Worcester Easter Festival

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The time files so fast! It feels like Christmas was just yesterday and here we go…it’s 22nd of March! The spring is upon us again and we are getting extremely busy as usual. Warmer weather means that the open air markets are coming back into play and you can expect loads and loads of picture reports from different parts of West Midlands. Did we mention that our plan is to visit all important arts and crafts markets around Worcester?  Not yet? Well now you know!

Malicia and Rita will inaugurate the craft season by attending the Worcester Easter Festival on High Street on 25th and 26th of March. We are truly excited to be part of the Easter celebration so if you live close, please come to visit our stall. We hope for a nice, spring-like weather!

Since the market starts in just 4 days, we thought to show you some of the newest cats that will be available for purchasing. Malicia photographed our favourite ones so scroll down to see our newest line. Each kitten has been inspired by popular culture and we are convinced every cat lover will find a cat that fits them perfectly.

Now let’s see what we have prepared so far:

01. “Adele’s cat”

This small artwork has been inspired by Adele’s new song entitled “Hello”. We have seen several memes online showing cats sitting outside in the rain with caption ” Hello from the other side, I must have meowed a thousand times” and they made us roar with laughter. This is a purrfect take on the song’s very famous chorus. And every cat owner can relate to this, especially at 4 o clock in the morning! We have used a scrapbooking technique to create the busy background.


Adele's cat. you know how the song goes: "Hello from the other side, I must have meowed a thousand times"
Adele’s cat. You know how the song goes: “Hello from the other side, I must have meowed a thousand times”

02. “Up and away”

“Adele’s cat” and “Up and away” were created only two days apart. Both use scrapbooking techniques to create rich and colourful backgrounds. While “Adele’s cat” looks a bit like a portrait, we wanted “Up and away” to be dynamic. Have you noticed that the flowers are in fact balloons floating around the cat in the centre? It took about 5 hours to cut and put the flowers together.

Up and away
Up and away

05. “Butterfly spotting”

Smaller version of “In bloom” made on request and after long encouragement of our friends. We have used the same materials, yet we wanted to create something a bit different. It will be easier to frame, we can tell you that!

Butterflies spotting
Butterflies spotting

04. “In bloom”

The biggest artwork we have come up with in recent months. You would never guess but the background was once a gift bag! It was given to us for some occasion (we forgot what it was for!) and it would be such a shame to simply throw it away. The bag was torn on one side and we could not re-use it. The butterfly has been hand cut using decorative paper and the bow was made from the gift bag’s handle. For a nice contrast, we have used a gloss black paper to create the cat. We wanted to show the cat looking through the window and watching the butterflies fly around in the garden.

In Bloom
In Bloom

05. “Butterfly effect”

Rita is joking that once we are rich and famous, this period in The Cat Shop’s artistic journey will be known as the Butterfly period. There must be a bit of truth in her words as we have several other pictures using the faux 3D effect thanks to butterflies cut using the Sizzix machine. We do like the butterflies and they seem to be quite popular with the general public as well. The butterflies on this little artwork have been cut by scissors from a commercial advert found in a magazine.

Butterfly effect
Butterfly effect

06. “White Cat Christmas”

Malicia had an idea for a Christmas themed cat for a long period of time. As usual, the Christmas period is very busy and we had little time for any arts and crafts. Once the holiday rush has ended, Mal went through last year’s Christmas cards we have received and came up with White Cat Christmas you see below. Old Christmas or birthday cards do not need to end up in the recycling bin. We have used one card as a background for this artwork and other elements were either cut out from decorative paper or from other cards. If you have the time, you can mix your used Christmas cards or wrapping paper, cut different elements and re-use them to create original presents for your loved ones.

White Cat Christmas
White Cat Christmas

07. “You mean the world to me”

“You mean the world to me” has been made out of spare sheet of decorative paper and an old Valentine’s Day card. Rita wanted to create something that looked a bit like a vintage 1960/1970 wall posters. Very simple and with a strong message. She thinks she succeeded.

You mean the world to me
You mean the world to me

08. “My Meow Valentine”

This is another vintage-like poster that Rita and Mal came up with. Again, all you need is a bit of imagination, a sheet of decorative paper, old Valentine’s Day card and…voila. It may look simple but it took us about three hours to properly glue the cat to the base paper. It was cut out of thick cardboard and it refused to stay in place!

My Meaow Valentine
My Meaow Valentine

09.”Two times Rose”

We openly admit – our art is heavily influenced by pop culture. Being fans of classic shows such as “Doctor Who”, we are constantly looking for ideas for our next artworks that could be connected with our favourite scenes or episodes. When Malicia bought these two beautifully elaborate frames from an art sale in Mosta, we thought they looked like pieces of scenery from some scary wibbly wobbly, timey wimey episode! Rita found two small dried roses in her vast collection of useful odds/ends and we decided that the pictures will be dedicated to Rose Tyler/ Billie Piper.

Two times Rose
Two times Rose

09A. “Her name was Rose”

The first picture is entitled “Her name was Rose”. There is a lovely conversation between the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) and Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) in 2006 Christmas special “The Runaway bride”. The Doctor and Donna are sitting on rooftop watching the panorama of London below them, thinking about people they have lost. The Doctor mentioned that he has lost a friend earlier but this is the first time Donna learned that the previously unknown person was a girl named Rose.

The artwork is very simple. We used a heavy and thick decorative paper to create strong and equally elaborate background to fit the frame. The cat was then hand cut from pastel artistic paper used in scrapbooking to soften the entire artwork.

Her name was Rose
Her name was Rose (framed)

09B. “Rose de jour”

The second artwork is called “Rose the jour”. Malicia came up with the title combining the overall Doctor Who theme with another Billie Piper role, as Belle de Jour from “The secret life of a call girl” TV series, another of our favourites. Again, the heavy background is soften by a hand cut kitten from a delicate pastel artistic paper.

Rose de jour (framed)
Rose de jour (framed)


If you haven’t visited our new pages yet, please do so!

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Don’t forget to visit our stall this Friday and Saturday!

What: Worcester Easter Festival
Where: 25th & 26th March 2016, Worcester High Street
Who: LSD Promotions and Worcester City Council.

Worcester City Markets:


LSD Promotions:


See you soon!
Rita and Malicia Dabrowicz

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