The Columbia Tour Continues – Anno Domini 2019

Dear Comrades!

So the October/November, 22-date Columbia tour is now a history. Another page in the book is now turned and we are looking towards the future, remembering the amazing music, new friends we made and places we went to. It was a bit of a blur, we have to admit. First the preparations, album release, the visits to record stores, then the gigs and now we find ourselves back to square one!

The Blinders are watching you! Picture copyright by Modern Sky UK

What does that mean? First of all, the well deserved rest for the band, management and the technical crew who worked like house elves over the last few months. Then of course, it is the writing of the new material, recording session for the second album sometime next year and even more gigs! The Blinders’ booking team is working really hard to satisfy the demand to see them play live. The band already have multiple shows booked for December 2018 and the beginning of 2019. We will be putting them all here, in one separate blog as it is easier to keep an eye on everything that will be happening soon.

If you’d like to read some of the previous blogs about The Blinders, please use the links below.

Are you ready for the 2019? Picture copyright by Modern Sky UK

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Alongside the newly added tour dates, this blog will include everything else that our other posts have taken into account: interview, articles, reviews, press mentions, newsletters, videos and pictures etc. We will try (again) to prepare some sort of an encyclopedia containing all data, sources and information that should give you a clear picture of what is happening on the road. This post will be growing as new dates are added, as new materials are found – if we miss something, please kindly point us in the right direction and we will add the missing links or pictures. If you’d like to contribute something – that’s even better! We always love hearing from other fans and since it is impossible for us to be at every gig, we welcome any help in documenting the Blinders’ journeys. Each section is clearly marked so please check them as the time goes by – you will find new information being added!

New Live Album:
On 27th of July 2019, The Blinders announced that they will release a double live album recorded during their  show at O2 Ritz in Manchester on 27th of April. The album will contain an entire content of  “Columbia” and unreleased material.

The announcement read: “We are pleased to announce that to mark the year anniversary of the release of our debut album, we will be releasing a double live album featuring the full set from our sold out show at the O2 Ritz on the 27th April. Featuring Columbia in its entirety alongside new unreleased material plus more. Exclusively pressed on to 12” vinyl. Available to pre-order on Monday (29th of July) at 10am”.

As usual, the pre-orders sold out in record time.
More information about the live album are available at:

New single:
On March 23rd, The Blinders released a new single “Rat In a Cage”. This song has always been a fan-favourite, but the band had no plan to release it until their trip to SXSW. After performing the song on BBC6 Showcase at British Music Embassy for Steve Lamacq, the trio was bombarded with requests for an official release. The single will be the last one from their debut album “Columbia” and the fourth after “Gotta Get Through”, “L’Etat C’Est Moi” and “Brave New World”.
The song was also chosen as it offers a glimmer of hope even in the darkest of places  and “in the most desperate of times”.

The song was released as a double side 7″ single in late April 2019 through Flying Vinyl. It had two tracks: “Rat In a Cage” (Side A) and “Nuclear Love” (Side B).

Rat In a Cage as a 7″ vinyl

The single came as a part of Flying Vinyl “The Revolution Will Not Be Digital” box through its Collectors Club feature. This box was the 50th in line and contained doubles from The Blinders, WhenYoung (“Never Let Go” and “Future”), Lazy Day (“Tell Me” and “Weird Cool”), Hotel Lux (“English Disease” and “Charades”) and Tusks (“Be Mine” and “Peachy Kin”). There was also a small booklet attached with information about the company and each band. The box has now sold out and is no longer available for purchase.

A limited print of additional 80 copies of the single has also been released on 31st of May 2019 through The Blinders’ official store. The single was exactly the same as the one one released through Flying Vinyl. It has sold out on the same day! Hold onto your copies kids, it is already a collectible item!

The single was available through The Blinders official store
So many rats and not enough cages…Reprint anybody?

The official release statement said: “‘Rat In a Cage’ is a song about hope & resistance. It is routed in the belief that collaboration and communication are fundamental to enacting change and pressing back against that which restricts our freedoms”.

Fun fact:
The artwork used on the cover features a photograph taken by Rob Fay (Arathrael Photography), an award winning photojournalist whose pictures were printed all over the world and in almost every mainstream newspaper. He is represented by Getty Images. The rat you can see on the cover is named Percy. He was named after the character from Harry Potter and belongs to the photographer. He is white and brown and yawns in the picture 🙂
You can see him in person here:

Mixology is the newest idea from the band to promote the emerging artists on the UK scene. At the beginning of their career, The Blinders received huge amount of backing from local press, DJ’s and fellow musicians. Not everyone is that lucky and the trio wants to share some of their good fortunes. Mixology will help the band chose the tracks that have the best chances of pushing young bands’ careers forward. The Blinders will add the songs to their official Spotify playlist, where it will be available to all users. And if we take into account that they have more than 100.000 monthly listeners and are featured on prominent curated lists, that’s a lot of opportunities and streams for young artists!

Mixology by The Blinders

The list is updated every few weeks and you can see it here:

Visualization videos:
The Blinders are working closely with Sam Crowston and Nasty Men Creations to bring you the best visualizations for their tour. All  videos will be added one under the other. We already have few available for your viewing pleasure!

The band has listened to their fans and a new merchandise selection has been added to their official store. Right now you can choose among seven different types of tees, bags, badges and many more items. The merch can be ordered through the band’s official website, but also will be available at the gigs. If you like anything, grab it!

There is also a brand new merch prepared for the Spring tour that will be exclusively available at the venues. You can see the band members and technical crew playing the fashionistas and having their haute couture portfolio pictures taken:

Official store can be accessed at:

Winter collection once available in the official store
Another update of the stock!
And even more goodies
New update for the spring and summer 2019!

The Red Ringer Wave Logo Shirt – AKA The Red Blinder is not longer available from the shop

The Red Blinder

The Black Ringer Wave Logo Shirt- AKA The Black Blinder is available from the shop at:

The Black Blinder

The White Ringer Wave Logo Shirt – AKA The White Blinder is not longer available from the shop

The White Blinder

The Red Logo shirt – AKA The Columbia Blinder is still available from the shop at:

The Columbia Blinder

The Johnny Dream shirt is not longer available from the shop

The Johnny Dream shirt

The Black Wave Logo Jumper is not longer available from the shop

Black Wave Logo Jumper

The Red Barbed Wire Grey T-Shirt – AKA The Wire Blinder is not longer available from the shop

The Wire Blinder

Newest additions to the shop include: the infamous lighters, patches and posters. You can buy them at their official merch stand this summer.

The Spring/Summer collection includes:


The Grey Sub T-Shirt – AKA The Summarine Blinder shirt is available from the shop at:

Black Logo Jumper – AKA The Black Jumper is available from the shop at:

Snake Long Sleeve T-Shirt – AKA The Snake Blinder is available from the shop at:

Black Power T shirt

Black Power T-shirt – AKA Power Plant Blinder is available from the shop at

Tote Bag

Tote Bag  – AKA Three Snakes Bag is available from the shop at:

Columbia poster

Columbia Poster – AKA The Picky Columbia in A2 size can be ordered at:

Birmingham – Submit poster

Birmingham O2 Institute Poster – AKA Submit in A2 size can be ordered at:

Glasgow  – Cease and Desist poster

Glasgow Saint Luke’s & The Winged Ox​ Poster  – AKA Cease and Desist in A2 size can be ordered at:

London – You Are Being Observed poster

London Scala Poster – AKA You Are Being Observed in A2 size can be ordered at:

Manchester – Stay in Line poster

Manchester Ritz Poster – AKA Stay In Line in A2 size can be ordered at:

Safe Gigs for Women:
If you have read our reviews from the Columbia tour in November/December, you probably noticed that several shows have been disrupted by rough concert attendees. Several teenage fans and female gig goers reported negative experience to the management and the band took it extremely serious. To prevent any accidents from happening again, The Blinders teamed with Safe Gigs for Women for their UK tour. The charity is renowned for its excellent gig safety policy and will advise all how to take care of each others.

You can follow SGFW at their socials:
Official website:

Please support this amazing initiative!


The Blinders have a very active newsletter that is informing fans about everything that is happening in their camp. The newsletter comes out quite often (usually if there is something new worth reporting) and you can subscribe to it by clicking on the link below:


Articles:  (European tour) (Christmas Show in Doncaster) (Sunday Session in Exeter) (Sunday Session in Exeter)  (German Tour) (general, The Blinders mentioned) (general, The Blinders mentioned)  (ESNS, Groningen, The Netherlands) (Grauzone Festival, The Hague, The Netherlands – The Blinders featured on pictures) (La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Sailor Jerry Presents) La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Sailor Jerry Presents) (SXSW, Austin Texas, USA) (Confessional Festival, Holy Trinity Church, Blackburn, United Kingdom) (German tour, general) (New Single “Rat In a Cage”) (La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Sailor Jerry Presents) (Hit The North Festival) (Dials Festival, Portsmouth) (Dials Festival, Portsmouth) (Cassiopeia, Berlin) (Cassiopeia, Berlin) (Bearded Theory Spring Gathering, Derbyshire) (Gunnersville, Gunnersbury London) (Neighbourhood Weekender, Warrington) (Super Bock Super Rock Festival, Spain) (Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester) (Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester) (Shimmer Sounds Festival, Birmingham) (Shimmer Sounds Festival, Birmingham) (general, The Blinders mentioned) (Bingley Weekender, Bradford and Bingley) (2Q Festival, Lincoln) (Edgeley Stadium, Stockport)  (Edgeley Stadium, Stockport) (Glastonbury Festival)

The Blinders received a huge mentioned in the biggest music business magazine, Music Week! This is a real bible for every industry person and very prestigious magazine. We couldn’t be happier! The article also shined a light on the band’s label, Modern Sky UK.

Article inside the Music Week!

You can read the article online as well at:


Interview for Madchester at Alphabet Brewery in Manchester:


Interview at SWG3 in Glasgow for DiscoveryMusic:

Interview with Toby Foster at Breakfast (BBC Sheffield, 31.01.2019)

Toby Foster interviewed the Blinders about their trip to SXSW

The Blinders played two songs on the show: “Ballad of Winston Smith” (34:35 minute mark) and a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Ballad of a Tin Man”(1:35:00 mark)

Interview with Michelle Hussey and Natalie-Eve Williams (BBC Introducing Manchester, 09.03.2019)

The Blinders were interviewed before going to SXSW in Austin Texas plus they performed two songs on the show: “Brave New World” and “ICB Blues”. The interview starts at 1:06:09 mark).
You can listen to it at:
Or you can listen to our clip below:

Interview with Amy Smolcic of Wicked Child zine at SXSW (15th of March 2019)

Interview with Jenny Ryan of Capitol Sound DC (28th of March 2019)

Interview with Vintage Society (5th of April 2019)

Interview with John Robb (The John Robb Tapes, 13th of April 2019)

Artwork by Steve Krakow aka Plastic Crimewave

You can listen to the interview at:

Interview with Little Dose of Indie (17th of April)

Interview with Even The Stars (15th of April)

Interview with Cub Magazine (15th of April)

Interview with CounterAct (17th of April)

Interview with Christina Angrabeit (Angrabyte Blog, German, 21st of April 2019)

Interview with Brum Live (21st of April)

Interview with Northern Alive (22nd of April)

Interview with Popped Music (23rd of April)

Interview with Words for Music (23rd of April)

Interview with Music Groupie (24th of April)

Interview with Reyt Good Magazine (24th of April)

Interview with Shell Zenner (ShowStream TV) and podcast (25th of April)

The Podcast with Shell is quite long and lasts about 22 minutes. You can listen to it on ShowStream Website at:

Interview with Gigs in Scotland (Q&A Session 25th of April):

Interview with Live4Ever (16th of May)

Interview with Messed!Up Magazine (6th of June 2019)

Reviews: (Alphabet Brewery, Manchester) (Alphabet Brewery, Manchester) (Alphabet Brewery, Manchester) (Social, Doncaster) (SWG3 In the Flesh!, Glasgow) (SWG3 In the Flesh!, Glasgow) (SWG3 In the Flesh!, Glasgow) (Kendal Calling NYE, Manchester)  (Kendal Calling NYE, Manchester) (Night People NYE, Manchester) (ESNS Groningen, The Netherlands Photo Review) (Hebden Bridge, The Trades Club) (SXSW, Austin Texas, USA) (SXSW, Austin Texas, USA) (SXSW, Austin Texas, USA) (SXSW, Austin Texas, USA) (SXSW, Austin Texas, USA) (O2 Institute, Birmingham) (O2 Institute, Birmingham) (O2 Institute, Birmingham) (O2 Institute, Birmingham) (St Luke’s, Glasgow) (O2 Ritz, Manchester) (O2 Ritz, Manchester) (Scala, London) (Cassiopeia, Berlin) (Hit The North Festival, Newcastle) (Ritz, Manchester) (single review) (Bearded Theory Spring Gathering, Derbyshire) (Neighbourhood Weekender, Warrington) (Bearded Theory Spring Gathering Festival, Derbyshire) (Bearded Theory Spring Gathering Festival, Derbyshire) (Camden Rocks Festival, London) (Camden Rocks Festival, London) (Camden Rocks Festival, London) (Liam Smith Fundraiser, Night & Day Cafe, Manchester) (The Blossoms at Edgley Park, Stourport) (The Blossoms at Edgley Park, Stourport) (photo review) (The Blossoms at Edgley Park, Stourport)

International Reviews:
“The Manchester based trio, The Blinders play each of their songs as it was their last. The intensity of their performance is enormous but it works surprisingly well creating a psychedelic garage rock genre. Punkrock meets shoegaze guitars, droning bass beat and grinding drumming, leads to an unusual combination. Live shows are something everyone has to see – the band gives everything they have to the audience: warpaint, sweat and bloodied instruments. This is pure frenzied performance influenced by Iggy Pop, Nick Cave and The Fall. The BBC has had them on their radar for a couple of years now and called them a ‘Must-See band'”  – WDR.DE after ESNS performance at Vera Club in Groningen (translation from German)…/bands/ueber-the-blinders-100.html

“When a festival as big as ESNS takes place in one single city, you constantly rush from one concert hall to the other to be able to see all the interesting acts. In many cases, you have to queue and you miss half of the performance trying to either get into the venue or to leave it. Besides the acts that we managed to see without interruptions, we would like to name 5 bands whose fragmented performances were of pure class. They are: The Blinders, Drahla, Ocean Wisdom, FEET and Whispering Sons. Also, a special mention goes to The Slow Readers Club, a band sharing the same label with The Blinders. We have seen maybe 6 minutes of their show but the riff and the chorus to ‘You Opened Up My Heart’ was the highlight of Eurosonic for us” – Bart Somers for IndieStyle (translation from Belgian)

“After the Shellac performance, The Smaller Gallery is filling up fast for the next act. The Blinders enter the stage accompanied by the soundtrack from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and a great dosage of smoke. Their set is composed of solid punk rock and indie music that is delivered with a lot of energy. As usual, the singer/guitarist Thomas, wears face paint that reminds us of black metal bands. Although we have seen The Blinders before (at ESNS), we truly enjoyed their gig.” – Frank De Jong & Marco Vlot at Grauzone Festival for 3VOOR12 (multimedia platform of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting VPRO for alternative and indie music) (translation from Dutch)

Indiestad Review

“Adding a handful of new and exciting bands to the line up was a smart move. The Blinders, Rendez-Vous, Snapped Ankles and German new wave act Lebanon Hanover need to be distinguished from the rest of the line up. Also, it was worth seeing the Graukunst by Genesis Breyer – P Orridge, a film about John Lydon (‘The Public Image is Rotten’) and of course, the famous record market and the DJ sets. Once again, Grauzone proved to be a varied festival that managed to sell out few days in advance” – Indiestad Magazine (Paradiso Club online magazine)

Concerts, festival appearances and other gigs are slowly filling up the band’ schedule. 2019 seems like a very busy year as it will take them to mainland Europe and all over the UK again. To make it easy for you to keep an eye on all booked events, we decided to create a calendar! It is easy and very efficient. Of course, we will be updating the blog as the shows happen so each section you see below, will be extended. Each entry in the calendar contains full description for the event, address, links and other useful information. If the stage times or a place has not been fully confirmed yet, it is market as TBA (to be announced). The calendar will also be updated as more details are revealed.

You can also access the calendar by clicking on the link below: (requires you to log into Gmail) (open calendar to non Gmail users)

December 2018:

Manchester Punks for West Papua – now completed

Drumming for Freedom poster

The first (post-Columbia tour) confirmed gig took place on 1st of December 2018 in Manchester at Alphabet Brewery. It was a charity performance aiming to collect funds to help the native people of West Papua. The Blinders were joined on the bill by The Membranes, John Robb, Mancunian all-girl grunge punk revelation Witch Fever  and MFU (Modern Family Unit). This was more of an industry meeting that a normal “concert”, with networking space, talks and speakers. We will review it in a separate blog entry as so much was happening, it is hard to describe everything in few sentences
More information:
Event page:

Before the event, the band recorded a short video explaining why they support this noble cause:


Avalanche Xmas Party – now completed

Avalanche Xmas Party ft very special guests poster

Gig number 2 took place on 8th of December. For several reasons, it was one of the most unusual concerts that The Blinders played. First of all, it was organized by the headliner – The Avalanche Party and it was their personal, open to the public, Christmas Party.  Secondly, the show was free entry, first come – first serve basis. Thirdly – it took place in the picturesque North Yorkshire sea village of Staithes that has a strong connection to the famous captain, James Cook. Avalanche Party and The Blinders were joined by Strange Bones and The Black Lagoons and the party started at 8:30 pm sharp. There were no reservations, tickets available only at the door and yet the place was packed tight. The venue, Captain Cook Inn, is very small and has about 80 people capacity and all of the tickets were sold out in just two days. What was happening you may ask? Well, according to reports, the show was absolutely stunning. The mosh pit was everywhere, shirts were removed quite early on and it was a blissfully sweaty affair, with singers being carried in the air by the crowd, gas masks were worn and the after party was a good old rock and roll history in the making. During the Blinder’s set, Johnny Dream took a day off and Thomas Haywood stepped in (the make up was gone!). The band performed their standards (“Brutus”, “Brave New World”, “Gotta Get Through” and “ICB Blues”) and two new ones “Lunatic with a gun” and ” Whiter”. Many fans are now calling for a full tour to be organized and we think this is a brilliant idea. Every venue would be sold out – this is not a marketing drill or “fake it till you make it” technique. This is a true fact. Each of those bands play a fantastic set, they also have their dedicated audiences, they play music that fits together and they never tourd the UK in this line up before. Since we posted information about this gig on our blog, at least 20 people contacted us asking if there will be future shows. Ladies and gents in the management for each of those killer acts – can we ask for at least several shows next year? Dear Santa, we have been very good this year!

Venue: The Captain Cook Inn
Address: 60 Staithes Lane, Staithes, North Yorkshire, TS13 5AD, tel. 01947 840200, email:
Official website:
More information:
Videos: (Strange Bones)  (Strange Bones) (The Black Lagoons) (The Black Lagoons) (Avalanche Party) (Avalanche Party plus Thomas Haywood on guitar) (The Blinders) (The Blinders) (The Blinders)

The Blinders at Social in Doncaster – now completed

Doncaster poster

Number three show in the Blinders’ December calendar was their annual pilgrimage to their place of origin, aka Doncaster. The band played their beloved Social Club on 19th of December in their home town and Calva Louise acted as their support. Tickets were available only in person from the venue and as you may correctly guessed, it was another sold out show for the band. The doors opened at 7:30, by 8:00, Calva Louise were on stage and The Blinders rocked the crowd at 9:00. This was a very special show with massive mosh pit (loads of girls in the front we are happy to report!) and two new songs. The first one, performed as a second during their set, was actually a brand new version of a song written by Thomas Haywood about 3 years ago and was titled “Wither”. You can listen to its very, very early version on Thomas’ personal Soundcloud account:
The second new song “Lunatic With A Gun” was played as the 10th song in the set. It was premiered for the first time nearly a month earlier at the charity gig in Manchester and confused a lot of people when it suddenly stopped. This time, the public was prepared so the band didn’t have to explained it was the end of the track! The band’s set was also significantly longer than usual: it contained 14 songs and one encore “Swine”. The show lasted over an hour and 10 minutes and the order of the songs was completely new – the fans loved it. Oh, and the war paint was back so Johnny Dream survived Thekla and the Last Battle of Bristol.

Facebook page:
Venue address: Lazarus Court Bradford Row, Bradford Row, Doncaster DN1 3NF, England
Opening hours: 7:30-11:00pm (gig), after party till 4:00am
Tickets: £8
Pictures: – Santa at the Merch
Videos: (Welcome to Columbia Intro) (Berlin Wall)
 (Where No Man Comes) (Gotta Get Through)

IN THE FLESH! Glasgow at SWG3 Festival – now completed
Baby Strange presents In The Fresh – poster for Glasgow show
Poster number 2
Additional poster with time schedules

Fourth event booked for 22 of December was the IN THE FLESH! mini festival in Glasgow. It was a large show with two different venues inside the massive SWG3 Studios and Warehouse. The doors opened exactly at 3 pm and the first band to perform on Stage 1 was the The Vanities (they played between 4:00 and 4:30). They were followed by Walt Disco (5:00-5:30), then Rascalton (6:00-6:30) with Neon Waltz, headlining from 7:00 till 7:45. The Stage 2 was the main stage and their programme was longer and more varied. CRYSTAL started at 4:30 till 5:00 pm, followed by Voodoos, (5:30-6:00), LUCIA (6:30-7:00), then The Blinders took the stage  for a full 45 minute set (8:00-8:45) and the evening was finished by an excellent performance from BABY STRANGE. Curfew for the show was 10:00 pm. Tickets were priced at £15 and you needed to be +14 to enter.

What can we say about the show? It was another Christmas party and it went very well. Less than 100 tickets remained at the doors and the venue was filled tightly. The band gave a full performance, the set list was almost identical to the one from Doncaster with the exception of “Wither” that was replaced by “Swine”. The Blinders had a fantastic time and so did the audience who praised the trio’s energetic performance and technical abilities.

More information about the event can be found at: 

Videos: (Berlin Wall) (pictures and Brave New World video) (Brave New World) (ICB Blues) (L’Etat C’est Moi) (Hate Song) (Et Tu/Brutus/Berlin Wall)

Kendal Calling New Year’s Eve, Manchester – now completed
If you didn’t know where to go to celebrate the NYE, but you wanted to see the band, you had the chance to catch them twice in one night in their (adopted) hometown of Manchester. And it was not just any other regular night – it was the New Years’s Eve! The first opportunity to see The Blinders on stage was at Kendal Calling New Year’s Party. Andy Smith and his team organized a special show to celebrate not only the beginning of 2019, but also to thank all those who attended the festival in the summer.

Kendall Calling New Years’ Eve Extravaganza!

Victoria Warehouse is a large venue and several hundred people partied hard to the music of Everything Everything, Tom Greenan, Felix Hagan and The Family, and two large DJ sets from The Hacienda legend Dave Haslam and Howling Rhythm. Doors were opened at 6:30 pm, the show started exactly at 7 pm and finished around 2 am. This was one of the rare occasions to see Dave Haslam returning to the DJ booth and re-creating a true Hacienda Rave party. As you can imagine, this line up managed to attract quite a crowd. The Blinders played as a second act of the evening, right after the truly enjoyable set by Felix Hagan and The Family. Their set was 30 minute long between 20:00 and 20:30 pm. As usual, they started off with “Gotta Get Through” that merged into “Brace New World”. A strong and aggressive beginning allowed the public to jump and dance and it was good to see the Blinders on a full scale, stadium-like stage. “Where no man comes” and “ICT Blues” followed and the set was closed with “Brutus”.

Promo videos:


Official website:
Follow Kendal Calling on Twitter:
Follow Kendal Calling on Facebook:
Kendal Calling NYE event:


You can see a massive gallery taken by Gary Lambert at

Videos: (Gotta Get Through)

Night People New Year’s Party, Manchester – now completed
After finishing their duties at Kendal Calling, The Blinders made their way to Night People to play a second show of the evening. They have been the mysterious headliner advertised on the posters, probably the worst kept secret in the entire Kingdom of Mancunia as everyone knew who that headliner was. Just look at the posters below (by the way, the event has amassed 4 different promotional graphics, which is quite something) and count the question marks. Very clever, isn’t it? The New Year’s Party at Night People was in fact a small festival. 8 bands were booked to play, but sadly at the last minute, Naked Six had to cancel due to illness. The doors were opened at 7:30 and the first band to play was The Big Peach (20:45-21:15). The quintet describes themselves as “5 rock n roll outlaws making Manchester their own 1960’s wild west frontier – they sound quite interesting so please give them a spin. Carnival Club were next with their slot lasting 30 minutes (21:30-22:00). Nicknamed as “Patron Saints of Rock and Roll”, the quartet has made quite an impressions on the locals and will play a large tour in 2019. Things started getting really interesting when the third band appeared on stage. SECS were advertised as Manchester’s first super group and all we knew before the show was, it was formed by members of The Blinders, Calva Louise and Strange Bones. Once SECS started playing exactly at 22:20 (a bit fashionably late), the mystery of who exactly was in the band was revealed. Jess Eastwood of Calva Louise took the role of main vocalist and guitarist, \ of Strange Bones sang backing vocals and played lead guitar and Matty Neale of The Blinders filled his usual post as a drummer. A real surprise was to see The Blinders’ frontman, Thomas Haywood joining them on stage as a…bassist! SECS set was brilliant (but of course), energetic and the group had so much fun playing together. They played several songs including “Easy”, “I Know” and “Hang on”. We hope that they will be playing more often but this seems rather unlikely as this year will be very busy for their main bands. At 23:00 pm, The Blinders took to the stage. While playing with SECS, Thomas wore a white shirt, he was all smiles and seems relaxed. When he returned to the stage as Johnny Dream, his face was very focused, the warpaint back on. Yet during the gig, and when the sweat started washing the make up away, his smile returned, he greeted and saluted the crowd and exchanged short laughs with Charlie and Matty. It was good to see them enjoying playing for their friends and families – a much different call than when they are on tour in unfamiliar places. They played “Gotta Get Through”, “L’Etat C’est Moi”, “Hate Song”, “ICB Blues”, “Et Tu/BerlinWall/Brutus”, “Brave New World”, “Rat in a Cage”, “Ramona Flowers”, “Wither” and “Swine”, although not in that particular order 🙂 The set finished several minutes before midnight and it was the time for John Hall to do the honours and count down to announce the new year. Saytr Play, one of our discoveries in 2018, played next, the first band to rock 2019. They started with “Don’t Go East”, with “VCR”, “To Be The One”, “L.I.F.E.”, “Mother’s Love”, “Fragile”, “Band Average” and “Everyday Since” forming the rest of their set. After 1:00 am, alternative duo (and first cousins) Sly Antics appeared to entertain the public with quite an impressive concert consisting of “Motion”, “Bin Juice”, “B-Side”, “Roads”, “Choose Your Words”, “Fresh Bites”, “Reality”, “Lights Go Down” and “Sunday Fear”. Please take a closer look at them if you have a chance, those guys are really something else! Replacing Naked Six, Octoptus finished the live music for the evening with their set nearly at 02:45am. The party went on til 6 am with several DJ sets, but that’s a different story!

Official poster for the NY all night party
Stage times for the party
Alternative poster

Official website:
More information:


Pictures:  – The Blinders – SECS – SECS
Video: – SECS (Easy) – SECS (Hang On) – SECS (I know) – SECS (Easy) – SECS + The Blinders (Swine)  – The Blinders (Swine and pictures) – The Blinders (Brave New World)  – The Blinders (Columbia Intro + Gotta Get Through) – The Blinders pictures and videos (Et Tu/Brutus/Berlin Wall, Rat in a Cage, Hate Song) – The Blinders (Gotta Get Through) – The Blinderds (L’Etat C’est Moi) – The Blinders (Swine) – The Blinders (ICB Blues) – The Blinders (Rat in a Cage) – The Blinders (Ramona Flowers)

2019 tour

First TV performance and interview at Soccer AM (Sky1), London – now complete
The new year started like a Hitchcock’s thriller – first the earthquake and then the tension slowly started rising up. On January 2nd, The Blinders announced that they would appear on national television for the first time in their career! They have been invited for an interview and performance to the popular Saturday morning program, Soccer AM on 5th of January! Just moments after the news appeared on the official social media channels, the Columbia I-net went into some soft of an overdrive. Fans bombarded the band with questions, exclamation marks and congratulations.

Soccer AM announcement!
And a reminder – do not miss this kids!
Just look at the comments posted online – the Blinders have the most loyal fans

The Blinders spent entire day on Friday recording the program alongside Liam Ridgewell (defender and the captain of Major League Soccer club Portland Timbers) and Ceallach Spellman (actor and TV presenter). They performed “Brave New World” live in the studio, answered a lot of questions (favourite football teams, how it felt to play two gigs on New Years Eve, what is Columbia and who is Johnny Dream) and even had a chance to shoot penalties. Thomas and Charlie sadly missed, but Matty showed the world that he is not only a skilled drummer, but can kick the ball like a pro. He also sent kisses left and right after scoring a goal. The show was broadcast on Sky1 on Saturday exactly at 10:00 am and finished at 11:30.

The performance can be seen on Soccer AM Facebook page:


The interview:

After the videos and performances were uploaded online, the band basically went viral. The video to Brave New World has been viewed nearly 30.000 times in less than 12 hours. We have been monitoring the rising statistics  for the entire day and Malicia did a nice post to sum it all up. But of course the numbers keep on growing and will continue to grow so please hang tight, it is going to be a nice ride! So far we managed to count: 30.000 views for their performance on Facebook, 23.000 on Twitter, Matty’s goal scored nearly 30.000 views as well. Nearly 1000 likes, over 700 comments across the band’s social channels…Amazing!

Official website:

Pictures: (more than 5k likes!)
Videos: – Matty’s goal (43k views so far!)  – Brave New World performance (26k views on Twitter) – The Blinders on the field, goal cam (9k views)

ESNS Eurosonic Noorderslag, The Netherlands – now complete
Eurosonic Noorderslag (abbreviated ESNS) is one of the biggest music conference in Europe. It is an equivalent of South by South West and each year thousands of people travel to the city of Groningen to participate. There are hundreds of concerts in 47 different venues, meetings, talks and panels regarding every part of the music industry – from mech and touring to PR, legal advice and international recording deals. Every genre (from metal to folk music) was represented and everybody could find something that would make them tap their feet or dance. ESNS 2019 took place on 16th-19th January and it was The Blinders’ first international festival! More than 300 acts were confirmed, from every European county. The Blinders joined Boy Azooga, Fontaines D.C., Bülow, Pip Blom and many other established acts. Plus, the festival added them to their official Spotify list! You could say that the first trip to mainland Europe was a success even before the band landed in the Netherlands!

ESNS logo

When The Blinders were booked to play at ESNS in the summer last year, the news of their appearance at the festival caused a huge anticipation among media and gig goers. The demand to see them live grew even further after the word of their sold out Columbia tour traveled abroad. The concert at VERA Club (one of the biggest venues in Groningen) took place on Thursday 17th of January between 23:45 and 00:30 CET. The band performed alongside Any Other (Italy), Fontaines D.C. (Ireland) and Scúru Fitchádu (Portugal) to fully packed venue. Tickets to the show were sold out weeks in advance and at least 100 people were left standing outside the club and sadly could not get in! We were lucky that riots have not started in the streets! The trio played their entire 50 minute set that English fans already know from their autumn tour, but the European fans were mesmerized! They started with “Gotta Get Through”, followed with “Brave New World”, “Free the Slaves”, “ICB Blues”, “Where No Man Comes” and of course they closed their set with the murderous marathon of “Brutus”, “Et Tu” and “Berlin Wall”.  The audience gave them a long ovation after they left the stage. It will be a night the band and the public will never forget! We have to mention one thing – for the first time we had a chance to see the entire band playing in the matching clothing. Thomas Haywood took on his usual persona of Johnny Dream (black trousers and black bohemian loose shirt plus warpaint), but Charlie and Matty also wore only black. Charlie is usually dressed in dark suit with white shirt underneath (resembling Nick Cave) but this time wore only black silky shirt and dark trousers. Matty wore a dark short sleeve shirt and elegant dark trousers as well, instead of his preferred attire composed of a grey tee and a pair of jeans. One journalist jokingly described them as Men in Black!

The Blinders page on ESNS website
Artwork: Douwe Dijkstra Illustration
Info & tickets:

Official link:
Official Spotify list:
VERA Club:
VERA Twitter:
VERA Facebook:

The Blinders photographed by Joep Coolen
The Blinders – official ESNS portrait
Schedule on ESNS with the band’s profile

At ESNS, The Blinders were recorded by several radio stations. The first one to broadcast their song from the conference was BBC Radio 1 with Huw Stephens. On 20th of January 2018 in his show, he played “Brave New World” giving the band a splendid review. You may notice that the song was performed in a new style! Thomas perfected his singing technique and his voice sounds much stronger and more mature.

You can listen to the Mp3:

You can listen to it online at BBC page:

The Blinders were mentioned on popular ESNS podcast called SHARQ TALK! The presenters talked about not hearing about The Blinders before their show at Vera. However, they rated their performance as a good, very energetic show. They were not really convinced by the warpaint and thought the bassist (Charlie) looked a bit lost in thoughts, but paid many complements to their technical skills and abilities to make cool music. They also rated The Blinders as ready for the big European festivals such as Lowlands and Pinkpop. Again, massive interest of press and media was observed with presenters saying that more than 1200 people showed up to see the gig: inside the club (capacity 450) and outside! There were also 8 photographers and a cameraman. Thank you to Joep Coolen  and Anke van der Voorn for their help with translation. The Blinders are mentioned exactly at 35:40 minute mark.

You can listen to the podcast on Youtube channel:


Pictures by Richard Postma (official pictures from VERA CLUB). Used with permission.
You can see the entire gallery here:

The Blinders’ concert at ESNS was filmed for WDR. Five tracks (“Brutus”/”Et Tu”/”Berlin Wall”, “Hate Song”, “Free The Slaves”/”ICB Blues” and “Where No Man Comes”) are now available for viewing on their website:—-highlights-mit-nova-twins-the-blinders-the-grand-east-une-misere-und-the-psychotic-monks-100.html (Hate Song)

Independent Venue Week – Trades Club, Hebden Bridge – now complete
Trades Club in Hebden Bridge is one of the most popular venues in Yorkshire that hosted many international and national superstars. The Blinders have played there before and each time, their gigs were sold out. On 31st of January, the band (along with their support act, The C33’s) arrived to The Trades Club to play for the Independent Venue Week, a week long celebration of music in support of those who run the grass root venues in the UK. As usual, the tickets to the gig were gone long time in advance (sometime at the beginning of December!) and many people frantically looked for any spares online. Those who purchased their  passes earlier, gained entry to the venue at 4 pm. This allowed them to see a very interesting photo exhibition entitled “Cold War Steve” before anybody else. The rest of gig goers had to wait until 8 pm when the downstairs bar and a concert hall were finally made available to the public. By 8:30 pm, the place was tightly packed and the C’33’s entered the stage to showcase their talents. We have to say that the young band did fantastically well. Their 45 minute set was very pleasant to our ears, the songs were catchy (and some of them super radio-friendly!), they also had a great deal of energy and nice stage presence. We are giving them a year or two and the indie scene will have another very strong rock group! When it comes to the headliner, we think that The Blinders are incapable of playing a bad gig, as again, they were perfect! Matty and Charlie showed their incredible technical skills, Thomas sang like his life depended on it (and at one point ended singing surrounded by crowd), and the mosh pit was crazy! The concert was dedicated to the memory of Zoran, a close friend of the group who passed away just few weeks before the show at the age of 50. One of the speakers was decorated with Slovenian flag with words “Zoran, Keep The Faith” as a tribute to him. The band also prepared a special poster that was sold at the merch stand and all money collected were later given to Zoran’s family. The show started off with “Gotta Get Through” and then came the first surprise of the evening, a brand new version of  “Wither” which may be the new fan-favourite song. So far “Wither” was only available in an acoustic version on Thomas Haywood’s personal Soundcloud account, but it sounds so much better with bass, an electric guitar and  a powerful drum solos. “L’Etat C’est Moi” and “Brave New World” followed with “Hate Song”, “Ballad of Winston Smith” and “ICB Blues” filling the middle part of the gig. “Where No Man Comes” opened the second part and there was another surprise awaiting! Instead of the expected “Free The Slaves”, The Blinders pulled a blinder and played a brand new song, never heard before entitled “Fantasies”.  Along with recently debuted “Lunatic With a Gun”, “Fantasies” are two brand new compositions that probably could end up on The Blinders’ second album which the group is very eager to record.  The ending of the gig was very emotional and powerful with “Ramona Flowers”, “Rat In a Cage” and “Et Tu”, “Brutus” and “Berlin Wall” being played. The performance ended just before 11:00 pm. A small meeting with fans was also organized before the club was closed for the night.

Independent Venue Week – Trade Club poster
Independent Venue Week 2019 at the Trades Club
Power and Control – special poster prepared for the show

Official website:

Videos:  (Et Tu) (Brutus/Et Tu/Berlin Wall) (Brave New World) (Rat in a Cage)

Grauzone Festival, The Hague, the Netherlands – now complete
February took the Blinders over to the mainland Europe again as they performed on a popular festival in the Netherlands. GRAUZONE took place on 9th of February in The Hague and the line up included Blixa Bargeld of Einstürzende Neubauten, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, Pink Turns Blue, The Messthetics (Fugazi members), The Cosmic Dead, Nik Void, Sink Ya Teeth and an exclusive exhibition featuring the works of Genesis BREYER P-ORRIDGE. Grauzone is one of the oldest and most prestigious festivals of music and counter culture in The Netherlands.

Grauzone Festival poster
Going, going, gone!

Festival schedule:

Festival Timetable

Official website:
The Blinders on the line up:
More information:
Tickets: The Festival is now officially SOLD OUT!

GRAUZONE Festival introduction for The Blinders

Translation: “English band, The Blinders, hailed by their domestic press and the BBC as ‘savers of the rock ‘n roll’ (together with Idles and Shame) comes exclusively to The Hague with their frenzied, obsessive live show, a madness-bordering experience that you must see. The band already plays in England to sold-out halls and big festivals and their debut album Columbia has been called ‘album of the year’ by many”. Now this is what we call a love letter to the band!

Grauzone Festival review, this time by DJBroadcast (only in Dutch) with amazing photographs of Thomas Haywood at the top at the article!
You can read it at:

The Blinders played Kleine Zaal (The Smaller Gallery) at the Paard, some 300 meters from BillyTown (exhibition space). Their concert was set for 23:20 – 00:20 CET, between German punk rock legends, Pinks Turns Blue and The Cosmic Dead. It has been described as one of the best shows of Grauzone Festival. The Blinders played to a full, packed room despite being an unknown band in the Netherlands. Their show at ESNS received such positive reviews that the Grauzone festival organizers knew there would be a huge interest in the band. They were forced to put an official warning on their programme to let the public know to come to the venue earlier to secure a place! Fantastic achievement for a second show abroad (and their first ever in The Hague). There are no doubts – the band is on their way to establish themselves as a major player on the international rock scene! The Blinders started off with full Columbia introduction that British fans heard before each show on their Autumn tour. Dystopian propaganda talk by Patrick T. Davies mixed with “Power of Imagination” from “Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory” was greeted by cheers from the audience. When the intro was done, “Gotta Get Through” sent the Dutch public jumping and head banging. Despite the set list being neatly displayed on the walls and the stage floor, the band didn’t pay any attention to it. “Wither” came second (with changed lines and shortened second chorus) and then “L’Etat C’est Moi”, “Brave New World” and “Hate Song”. It was only then that Thomas greeted the crowd with words “Good evening! We are the Blinders from…United Kingdom!” which brought a sew short laughs (probably from UK fans who recognized that he nearly said “from Doncaster”) and massive approval from the  local gig goers. “Where no man comes” followed by “Free The Slave” and both sounded a bit different again. Thomas sang in a new, more toned down way where his voice was more natural and deep. “Free the Slaves” was also cut short a bit and “ICB Blues” had a longer intro allowing Matty and Charlie to jam on stage! “Swine” with its rhythmic chorus (there is no hope…) had the audience singing along and Thomas balancing on the edge of stage, almost like he thought of jumping into the crowd before he changed his mind. “Ramona Flowers” and “Rat In a Cage” had extended parts with Matty and Charlie again going into some sort of improvised loops and Thomas half whispering-half howling into the microphone. The ending was a  surprise to long standing fans as a brand new intro have been introduced before “Et Tu”. It was long, almost over a minute and sounded a bit like some sort of alarm going off.  It’s quite tricky to describe but we hope fans will be able to hear in on tour in April – it was a very interesting experiment! Another new element was a part of a poem or a lyrics just before “Martyrs enters the area” part. Thomas recited “Oh are we such fools to pretend that we do not fear the end” before returning to a well known routine. The monologue between “Brutus” and “Berlin Wall” (“the shadows filling Big Brother’s hall”) gave the technical crew a migraine headache when Haywood finally decided to leave the stage and mingle with the  public. The guitar cable proved to be too short for a longer walk and the technicians threw themselves to the rescue  before the loudspeakers stockpiled on top of each other were thrown onto the ground! Thomas finished the set among the crowd and Matty was forced to sing all by himself. As the band disappeared into the darkness, they were seen off by applause and long cheers.

After the show, fans were thrilled and vowed to see The Blinders again. Paard Club spoke to several of them and here is an example of an enthusiastic review:
“Gig goer, Maria Kleopatra said: ‘The Blinders were the coolest band I have seen today. Great music and a very enjoyable show. This is a music scene that really appeals to my taste. I feel at home here. It is dark and dark is fun!'”

Fans speak about the Blinders!

Photos and quotes by Judith Zandwijk
Maria Kleopatra:
Judith Zandwijk:
Original article:

Grauzone Festival was super kind to The Blinders. They have been photographed by fans and professionals and we even there is even a real polaroid picture taken by the wonderful Pim Schrier! You can follow him at: – images taken by photojournalist, Rene Passet – massive gallery of 150 pictures from the festival. 10 of them are from the Blinders’ gig.

Official video from Grauzone Festival. The Blinders are shown at 41 sec mark.

Official after-festival video also extensively features the band: (various songs) (L’Etat C’Est Moi) (Ramona Flowers) (Hate Song) (Brave New World)

Thomas Haywood solo performance (acoustic show) – now complete
The Blinders are preparing to hit the US in less than a month, but that doesn’t mean they have stopped spoiling their beloved fans. Thomas Haywood, the lead singer of the band, gave a very special acoustic performance on Sunday, 24th of February at The Burton Arms in Manchester. The recently renovated pub is located right next to the Band on The Wall in the Northern Quarter part of Manchester. It was closed down for many years until the owners of The Night People have taken it under their wings with intention of turning the derelict building into a cozy bar and a small hotel. It seems to be working very well as the place has already earned good reputation among the pub goers.  Thomas Haywood’s acoustic performance was the first concert in a series of intimate shows that are going to showcase the best musicians from Mancunian scene. The gig was kept a secret until the last moment – it was only announced 2 days before the show, yet on Sunday evening, the entire place was packed and many visitors sadly had to listen to the performance standing outside. Thomas started his set with one of his favourite songs – Bob Dylan’s “Ballad of a Thin Man”. The Blinders’ followers can sometimes hear him play it as a warm up before shows or during the social gatherings, and we have to agree, it was the perfect opener. The set was divined into two parts: the first contained a mixture of The Blinders’ songs very well known from their debut album “Columbia” and the other was filled by covers and original material.  We had a pleasure of hearing “Brave New World”, “Rat in a Cage”, “ICB Blues”, “Ballad of Winston Smith” and “Ramona Flowers” in their stripped, bare versions. Without the electric bas and drums, the songs sounded completely different but you could still appreciate the excellent song writing and their complexity. The covers included Townes Van Zandt “Waiting Around to Die” and The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s “(David Bowie I Love You) Since I was Six” that was skilfully merged with an original song entitled “Visions of Anais (Across the Lake)”. Thomas’ original compositions drew the most attention and for a very good reason – they were bloody brilliant. He sang “Grave of the King” that was written during his stay in Paris in May 2018 after visiting the tomb of Jim Morrison and “Gift of Gold” that can be found on Haywood’s personal Soundcloud page. The Blinders’ fans were also incredibly happy to finally hear “Acid Bath”, the first ever song written for the band circa 2015, way before their first EP “Hidden Horror Dance” that was released in 2016. We now know that the full title of the song is “Acid Bath (Princess of the Dark)” and we absolutely love it.  The show ended with Thomas being all smiles and giggles, waving to friends and fans, before disappearing in the Beer garden for a well deserved drink.

Picture by Sam Crowston

More information:

31 Swan Street, Manchester, M4 5JZ
tel: 0161 839 1514
Stage time: 21:00pm

Videos: (Townes Van Zandt – “Waiting Around to Die” cover) (“Ballad of Winston Smith”) (A mix  of “Visions of Anais (Across the Lake)”- Thomas’ original composition and The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s “(David Bowie I Love You) Since I was Six” sang together with John McCullogh of Children of the State) (“Grave of the King” – original composition) (mix of “Acid Bath (Princess of the Dark)” – original composition and “Ramona Flowers”) (“Brave New World”) (“Rat in a Cage”) (“Gift of Gold” – original composition) (“ICB Blues”)

South By South West (SXSW) – now complete
South By South West is the biggest music event in the world. It brings over 100.000 visitors to Austin in Texas and being invited is considered the biggest honour. The Blinders were chosen to participate and it only shows how good the band truly is. The band played four shows over a week they spent in America and we can honestly tell you that they made a big, big impression on the  Land of the free.

If you’d like to review this year’s schedule for the Blinders, please click on the link below:

The news that The Blinders will play in Austin traveled faster than the speed of light. Within couple of days, several local BBC chapters informed their listeners about the happy news . You can listen to some of them below, they are very enthusiastic!

BBC Manchester (Natalie-Eve Williams & Michelle L Hussey on 16.02.2019 and 09.02.2019)

BBC Sheffield (Christian Carlisle on 16.02.2019)

A few great mentions for the band appeared on the radio during their stay at SXSW as well:

BBC Manchester (Natalie-Eve Williams & Michelle L Hussey on 16.03.2019)

BBC Sheffield (Christian Carlisle on 16.03.2019)

BBC Introducing Radio 1 (Huw Stephens on 17.03.2019)

SXSW Showcase number 1: Champions Restaurant & Sports Bar 

The Blinders made their SXSW debut at a small showcase at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel. This 5 star hotel is located in Downtown Austin, in prestigious location, just across the street from Austin Convention Center, and a short distance from 6th Street, University of Texas and the State Capitol! Their showcase took place on 12th of March at 7pm local time at Champions Restaurant & Sports Bar. It was 12:00 am on 13th of March GMT in London. The show was finished by 11:30 pm. It has to be said: this place is truly impressive with 23 large screens showing the best sporting events from all over the world. A huge stage is perfect for performances and the venue can accommodate up to 200 visitors. They are known for putting up acoustic nights that are very popular with tourists and local patrons.

As for the bands’ first American concert ever, it was a very good show. The bar was not fully packed but the crowd was very decent and what’s more important, everybody enjoyed it! Thomas wore a black coat and a pair of sunglasses and looked really cool! The show was also stripped back, Matty had no drum set, but those who have seen him previously know that if you give this man a tambourine, you will have a fully working rhythm section! Charlie played an electric bass, but it seemed to be a bit silent than usual. It wasn’t their usual in-your-face, full make-up, noisy affair, but rather a toned down, half electric, half acoustic performance. It reminded us of in-store visits The Blinders did last year before their Columbia tour. The band played for 40 minutes and they performed nearly an entire album. The visitors described it as “magical” and it truly was a spectacular set.

Pictures:–SXSW2019–/Festival-Flyer-/The-Blinders–stripped—Champio/ – beautiful gallery by by  Sam Huddleston

SXSW Showcase number 2: BBC6 Music at Latitude 30 

The second show the Blinders played at the conference was for the mighty BBC 6 Music and Steve Lamacq officially introduced the band to an American audience. The band had to wake up very early to do an interview with Steve before their evening gig and they recorded several acoustic tracks for him as well including “Brave New World”, “Rat In a Cage” and “Hate Song”.

You can listen to the interview (shared with Alex Edwards, the manager of Pip Blom plus the evening performance of “Rat In a Cage” at 1:16:52 mark. It was broadcast in the UK on 15th of March 2019:

We all know that Steve Lamacq is a big, big fan of the Blinders and it wasn’t a surprise that he asked them to headline his show at Latitude 30, a very well known bar located in downtown Austin. The entire showcase was held under the banner of “British Music Embassy” for BBC6 Music in association with AIM. The performance started at 8:00 pm on 14th of March and ended at 2:00 am on 15th of March CST (Austin, Travis County, TX is located in Central Time Zone). It was between 12:00 am and 7 am on 15th of March GMT time (London).
The Blinders’ gig took place from 06:00 am till 07:00 am UK time.

BBC showcase in all its glory. Please see the article:
BBC Radio showcase at SXSW with Steve Lamacq

The schedule was as follows (CST time)
8:00 pm – Penelope Isles
9:00 pm – The Pearl Harts
10:00 pm – Squid
11:00 pm – Flohio
12:00 am – Novelist
01:00 am – The Blinders

The British Music Embassy
Latitude 30
512 San Jacinto Blvd (at E 5th St)
Austin, TX 78701
Telephone: +1 512-472-3332

Latitude 30 links:

BBC Radio 6 Music showcase official poster

British Music Embassy links:
Official website:
More information:

The Blinders entered the stage as the last band of the evening, after the Mercury prize nominated artist, Novelist. It was a huge accomplishments and the public was ecstatic to see the Doncaster trio. Their show lasted full 50 minutes and we could hear “Wither”, “Free The Slaves”, “Brave New World”, “L’Etat C’est Moi”, “Gotta Get Through” and of course the in(famous) “Brutus/Et Tu/Berlin Wall” at the end. The band was described as “ferocious” and “in top form” by audience members. Steve was so pleased with them that he put them on the commercial advertising his entire stay at SXSW! It has been played every day on British radio multiple times. Do you know what he said about the performance? “A sound you can truly believe in.” Well said, Steve, well said!

By Kirsty Smolcic (

SXSW Showcase number 3: End of Trail at Valhalla Tavern 

The Blinders didn’t have much time to rest at all. Their third show was at Valhalla Tavern on 15th of March 2018 (capacity of 400), a popular bar and live music venue located in Austin’s famed Red River District. The bar is pretty famous for its collection of vintage gaming devices such as pinballs, pool, shuffleboard, skeeball, foosball and air hockey. The stage wascurated by Kelly Munro and his wonderful team from End of Trail Creative record label.

The show started at 7:00 pm on 15th of March and ended at 2:00 am on 16th of March CST.
In the UK, it started at 01:00 am on 16th of March and finished around 8 am GMT time (London).
The Blinders’ performance took place from 05:00 am till 06:00 am UK time.

Valhalla Tavern Schedule for SXSW

The schedule was as follows (CST time)
8:00 pm  – Pip Hall
9:00 pm  – Sam Eagle
10:00 pm  – Rascalton
12:00 am  – The Blinders
01:00 am  – Lucy Spraggan
More information:

Valhalla Tavern:
Address: 710 Red River St, Austin, Texas
Get Diections
Tel: +1 512-476-0997

End of Trail Creative:

SXSW profile for The Blinders listing all booked events

Joined on the bill with their best friends, Avalanche Party and Rascalton, the Blinders played one of their best shows at SXSW despite numerous technical issues. It was again described as wild, captivating and unreal. Their set, again was clocked at 50 minutes and contained “Gotta Get Through”, “L’Etat C’Est Moi”, “Brave New World”, “Wither”, “Free the Slaves”, “I Can’t Breathe Blues”, “Swine”, “Hate Song”, “Rat In A Cage” and “Brutus/Et Tu/Berlin Wall”.

We have teamed up with our special correspondent Lori Starke (chief photographer and reviewer at Pictures in a Row) who came up with this brilliant, world exclusive review!

“‘What REALLY knocked your socks off this week?’ was the question posed by my friend who sat next to me between sets at what was to be my last venue of SXSW 2019. ‘The Blinders! They were mad! The bass player threw his bass out into the crowd at the end!’ He said:’Do you want to see them again? They are playing a few doors down’. So I abandoned the nights’ plan and we ran down the road to the other venue! Before going to SXSW this year, I had a vague plan to see the Blinders. They were recommended to me by a friend in London, and I had checked them out on YouTube. I thought they looked interesting. I wasn’t sure if the makeup thing was a shtick, a gimmick, or what! For me, a bands’ live show makes or breaks them. I saw them for the first time at Valhalla on Friday, 15 March. I came out of that show exclaiming ‘Holy Hounds of Hell! What did I just witness?!!’ The moshpit was mad, but not the kind that are just a bunch of assholes getting their aggression out. These people were loving the band. Avalanche Party had played immediately prior at Valhalla, and they hung around to lend support, technically and morally, to the Blinders during the gig. Jordan was handing guitars and helping troubleshoot technical problems. Thomas, the singer, was focused and theatrical, without seeming fake or phony. He looks dramatic, with black smears around his eyes and down both sides of his face. He delivers his songs with intensity. He draws us in, almost Doorsian, shaman-like. The music to me also evokes a Doorsian, dystopian vibe. Charlie on bass has read the script and holds his bass up like he is pointing a machine gun at times. It doesn’t sound as dramatic as it looks when he does it, and he also delivers a focused performance. Matty, on drums, is a beast. He pounds the drums with all he is worth, and does not quit, whether being yelled out, or if the lights go out. The Friday venue was left in shambles. During the final song, “Brutus,” Thomas climbed on a speaker stack and his mic and all of the lights went off. It took some time to get a workaround, but we remained invested as an audience while we awaited the rest of the song. My theory about the mishap is that he pulled a plug out while climbing. They finished the song, the crowd pushed forward, thrashed around, went mad, and the aforementioned bass throwing happened. We wandered out onto the streets of Austin, stunned”.

Thank you so much Lori! What a description, we cannot add anything more to it.

Videos: (Hate Song) (Brutus/Et Tu/Technical issues)

SXSW Showcase number 4: Modern Sky gig at Beerland

The fourth and the last confirmed event for the Blinders at the SXSW took place at a popular rock place called Beerland on 16th of March. It was again located in the Red River neighbourhood, very close to super popular nightclub named Elysium. The pub opened in 2011 and hosted rock showcases for SXSW since 2015. Not a big place (capacity of 200) but it has great reviews and is considered one of the “coolest” venues to visit at the conference. There is a pool table, a life size bust of Elvis and a large patio. The Blinders performed there alongside Japanese rock group DYGL, their label-mates SPINN, The Mystery Lights (all the way from NYC) and an electro pop duo from Australia, GreenWave Beth among others. The entry to the club was strictly +21. It was the last showcase for The Blinders’ record label, Modern Sky UK at the conference.

Modern Sky showcase poster

The show started at 7:00 pm on 16th of March and ended at 2:00 am on 17th of March CST.
In the UK, it started at 12:00 am on 17th of March and finished at around 7 am GMT time (London).
The Blinders’ performance took place from 05:00 am till 06:00 am UK time.

The schedule was as follows (CST time)
7:30 pm – GreenWave Beth
8:15 pm – Surfbort
9:05 pm – SPINN
10:00 pm – The Mystery Lights
11:00 pm – DYGL
12:00 am – The Blinders
01:00 am – The Chills

711 1/2 Red River St
Austin, TX 78701
Telephone: +1 512-479-7625

Beerland links:
Official website:

Event links:

Again we spoke to Lori, who came to witness another performance by The Blinders. Lori said that the band played exactly the same set as the night before. They started with “Gotta Get Through”, “L’Etat C’Est Moi”, “Brave New World”, “Wither”, “Free the Slaves”, “I Can’t Breathe Blues”, “Swine”, “Hate Song”, “Rat In A Cage” and finished with “Brutus”. She added: “The Blinders’ last show at Beerland was much more controlled. One of their songs, ‘Brave New World’ was dedicated to Avalanche Party, who were there giving guitar tech and moral support again. I was ready at the end of the show to video the bass throwing. But there was no bass throwing this time. Still a great and engaging show, but more controlled, not as mad. The crowd was invested, but not mental like the previous night. There were no major mishaps. to report”.

Luckily there was no technical problems this time and the band finished their first American visit on a high note. Then they had a few days of rest, had some fun and off they went back to our time zones again!

Videos: (E’etat C’Est Moi) (Swine)

The Blinders were added to the official SXSW Spotify list!

Official website:

The Blinders at La Belle Angele, Edinburgh  – now complete
After two years of not visiting Edinburgh, The Blinders finally returned to the capitol of Scotland on 20th of March to play at beautiful venue called La Belle Angele. The show (announced just a week and a half before it actually happened!) was a sold out even in association with Sailor Jerry (Scottish producer of the finest spiced rum there is, in case you didn’t know). Local fans haven’t disappointed and the venue was full to the last space. The show started at 8:00 pm with a short set from the support act, Fabric Bear. The Blinders were on stage by 9:30 pm and their set was very similar to those played at SXSW. But nobody was complaining! They started with the Columbia into, and “Gotta Get Through”. We heard “L’Etat C’Est Moi”, “Free The Slaves”, “ICB Blues”, “Hate Song”, “Rat in a Cage”, “Brave New World” and “Where No Man Comes”. “Ramona Flowers” and “Swine” made the well received come back to the set list instead of “Whither” and the new song that appeared on several occasions – “Lunatic With a Gun” was also dropped. The show went as smoothly as possible with people having the best of times. The band promised to return again to play Glasgow on 28th of April and their statement was greeted with huge cheers from the crowd.

Sailor Jerry banner
Sailor Jerry presents poster

La Belle Angele:
Official website:
More information:

Videos: (Columbia intro and Gotta Get Through) (Et Tu/Berlin Wall/Brutus) (Gotta Get Through and L’Etat C’est Moi) (Free The Slaves and ICB Blues) (Brave New World) (Hate Song)–Qthc (Rat In a Cage) (Ramona Flowers) (Where No Man Comes) (Swine)

ORBIT – The Blinders DJ set  – now complete
Three days after invading Scotland, The Blinders returned to their adopted home of Manchester to try something that they have never done before – a club night!
They did DJ sets before (Ruby Lounge in Manchester in September 2018), but this was a whole new affair. Not only the band played a specifically prepared set list (chosen by them from propositions send in by bands and fans) but they also hosted two concerts: the Scuttlers and Document. It is worth mentioning that Document debuted as a band that night and one of their member is The Blinders’ guitar technician and roadie, Max Grindle. Max is an excellent guitar and bass player and we can expect great things from them!

Orbit poster by Sam Crowston

So how did the club night go? It went swimmingly well. Again it was a sold out evening. Night People is the band’s venue of choice (they played there many a time) and they couldn’t chosen a better place. The doors opened at 11:00 pm. Document were the first on stage, followed by The Scuttlers and then The Blinders overtook the dance floor. We had a chance to hear some of the best new bands (Avalanche Party, Strange Bones, Afghan Sand Gang, The Pagans SOH among others) and some of the classics  (Bob Dylan, Brian Johnston Massacre, The Doors). The party lasted until the sunlight and we still haven’t had enough. There are rumors that the club night may become a permanent event so keep your eyes open!

Thomas Haywood solo show for The Wild Launch Party at 33 Oldham Street
The Wild is a new start-up fashion brand from Manchester started by Harley Luv Boon, the daughter of Mancunian music scene legend, Clint Boon. The Wild offers clothing that is 100% plastic free, inspired by rock and roll, the western style of living and 60’s and 70’s pop culture. With garments named after the iconic musicians such as Jimmy Hendrix, Stevie Nicks and David Bowie, The Wild can dress you up for any occasion: from your local indie summer festival to the Albert Halls of London.

The Wild Launch Party poster

The official launch party took place at the popular 33 Oldham Street restaurant/music club in Northern Quarter in Manchester on 11th of April 2019. There was a a fashion show (collection presentation) and live music from Mt. Fuji Band, Thomas Haywood and Saytr Play. The DJ set were provided by the emerging quartet Sauce, and Joshua Elliott.

Thomas played a short acoustic set that offered a mixture of The Blinders songs (“Ramona Flowers”, “Rat In a Cage”) and his personal favourites from Bob Dylan to his original compositions. Saytr Play, being headliners, played a full set with “VCR”, “Something In The Distance”, “Everyday Since”, “Thought of Missing Out” and “Bang Average”. This was a very intimate event and not many photographs or videos are available online, but if we come across any, we will definitely share them with you.

Favebook Event:

The Wild:

Columbia UK Spring Tour – happening now

April and May are simply massive for the Blinders! This is when their proper tour starts and they will be travelling to Germany to play in Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin! They also have a handful of domestic gigs announced as well.

April/May UK and European tour
The Ninth Wave are supporting The Blinders on tour!

On 13th of February, it was announced that Scottish trio, The Ninth Wave will be supporting the Blinders on their tour. The band consists of Haydn Park-Patterson, Millie Kidd and Lewis Tollan. They were formed in 2016 in Glasgow and so far released several singles (“Reformation”, “Human Touch/Nothing Certain”) and “Never Crave Attention” ‎EP on Distiller Records. 2019 is a breakthrough year for them – so far, Ninth Wave played SXSW with The Blinders and had several concerts in NYC along with The Avalanche Party.

Official website:

The tickets are selling very well, so please grab one before they are sold out. All venues are running low on passes including the German ones!

See Tickets Newsletter

The dates are so far:
01. Birmingham – 26th of April
02. Manchester – 27th of April
03. Glasgow – 28th of April
04. London – 30th of April
05. Cologne – 7th of May
06. Hamburg – 8th of May
07. Berlin – 9th of May

The band prepared something special for their fans. Each show has its own special poster that has been printed in limited amount (50 copies). You will be able to purchase them at merch stand at each venue at first come, first served basis. Catch them all, buy them all and you know, get some nice looking frames at Ikea 🙂 We are not sure what size they will come in, last time the band went a bit overboard and had the posters printed in A1 size! They were larger than life!

01. Birmingham – 26th of April – happening today!
The band will start their tour in Birmingham. The doors are opening at 7:00 pm so come one, come all and you shall skip the queue. The Institute is a lovely large venue and the gig should be great fun. Local heroes, The Clause are opening and half of the Birmingham music scene will be there. Please join us for a lovely evening of mosh pit, sweat, blood and tears (of joy). You are cordially invited.

Birmingham poster
Birmingham poster with added supports

Venue: O2 Instititute2
Address: 78 Digbeth High Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Time: 7:00pm – 11:00pm
Official website:
Supports: The Ninth Wave and The Clause
More information:
Facebook page:

02. Manchester – 27th of April

Manchester poster

Venue: O2 Ritz
Address: Whitworth Street West, M1 5NQ Manchester, United Kingdom
Time: 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Official website:
Supports: The Ninth Wave and Working Men’s Club
More information: 
Facebook page:

The official after party poster

After the show, the band will make their way to their favourite club in Manchester, Night People to play a DJ set. This will be the official after party to thank their family members, friends and fans for their support. The Band will be DJ’ing from 11:00pm and the celebration will lasts till 4am on Sunday. Tickets are £2 if you have the pass to Manchester show at the Ritz, and £5 if you are only coming to the club. The tickets can be purchased only at the door so try to be the first in line. Just a good, friendly piece of advice.

03. Glasgow – 28th of April

Glasgow poster

Venue: Saint Luke’s & The Winged Ox
Address: 17 Bain Street, G40 2JZ, Glasgow, United Kingdom 
Time: 7:00pm – 10:30pm
Official website: 
Supports: The Ninth Wave and Bad Hombres
More information:
Facebook page:

Good news Glasgow! The Blinders will entertain you at the official after party! There will be a DJ set, starting an hour after the gig and tickets are only £3! Firewater is one of the most popular new clubs in Glasgow and they are known for their parties! If you want to dance to some ABBA tunes, this is a good idea to come along. The celebration will last until the dawn.

DJ set and official after party in Glsgow

Time: 11:30 pm-4 am
Age: 16+ (bring ID’s!)
More information:

04. London – 30th of April

London poster

Venue: Scala
Address: 275 Pentonville Road, Kings Cross, N1 9NL London, United Kingdom
Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Official website:
Supports: the Ninth Wave and KidKapichi
More information:
Facebook page:

EU tour banner

Three shows in Germany are being organised by FKP Scorpio

The Blinders poster for Germany tour

05. Cologne – 7th of May
Venue: MTC
Address: Zülpicher Str. 10, 50674 Köln, Germany
Phone: +49 221 2404289
Time: 20:00pm-12:00am CET
Official website:
Supports: TBA
More information:
Facebook page:

06. Hamburg – 8th of May
Venue: Molotov SkyBar St. Pauli
Address: Nobistor 14, 22767 Hamburg Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49 40 310845
Time: 19:00pm-11:00pm CET
Official website:
Supports: TBA
More information: 
Facebook page:

07. Berlin – 9th of May
Venue: Cassiopeia
Address: Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Friedrichshain
Phone: +49 30 47385949
Time: 19:00pm-11:00pm CET
Official website:
Supports: TBA
More information: 
Facebook page:

Between the UK tour and German dates, the Blinders managed to squeeze their first summer festival of the season. On May 5th in Newcastle, The Blinders will attend the Hit the North Festival. 120 bands will play on 12 stages across the town and more than 40.000 people are expected to attend. The Doncaster trio will be joining Jake Bugg, Tom Grennan and the “Wonder” and “Psycho” songstress, Lauren Aquilina on stage to rock you and me (and even the Salmons of Alaska).

Hit The North Festival in Newcastle

Tickets are now on sale so please do your best and grab one:
Official website:

After touring Germany, the band will come back to the British soil to entertain their fans in Leeds. Gold Sounds is a festival dedicated to shoegaze, punk, psychedelia, noise and grunge. It will be held at Brudenell Social Club over two days in May. The show will start on 11th of May at 2 pm and will close at 2 am on the 12th. Previous guests include Yuck, Cabbage, Cloud Nothings, The Wytches, Homeshake, Turnover, The Big Moon, Merchandise & Cheatahs. Appearing at Gold Sounds 2019, besides The Blinders, are Fat White FamilyHer’sPip BlomThe BethsViagra BoysThe Nude PartyHand HabitsJust MustardWeakened FriendsWorking Men’s ClubTRIXIE WHITLEYVulgariansbdrmmFEHMLUMER and LYLO. Tickets cost only £35 for a weekend pass – it is a bargain for 25 bands and two stages! It has been announced that The Blinders will headline Saturday 11th of May but extended scheduling times are not yet available. We will be notifying you as soon as we know!

Gold Sounds 2019 poster
Gold Sounds schedule for two days
Gold Sounds, Blinders poster

Official website:
More information:

Venue: Brudenell Social Club
Address: 33 Queens Road, LS6 1NY Leeds
Telephone: 0113 275 2411
Get Directions

Official website:

Saturday, 25th of May, will see The Blinders performing in Warrington at the Neighbourhood Festival! The band will be joining George Ezra, Primal Scream (headliners), You Me at Six, Nothing But Thieves, Tom Grennan, The Hunnas, Embrace, Pale Waves and Gaz Coombes (of Supergrass) among others.

The festival poster
Stage times
The Blinders bio


Festival website:
Facebook page:
Official band bio:

Day later, on Sunday the 26th of May, the Blinders will also participate in Bearded Theory’s Spring Gathering Festival in Catton Hall in Derbyshire. The line up this year looks amazing. Suede are the headliners, Reef, Justin Sullivan of New Model Army and The Wildhearts are all making glorious come backs. The trio will be in great company so again, grab tickets while they are still here – the festival is rather small and it sold out last year. We are sure the history will repeat itself in 2019.

Bearded Theory’s Spring Gathering poster

Official FB page:

FESTIVAL SEASON – happening now

The Blinders will have a very busy summer festival season and they had to prepare a small poster with all their performances to keep track! Please use this poster not to miss their summer apperances!

Festival Season – the blinding schedule

First of June, will take The Blinders to London to play at the famous Camden Rocks Festival! This is a last moment appointment as The Blinders kindly decided to step in after Pretty Vicious had to pulled out due to serious circumstances. This is how to support your colleagues, festival organizers and fans! Squeezing another appearance into their stretched schedule is a herculean task, but the boys are always up to help others. They actually practice this “come together, we need each other” thing! If you are not aware, Camden rocks is an independent urban festival showcasing 400 of the best new and established bands in the UK’s beating heart of music and revelry, Camden Town, on 1st & 2nd June 2019. This year’s edition features: Frank Turner and alt-rock quartet Deaf Havana as headliners, Ash, The Wonder Stuff, The Pigeon Detectives, Rat Boy, New Model Army, Wheatus, Carl Barat, A, Skinny Lister, Ginger Wildheart, Ruts DC, The Professionals, Angelic Upstarts, The Glen Matlock Band featuring Early Slick, Milk Teeth, Raging Speedhorn, Sean McGowan, Random Hand, Glamour Of The Kill, Discharge, Eliza and The Bear, The Virginmarys, Buster Shuffle, Area 11, Sonic Boom Six, The Last Internationale, Our Hollow Our Home, [SPUNGE} and many, many more. Expect the finest acts in live music plus a showcasing of some of the brightest and freshest talent around, across indie, rock, punk and metal. Anything goes in Camden and on the weekend of Camden Rocks, this is amplified to ten.

Camden Rocks Festival poster

The Blinders will play the beautiful Dingwalls from 7:30 till Tickets are still available!

The band on the poster!
Address:  11 Middle Yard, Camden Lock, London

Another show announced was the mini festival with the Blossoms, The Coral, Cabbage and the Fuzzy Sun. Bad news, it is sold out again, this time in a record time of 30 minutes. Those lucky ones who were able to buy the tickets, will enjoy the great show at Stockport  County FC stadium in Edgeley Park on Saturday 22nd of June 2019. You can see more info on Blossoms page:

Stockport County Football Club grounds poster

Fuzzy Sun – 5.10pm to 5.45pm
The Blinders – 6.10pm to 6.40pm
CABBAGE – 7.05pm to 7.35pm
The Coral – 8pm to 8.40pm
Blossoms – 9.10pm to 10.30pm

The After Party poster

After the show, The Blinders will play a DJ set in Manchester at their favourite venue, The Night People. The after party will start at 11:00 pm and will finish late (aka with the morning light probably!) Entry is free so it will be again, first come, first serve basis. The venue has 420 people capacity and we expect it to be very busy that night. Please bring some identifications with you as this is 18+ event and the security will be checking! They always do! PS. Expect some special guests! (nudge nudge, wink wink).

More information:

Two days later, on 24th of June, 3 bands (CABBAGE, The Blinders and Afghan Sand Gang) will reunite at Night & Day Cafe to play a fundraiser for their friend, Liam Smith, who sadly lost his lafe recently. The fundraiser supports Liam’s family and will cover the costs of funeral and medical expenses. The Blinders will play an acoustic set. The donations will be accepted throughout June and July or until the required amount is collected. Thank you for your support and please let’s take care of one another!

Please support their cause at:
Buy tickets here:
Tickets are £10 pounds at the door
Show starts at 7:30 and will finish late (the venue is open till 2 am)

The Liam Smith Fundraiser

Stage times (subject to change):
Afghan Sand Gang: 7:45 – 8:15
The Blinders: 8:30 – 9:15
CABBAGE: 9:30 – 10:30

More information:

It has been kept as the biggest of secrets but the band is finally able to reveal that The Blinders will be playing the biggest festival in the world – Glastonbury! Replacing Sam Fender, who due to illness is no longer able to meet his obligation on Saturday, The Blinders were kind to agree to move their slot from different stage to LeftField to take his slot. They will be performing between 19:30 and 20:30 on 29th of June as the main support for KT Tunstall. Leftfield stage is known as the political and philosophical hub at Glasto, so it will be the perfect spot for them. Please expect a lot of energy, activism and war paint!

The Blinders are playing Glasto!

The festival prepared a special announcing for the change. Also the poster has been updated to include the Doncaster trio.

Newly updated poster

More informations:

Those who will not be able to attend Glastonbury will be delighted to know that The Rose and Monkey Hotle in Manchester will be screaning the concerts!

Glasto on a big screen poster

Come to the pub on 28th, 29th and 30th of June for a chance to see some of the performances recorded. We keep our fingers crossed for The Blinders set being streamed online!

The Rose and Monkey Hotel are located at 31 Swan Street in Manchester.

On 30th of June, the band will travel to Exeter to visit the beautiful Powderham Castle to participate in Sunday Sessions Exeter. The Blinders will join a fantastic line up including Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, The Charlatans, Reverend And The Makers and The Loft Club among many other acts. Stage times are not available yet, but we will update this entry as they are announced.

Banner for the Sunday Sessions
Sunday Sessions poster – Exeter

Official website:
Tickets go on sale on Friday 7th December at 10am.
You can purchase them from: 

On 4th of July 2019,The Blinders will join Miles Kane for one special gig at Concorde 2 in Brighton. Miles has been a big fan of the Doncaster trio for a very long time but the conflicting schedules didn’t allow them to play together until now. The show will start at 19:30 pm and is 14+ (although you’ll need to be accompanied by a responsible adult if you are under 16). As you can imagine, the tickets are gone and the show is sold out with long list of people on the reserve list. Fingers crossed, maybe it will convince Miles’s booking agent to cook up some additional dates! Fingers crossed!

Miles Kane and The Blinders poster

Time: 19:30 – 23:00
Age: 14+ (under 16s accompanied)
Address: Concorde 2Madeira Drive, BN2 1EN Brighton
More information:
The show is now sold out.

July and they are off to Europe again! This summer, The Blinders will get a lot of stamps in their passports. Between 11th-14th of July, the band will travel to Eastern Europe, to Lithuania to play Devilstone Festival in Anykščiai. Devilstone is a standout open-air festival in the Baltics, Lithuania, remarkable for its broad and colourful presentation of rock, metal and alternative styles. At Devilstone, quality up-to-the-minute rock meets select extreme metal and unique electronica. Positively provocative, Devilstone is the space for musical and artistic discovery.

Devilstone poster

Since 2009, Devilstone has been taking place in midsummer, and has been growing ever since. In addition to its primary location at the Dainuva valley riverbank, the festival has taken steps into the town of Anykščiai. Devilstone concept is constantly evolving as new ideas come to life. Creativity is our driving force, resulting in unexpected solutions and ample spaces for self-expression. The Blinders will play along fellow Brits, TurboWolf, ShortParis (from Russia), SODOM (Germany), black metal heads WATAIN from Sweden, WolfHeart (Finland), King Buffallo (USA) and KO KO MO from France among others. Their show will take place on East Stage but the times have not yet been released.

The Blinders profile on the official website for the festival

Festival links:

Address: Dainuvos slėnis, Vilniaus g. 80B, Anykščiai, Lithuania

Tickets: 50 euro for 4 days

Right after DevilStone, The Blinders are booked to play KLIKO Festival in The Netherlands! What do we need to know? Patronaat is one of the largest and most prestigious independent venues in the Netherlands. It is located in Zijlsingel part of Haarlem, near the city centre. The venue has been operating since 1984 and hosted international and national stars of the highest calibre. Once a year, in July, Patronaat is also the home of KLIKO Festival dedicated to grunge, psychedelic and garage rock. This year, the indoor festival will take place on 13th of July and at least 25 bands will play at three different stages from 19:00 pm till 06:00 am CET! It will be the loudest all nighter in the city and you don’t want to miss it. If you want some statistics (and we all love stats!!), the Main Hall is for 1000 visitors, second stage (called the Second Hall) is able to accommodate 350 guests and the smallest rock bar (named of course, The Third Hall) will be perfect for smaller gigs up to 120 people. Annually over 500 events are organized at Patronaat (at least 3 events per week) and 140.000 people are visiting its premises.

KLIKO Fest poster numbero 1

KLIKO Fest has been going on for nearly a decade now and receives fantastic reviews from the music press and its guests.  2019 edition will see Curtis Harding, JD McPherson, King Khan And The Shrines, Warmduscher, The Psychotic Monks, Crows, The Schizophonics, SONS and The Blinders performing. Early bird tickets are now sold out and the regular tickets are available for €35.

Official website:
More information:

Poster numbero 2 – slightly bigger!
Time table is now available

The Blinders will play at the Third Hall between 20:15 and 21:15.
You can find more information at:

Patronaat, Zijlsingel 2, 2013 DN Haarlem
The Netherlands
023 – 517 58 50 (office)
023 – 517 58 58 (box office/information)

KLIKO Fest gave the Blinders this beautiful recommendation on their official website:
“The Blinders are the band that is on everyone’s lips these days thanks to their spectacular indie rock shows. The power trio from Manchester released their long-awaited debut album ‘Columbia’ last September and it brings together the best of 60’s garage rock, Beat poetry and Orwell’s dystopia. After their steamy show at ESNS 2019, they are ready to leave a lasting impression on Kliko”. Book your tickets now!

A very nice review for the band! Thank you KLIKO!

On Sunday, 14th of July, The Blinders will also play at the independent Valkhof Music Festival. The festival takes place in Valkhof Park in the city of Nijmegen (Gelderland province, close to the German boarder). Nijmegen is a very beautiful market town that hosts a number of popular musical events and conferences throughout summer. Valkhof Festival is quite famous in Europe and brings thousands of fans of electronic, industrial, goth and indie music to town. It has 4 stages situated all over the park (one is in the ruins of medieval castle!) and 120 bands from all over the world are usually playing. Except for The Blinders, the festival’s line up includes Sudan Archives, Fontaines D.C., BO NINGEN, black midi, Jonathan Bree and Whispering Sons among others. Detailed time schedule is not available yet but the entry to the festival is free.

Valkhof Festival Logo

The Festival posted a very nice description for the band that reads: “The distance between Nijmegen and Manchester is about 760 km by car. It is far, but we are confident that The Blinders will give a splendid performance at the festival! These “Mancunians” as they are known, have the music in their DNA and their debut album ‘Columbia’ is a perfect example. The album is as raw as Sex Pistols, stubborn as The Fall and melodic as The Verve. Don’t forget the melodrama taken straight out of the records made by The Smiths! Their lyrics show inspiration drew from various sources – from Leonard Cohen, George Orwell to the mismanagement caused by Theresa May & Co. The band is just brilliant, aren’t they?”

The band will play their set between 20:10 and 21:00 at ARC stage. You can download the  schedule as a pdf at:

Stage times at the festival

Address: Kelfkensbos 59, 6511 TB Nijmegen, Netherlands
Official FB page for the Festival:
Official events page:
Official website:
Official Twitter:

Upon returning home, The Blinders have been invited to play a gig at Albert Square during the Manchester International Festival on July 16th 2019. The show, organized by Manchester legend and Hacienda DJ Dave Haslam, will take place in a massive marque at the Albert Square. They will be joined by fellow Mancunians, WITCH FEVER and Birmingham sensation, The Pagans SOH. The entry to the concert is free of charge (there are no tickets) and the venue has about 500 people capacity. First come, first serve basis so come early to claim your spot.
MIF poster
Albert Square schedule
The show is 14+ and will start at 8:00 pm and finish at 10:00.
After 10:00 pm, XS Manchester Radio DJ, Shell Zenner will spin some records and The Blinders guys are said to help make the selection! The DJ set will finish at midnight.
The Blinders are poster boys for Manchester International Festival
Dave Haslam Live poster featuring The Blinders

Ola, ola! The Blinders will play Spain for the first time in their career! Now, that’s what we call a summer festival. Good bye mud and good bye rain, hello free margaritas! Benicassim Festival is taking place in the province of Castelló, on the Costa del Azahar, in a (hang on tight) beach resort! If that doesn’t make you green with envy, then you are a saint! Anyway, it has been going on since 1995 and is considered to be one of the most popular and largest festivals on the Iberian Peninsula. 2019 edition will take place between 19th and 22nd of July. The Line up include Jesse Glynne, Lana Del Ray, The 1979, George Ezra, The Big Moon, Kings of Leon and Fat Boy Slim among others. The time schedules will be available at a later date and of course, we will share them as soon as we lay our hands on them!

Benicassim Festival 2019 poster
The Blinders profile

Benicassim is a beach resort on the Spanish coast between Valencia and Barcelona, 12 km from Castellón.
The Festival site is situated on the N-340 road , KM 986.300.Exit 12km north of Castellón.
From Barcelona: AP-7 motorway , exit 45
From Valencia: AP-7 motorway, exit 46
Coordinates: 40.048068N, 0.047872E.

You can find the bio for the Blinders here:

And more info:

It’s a bit of a shame that the boys will not be able to enjoy the Spanish weather and the beach, as they will have to leave the festival site on the next day (20th of July) to travel to Portugal to attend Super Bok Super Rock Festival. Super Bok Super Rock takes place in Meco Beach in Sesimbra, just south of Lisbon. The festival started in 1994 and this year’s edition will see Lana Del Rey, The 1975, Jungle, Cat Power, METRONOMY, Branko, Dino D’ Santiago, Glockenwise and ROOSEVELT performing  alongside the trio.

SBSR general poster
EDP stage poster

The Festival gave The Blinders a beautiful review with this statement:

“Anyone who believes that punk is dead should go and listen to The Blinders as quickly as possible. The best word to describe this Doncaster band is “urgency”. The Blinders play with all the urgency of punk, without holding themselves back. They are not beating about the bush, instead they are going straight to the core of things with maximum energy. Guitarist and vocalist Thomas Haywood, bassist Charlie McGough and drummer Matthew Neale, formed the band in 2014, while studying at the university in Manchester. The following year was spent writing, composing, rehearsing and playing live whenever an opportunity arose. Their fame grew quickly, thanks to the band’s contagious energy, political undertones and punk spirit. Those ingredients, mixed in perfect proportions, made their debut EP “Hidden Horror Dance”  released in 2016, an instant success. Inspired by Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, The Fall and John Cooper Clarke, The Blinders managed to create their own musical language. Their full fledged debut album “Columbia” saw the light of the day in September 2018 and it was produced by Gavin Monaghan. The British trio will bring their political music to the EDP stage for your listening pleasure”.

The official Super Rock band portrait
The Blinders are mentioned on the website for Super Bok Super Rock!

And they were also highlighted on the festival’s official Instagram account where they got nearly 72.000 views for the short video. Not too shabby, isnt it?


The Blinders will play between 16:45 and 18:00 on EDP stage. Full schedule and stage times can be seen on the newly released poster:

EDP stage schedule

More information:


Right after returning from the Spain and Portugal trip, Thomas will be performing again at the Rose and Monkey Hotel in Manchester where he holds semi residency for his acoustic shows. The shows are free to attend and are open to anybody who would like to see addityional side of  Mr Haywood, outyside of politically charged The Blinders. The show will start at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, 23rd of July. Thomas will be performing at 9:00 pm  with other local  singers and songwriters of Mancunia.

The Blinders are in such a high demand that the trio has no time to rest. On 26th of June, they will be performing as a special guest at Y NOT Festival! Their appearance has been revealed in the last moment and was greeted with  an a collective euphoria from fans disappointed that several acts had to withdrawal from the festival that included FontainesD.C.

Y NOT schedule with the Blinders slot as a secret performer!

The Blinders will play from 6:30 till 7 pm at The Giant Squid Stage.

More information:

Humber Street Sesh is a two day festival taking place in Kingston Upon Hull. After successful, sold out edition in 2018, the festival will return to the city centre on 2nd and 3rd of August 2019. More than 200 bands will play and the headliners include The Blinders (but of course), the Hunna, Yonaka, King No-One, Life and Rosemary’s Baby, a very good, alternative rock and horror inspired outfit. There are 15 stages, massive market area, chill out zone, silent disco and everything else you can imagine. The main stage is located at the at the Hull Marina. the music starts at 12:00 pm each day and will last til 11:00 pm giving you the glorious 11 hours of good noise. Bring ID’s as the venues have different policies. Some are 14+ and some are strictly 21+.

Humber Street Sesh poster

The Blinders will be playing on Friday, August 2nd at the Marina, but stage times are not yet  available.

The Blinders poster

More information:

Friday –
Saturday –

Jimmy’s in Manchester is one of the most popular Northern Quarter venues. The club became so popular that it was just a matter of time that another place under the same name will be opened. And when a good opening in Liverpool became available, the Jimmy’s team didn’t think twice and voila! Jimmy’s Liverpool is opening on 3rd of August with a gig that will go down in history! The Blinders are headlining but they are joined by Saytr Play, Deja Vega, Dantevilles, Ryan Jarvis, Scuttlers, Ambiere and Bones Shakes!

Jimmy’s Liverpool Grand Opening!
The Blinders events on Jimmy’s website

Address: 130 Bold Street, Liverpool
Location: Situated at the top of Bold Street opposite the Bombed Out Church, Jimmy’s will be a 3 floor venue, housing a 250 capacity live room, ground floor bar and stunning first floor restaurant.
Tickets: on general sale from 29th of June at:

More information:

If you’d like to catch the Blinders in a really intimate venue, then come to Blackburn on 8th of August! They will be performing their first, full acoustic show for just 120 people for the popular Night at The Museum gig series. This will be the 10th  Museum Night and it will take place…you know at the Blackburn Museum! The band will be joined by two female artists: Julia Bardo (guitarist of a popular band, Working Men’s Club) and a newcomer, Millie McLeod. The show starts exactly at 7:30 pm and will finish about 11:00. Tickets are very limited and cost £15.

Night at The Museum poster

More information:
Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery, Museum Street, Blackburn BB1 7AJ

The band has a lot of surprises hidden up their sleeves and some of them can really blind even the most faithful of fans. Nobody has expected that after meeting Gerry Cinnamon on FIB, they will play with him on one bill! We are pleased to say that the band will and this is going to be their official debut in Ireland! The show will take place on 11th of August at Custom House Square in Belfast and it is already sold out. Doors are opening at 18:00, the band will be on 19:30 and Gerry will entertain the crowds from 9:00 pm onwards. If you have got a ticket, you are in for a real treat.

Gerry Cinnamon poster

On 18th of August, The Blinders will be performing at The Beautiful Days festival in Devon. It is considered one of the best independent festivals in the UK. It is the Levellers’ independent family music festival organised by DMF Music which takes place at Escot Park in Devon and has been running for 16 years. The festival has several stages, amazing site art, a huge children’s area, comedy, theatre, family camping, real ale bars from Otter Brewery & a great choice of food and craft stalls. Beautiful Days has no sponsorship, branding and does not advertise. The festival won the Grass Roots Festival Award at the 2015 UK Festival Awards and Best Medium Festival in the 2015 Awards. They were shortlisted for Best Medium Sized Festival at the 2016 UK Festival Awards. The festival also made it through to the final shortlists in the 2017 UK Festival Awards for 3 awards and won Best Medium Festival at the 2017 Festival Kidz Awards. The Blinders will join Skunk AnansieZiggy MarleyThe LevellersThe Stranglers (Official)Sleaford ModsSonghoy BluesPeter Hook & The LightThe Black SeedsKate Rusby and at least 100 more acts that will be announced soon. The stage times are not available at the moment but we will be updating the diary!

Beautiful Days Festival poster
Stages at Beautiful Days

Official website:
More information:
You can purchase tickets at:
Address: Escot Park, Nr Fairmile, Devon, EX11 1LU, Exeter, EX11 1LU.

Outside of touring with The Blinders, Thomas Haywood is performing solo as well. His acoustic gigs around Manchester are selling like hot cakes and the demand is huge. On 21st of August, Tom will perform at a charity concert collecting money for Musicians Against Homelessness. The concert will take place at The Night People in Manchester and Maddy Storm, Karl Hildebrandt, Afghan Sand Gang, Scuttlers and Elysse Mason will join him on stage. the show  starts at 7:00 pm and will end just before midnight.

MAH poster

More information:

Billed as the last festival of the summer (not really accurate, but a good marketing try!), The Bingley Weekender will take place between 30th of August and 1st of September. The line up for the festival is huge with Doves, James, Ocean Colour Scene, Billy Bragg playing alongside young acts. The Blinders will play on Saturday, 31st of August with Tom Grennan, Circa Waves, Zuzu and Only The Poets. The stage times will be revealed latter in the summer!

Main poster
Smaller poster

More information:

Adress: Bradford & Bingley Rugby Club, Wagon Lane, Bingley, BD16 1LT

Friday 30th August / 4pm – 10pm
Saturday 31st August / 12pm – 10pm
Sunday 1st September / 12pm – 9pm


September will see the band travelling all over Europe again, we guess the saying “No Rest for The Wicked” is actually true. On Friday, 6th of September, the boys will play at Confessional Festival at Holy Trinity Church, Mount Pleasant in Blackburn. This new alternative festival will bring together a fantastic line up of International Teachers of Pop, Red Rum Club, White Room and Working Men’s Club among many other acts. The Blinders are co-headlining and the festival will take place in an actual church! Come all ye faithful for a service with a full sonic blessing!

Confessional Festival poster
The Blinders at Confessional Festival

The festival is actually a two dayer this year, it will start on 6th of September at 10a m and will finish on the 7th of September at midnight. 19 acts will play in total and you will have a chance to see some world renowned artists as well.
You can find more information at:

On 7th of September, the legendary group, The Specials will perform at Gunnersbury Park in London. They will be joined their long time friends, Ocean Colour Scene, General Roots and The Blinders! This event will be a small festival as the doors are opening at 12:00 pm and the music will be playing until 11:00 pm. Tickets are flying out so please buy them as quickly as possible. They are only £56 per one. The Specials tour is already largely sold out – if you are planning to attend London show you will have to hurry up! Stage times will be made available at later date.

The Specials London show poster
The stage times

Address: Gunnersbury Park , Popes Lane, London, England W3 8LQ
Age: 14+
More information:


On 12th of September, The Blinders will take part in a really special, small event. Organized by Manchester based company, Trashed TV, the Doncaster trio will join John McClure (Reverend and the Makers), Dirty Laces and The Virginmarys at undisclosed location to participate in a gig and the concert will be broadcast online!

Trashed TV streamed event poster

The show starts at 20:00 UK time and the live performances will be followed by interviews conducted by DJ Shell Zenner. You can watch it on Trashed TV’s Facebook page. The stream is free of charge.

If you miss it, dont you worry – the creators will upload the performances onto their YouTube channel at:

You can follow them on socials;

There will not be tickets for this show, but few lucky Mancunians will be invited to the studio.

On 14th of September, The Blinders will go back to Belgium again! EU fans cannot get enough of them so the band is travelling back and forth to mainland Europe in recent months. They will play at Leffingeleuren Festival which takes place in the city of Leffienge, in the municipality of Middelkerke, province of West Flanders. The festival started as a folk and blues festival in 1977 and now books pop and rock acts from all over the world. It is organized by De Zwerver Concerts. The Blinders are booked to performed on the main stage but stage times are not yet available. They will join Crows, Brutus, Bill Ryder-Jones, Molly Sarlé and 18 other acts on the bill for Saturday. The entire festival lasts from 13th of September till 15th of September. About 20.000 people are expected to attend.

Festival poster

The festival gave the band a splendid review:

The Blinders at the Leffingeleuren festival
And the band’s picture from the line up

“A young group from the Manchester area has made the UK live circuit unsafe since 2017. The Blinders spread raw, loud, intuitive, political protopunk with psychedelic poetic texts. The band is inspired by Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, the young Arctic Monkeys, the blues riffs of Led Zeppelin and the lead singer possesses the appearance of Jim Morrison. The enigmatic trio are known for their crazy, possessed performances. It took them just a month to record their debut album entitled ‘Columbia'”.


More information:

On the 19th of September, the legendary Amsterdam club Paradiso will organize a mini festival called Indiestadt. The Blinders will join AlgiersStarsCassiaPenelope Isles and The Stroppies for a full day of new exciting music. Tickets go on sale on 26th of  April and will cost 17 euros. Please be quick as the pre-orders are already opened!

Indiestadt logo
The Blinders mentioned on the Paradiso website

Paradiso advertises the festival with this beautiful entry about the Doncaster trio:  “The Blinders are a young band based these days in Manchester. They know what to do with a good, heavy riff! Their music is hard, blusey and full of bravado, that only British bands seems to be able to get away with. Political punk rock undertones guarantee a spectacular live shows”.

Address: Paradiso, Weteringschans 6-8, 1017SG Amsterdam, Netherlands


After returning from Euro voyages, on 21st of September, The Blinders will celebrate one year anniversary of the release of  “Columbia” – their debut album. The band will host a special event in Manchester (the venue hasn’t been revealed yet but many people point to their favourite venue, the Night People!) with photo exhibition, acoustic performance and Q+A session.

Manchester special show

The tickets are not on sale yet, but  please be on the look out!
We will post more information as they become available.

The Gathering Sounds is a festival taking place on 28th of September 2019 in Stockton-on-Tees. The festival has been going on for a number of years but this edition is the biggest and boldest yet. 30 acts are expected to play and The Blinders are headlining! They will be joined by Worcestershire’s finest Ivory Wave, Lady Bird, Rats, Queen Zee, Sophie and The Giants and many more on 7 stages: ARC (Stockton Art Centre), KU Bar, The Georgian Theatre, The Story Tellers Public House (This Feeling stage), Vault and The Green Room. All stages are located very close to each other and you will be able to quickly move between them.

The Blinders are headlining ARC stage
Gathering Sounds poster

Address: Dovecot St, Stockton-on-Tees TS18 1LL, UK (ARC). The rest of the venues are  located just few minutes away on foot.
Age: 14+
Price: £15
Doors: 16:00pm (all venues) until 11:30pm

The Blinders are headlining the ARC stage but the detailed schedule has not been released yet.

You can see two promotional videos prepared by the festival:


More information:

On October 5th, The Blinders will headline a brand new all day event in the South of England. It is called Dials Festival and is located in the city of Portsmouth. The festival started in 2015, and ran in 2016 and 2018 winning several national awards. 2019 will be its fourth edition. Dials will support a charitable cause and proceeds will go to Solent Mind, to continue the discussion of mental health issues with both its audience and artists. The Blinders will play alongside Another Sky, Brighton’s garage rock duo ARXX, industrial noise punks Black Futures, local indie heroes Fake Empire, Bristol’s raucous post-punk favourites Haze, dream pop pioneer HUSSY, the experimental ambient work of Johanna Bramli, Brighton noisemakers LibraLibra, space pop five-piece Pocket Sun, indie-darlings Saltwater Sun, energetic post-punks Talk Show and delicate alt rockers wych elm.

Dials Festival poster

The festival gave a fantastic review to the Blinders saying: “Headlining the festival will be UK 3-piece The Blinders. ‘An incendiary soundtrack of garage punk and swamp blues that’s best described as Nick Cave slumming it or The Eighties Matchbox Arctic Monkeys’ was how Drowned in Sound website described the band last year. Just off the back of their biggest UK dates to date, this summer The Blinders support Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and play a number of outdoor festivals. DIALS is incredibly excited to bring them back indoors in October to play the main stage at The Wedgewood Rooms where punters will be able to see just why they’ve developed such a fierce reputation for incredible live shows”.

The Blinders and Dias Festival

Tickets are only £20
You can purchase them at:

Address: The Wedgewood Rooms, 147b Albert Rd, Portsmouth, Southsea PO4 0JW
Time: from 12:00 pm till late
Age: All ages admission (under 14 with supervision from responsible adult)
Time schedules will be available shortly!

On Saturday 12th of October, The Blinders will be playing at the Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester. The line up looks like an indie fans dream come true: Miles Kane, Pins, The Big Moon, The Pale White, Lady Bird and over 100 acts more! The participating venues include: Bread Shed, The Refuge, Night People, Revolution Oxford Road, Thirsty Scholar, Zombie Shack, Manchester Academy, the O2 Ritz, Albert Hall, Deaf Institute, Gorilla and YES.

Tickets are going to come on sale on Thursday 13th of June.
The Blinders will play Albert Hall according to early reports but stage times have not been confirmed yet.

Neighbourhood Festival poster

More information:

November is looking like a very busy month for the band as well, and we honestly do not know when they will find the time to record anything as they are constantly on tour! We are not worried about the touring part at all, the more gigs we can attend, the better for us!

On 9th of November, the trio will attend the 2Q Festival. This is a one day, multi-venue, live music festival, that takes place throughout nine centrally located venues within the city centre of Lincoln. the festival started in 2017 and received numerous awards. The Blinders played there last year and are returning after the organizers were  bombarded by requests to have them play again, this time as a headliner. So by popular demand, the band will make another appearance and will rock Lincoln like a (political) hurricane.

All the venues are opening at 12:00 and the music will be playing until 11:00pm. Expect 10 venues, 60+ bands and a lot of people. Bring ID’s, the entry to all clubs is marked as 18+.

2Q Festival poster

More information:


The next November gig will be the Shimmer Sounds.  This is a new music festival organized by The MJS Group. It debuted in 2018 in Cardiff and was a huge success. This year’s edition will take place on 16th of November in Cardiff (Tramshed) and on 17th of November in Birmingham (The Mill in Digbeth). So far three headliners have been revealed: Temples, The Blinders and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard. Both shows will start at 14:30 pm and the music will be playing until 11:00 pm (curfew for both venues). At least 6 more acts will be revealed before September the organizers have announced.

Early bird tickets are now sold out for both venues. We will be updating this entry as more information is announced:

Cardiff poster
Birmingham poster

Official website:

The tour will be updated constantly.
Keep your eyes open and check the latest news on:

Please come back daily as this blog will be growing more and more with each passing day!

Thank you!
Rita and Malicia

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