyrocketing 35,000 by the summer, it’s fair to say BEX has an impeccable vision and is on her way to an ascending journey through the music industry.

Picture by Olivia Brissett

“Tiptoe” is not only a song. It is a statement, a musical response to everything what has been ailing young women worldwide. Racism, misogyny, mansplaining, violence, treating women like children or hysterical divas that can’t do a simple thing. This is a middle finger to all those who work in the music industry and routinely tell women that they cannot play, sing, make music or produce their own tracks. It is a loud FU to those who feel entitled to jump on stage during the gig uninvited and grab the band members or try to kiss them. It is a warning to those in the audiences who salivate and undress the performers with their eyes. Those who smack their lips, shout “show us your tits” and behave like they have never left the barn they were born in before.

BEX doesn’t give a single hoot what the reaction from the listeners will be. And good for her. I am a lot older than she is and I have been through a lot in my life too. There is not a single woman on this planet who hasn’t been subjected to this kind of abuse and believe me when I say that women are very angry. I truly applaud BEX for her courage to plainly say how things are. They are not great and now is the time to listen to young girls and finally reflect how certain actions are seen and felt.

Picture by Olivia Brissett

Musically “Tiptoe” is like a cross of Rage Against the Machine and The Pretty Reckless – both being massive influences on BEX. There is a lot of Kitty and Witch Fever in it too, in more polished and politer way. The song has a steady tempo and despite its superficial aggressiveness, is surprisingly radio friendly.

The song comes with a very nicely done video which saw BEX collaborate with photographer and videographer Olivia Brissett and it’s probably the best video I have seen done by an independent artist. “Tiptoe” was recorded over the first lockdown and produced by Sam Cramer (Lewis Capaldi, Little Mix).

Picture by Olivia Brissett

You will not be able to find BEX on Twitter or Spotify but she has an impressive numbers of followers on Instagram and TikTok. With nearly 60k fans combined across her social media platforms, it will be just a matter of time before she is snatched by a major record label. Please don’t be surprised if in the next could of years, BEX ends up there with Willow, Yungblud and Paramore. If she is, I truly hope her sharp tongue and wild creativity that are so captivating at this moment, will not be dampen by a middle-aged suit with an Excel spreadsheet instead of imagination.

Follow BEX on the socials at:

Special thanks to Laviea Thomas of Sonic PR who introduced BEX to us.

Rita Dabrowicz

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