Craft & Artisan Producers Fair in Bromyard

Dear  cat-lovers!

Finally, we can share some fantastic news with you this morning! Recently, The Cat Shop has been invited to participate in two arts and crafts markets: this Saturday (16th of April) we will be in Bromyard attending a newly created arts and craft show organized by the wonderful Conquest Theatre and on 23th of April, you will be able to meet us in Stratford-upon-Avon! We have to say, we are truly delighted to be distinguished – to join the famous market in Stratford, you have to be placed on a reserve list and wait for months to have a stand. Yet, we have been extremely lucky to be noticed and to be invited. Thank you kindly to those who made it all possible!

The Bromyard Craft & Artisan Producers Fair will start exactly at 10:00 am and will last till 13:00 pm. The event will be placed in the theatre foyer and the admittance is free. So please come and admire the fantastic creations made by local arts and crafters!

Please visit their official pages for more information:

As usually, we have been preparing well for the occasion. Our stock has been updated and we have framed newly created artworks. Some of them have been described on our blog in the last few weeks, so if you’d like to find out more please visit our previous entries to learn about each picture’s history and stories behind them:

01. “Up and Away”

Framing “Up and away” has been a true pleasure! Designed by Mal and finished by Rita, this lovely artwork is one of our favourites. We still cannot get over the fact that we have used about 2 cm of golden string before Athabasca (our boss cat) has claimed the rest as a toy! That’s a very expensive cat-toy as the artistic string costs £5 pounds per meter!

Up and Away framed
Up and Away framed

02. “(Wibbly wobbly) Timey wimey cat”

This artwork has been created last year around 3 am (eternal) in the morning before the Artisan Market in Senglea in Malta. There is one thing all artists must know before participating in any artistic markets on the island – the markets on Malta are absolutely bonkers! You start very early and you continue long after the sun has set. Be prepared for very long hours, thousands of tourists, who come in and go out then come in again and go out yet again to return for a next circle 20 minutes later. Your voice is gone before the lunch!

Wibbly wobbly timey
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey…cat

Our blue feline friend is named “(Wibbly wobbly) Timey wimey cat”, an obvious reference to our beloved 10th Doctor, played by David Tennant. We are sure, there are cats on Gallifray and this might be just one of them. Do you like “Doctor Who”? This Timelord kitten will take you on an adventure through time and space. Please be aware, the artwork comes with a sonic art frame!

Wibbly wobbly timey wimey cat framed
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey cat framed

03. Falling into place

Do you like puzzles? We have to admit, we are not big fans of them but cats are mysterious creatures and they puzzled human race since times immemorial. We love that pun so we decided to literally create a puzzle cat and named it “Falling into place”. Those who live with any animals can swear that pets are the last missing puzzle piece to complete our lives.

Falling into place framed
Falling into place framed

04. Flower power

“Flower Power” and “Falling into Place” have been made on the same day and were also framed one after the other. They are using semi-transparent paper to create a unique 3D effect. Did you know there is another cat in our catalogue that is part of the mini cat-series? It is a portrait of Athabasca, our beloved kitten! You can purchase all three of them for a single price! This is what we call a real bargain.

Flower power framed
Flower power framed

05. The impossible kitten

The titular Impossible Kitten has been made by Malicia and is a mirror reflection of the cat used in “Up and Away”. Her name is Clara, another reference to Doctor Who TV series. We tell you, our cats are pop culture felines!

The impossible kitten framed
The impossible kitten framed

06. A lot of blooming fun part 1 & 2

 Those two very lovely cat artworks were very hard to make. Rita complained before on our blog that it took her ages to glue all flowers together and that her fingers were cut and bleeding from working with artistic metallic sheets. Once we framed them, we realized that they look very oriental. Japanese people have a term for watching cherry trees blossoming. It is known as “Hana mi” (flower watching festivals) and thousands of people are drawn to public parks to witness the true celebration of spring.

As much as Rita likes them now – framed and finished, she will be truly happy when they are sold. They still remind her of the painful struggle to make them!

A lot of blooming fun part 1 framed
A lot of blooming fun part 1 framed
A lot of blooming fun part 2 framed
A lot of blooming fun part 2 framed

07. Butterflies Spotting

This kitten can be described as a younger sister to artwork called “In Bloom”.  It incorporates the same idea – showing a black cat staring out of the window and looking into a beautiful garden. You don’t see the cat`s face but you get a glimpse of a traditional English country garden, full of flowers and butterflies. Obviously – the cat is closely observing the insects and is not interested in the humans at all. “Butterflies Spotting” is smaller than “In Bloom” yet more focused. It can truly brighten your living room, a patio or  a cottage.

Like many of our artworks, the title is a reference. “In Bloom” is named after a song by Nirvana. “Butterflies Spotting” takes a playful twist on book/film “Train spotting”. Choose kittens, choose butterflies…

Butterflies Spotting framed
Butterflies Spotting framed
In Bloom - the big sister
In Bloom – the big sister

The curator

As you all know, each artist needs a manager and each exhibition needs a curator. We would like to introduce you to our boss and slave driver – Athabasca the white, AKA Oriental Shorthair, The Arctic Cat, The White Terror, The White Walker, Half Persian-Half Siamese Bandit, The Loud One and Basca (for short). This 16 + old, completely deaf, all white and spoiled-rotten kitten approves our efforts to convince the world that cats should rule the planet.

In her spare time, she likes to play with strings, catnip filled toys (mice shaped) and sleep on laptops and  chairs.

Basca the art curator
Basca the art curator

Obey the master and like The Cat Shop on social media.


We will see you in Conquest Theatre, Bromyard on Saturday, 16th of April! Support your local artists by visiting the local markets.

Rita and Malicia Dabrowicz


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