The cat collector or Kat-a-log part 25

Kitty, kitty, kitty!

Hello cat lovers! What a beautiful day it is today! We are celebrating two years since the Kat-a-log project has been established! Balloons, chocolates and confetti are awaiting and the party will be starting off very soon. There is also another reason for us to happy – we have just reached 25th edition of Kat-a-log on Vanadian Avenue! How cool is that?

As usually, we list all previous editions right here and right now. Please feel free to scroll down and read on! Half of our collection is already photographed and described. If you are looking for heart warming stories and cat pictures – this is a perfect place for you ūüôā

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Our readers are our biggest treasure. We have received many different tips and leads from them and we are truly grateful for every comment or piece of information. Kat-a-log would never be as good as it is now without your input, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. The best way to reach us is to send an email to

All right, here come the newest additions to Olympia’s catilicious collection. Let’s give them a big cheer!

Kat-a-log Feline no.111
Three sides of a cat: What did you say??, Thinking hard and Won’t tell a soul
Official name: Say No Evil
Country of origin: Indonesia, given as a gift in 2013, Hereford UK

Hand carved from a piece of acacia tree, this sitting cat was given to Rita by a friend in January 2013 who no longer wanted it. Apparently it was a late Christmas gift and to make things even worse – a completely unwanted one as well.¬† The figurine is¬† about 12 cm tall, very light,¬† polished and¬† painted. At the beginning, we didn’t know much about it, but the cat’s pose was very interesting. Looking visibly stressed, the feline is putting its paws to the mouth, almost like it is refusing to speak.¬† This is a typical pose for Iwazaru, one of the Three Wise Monkeys from Japanese tradition.¬† Olympia embarked on a quest to learn more about this figurine but for a long period of time, she was not successful. And then, a breakthrough happened!¬† Scrolling through hundreds of items on Amazon and Ebay, Olympia noticed a similar looking three figurine set from Landon Tyler Natural Interiors, a popular British¬† wholesaler specializing in gift-ware imported from Indonesia and Africa. Bull’s eye! Say hello to cat equivalent of Iwazaru – the Say No Evil kitten!

Three Wise Monkeys on Wikipedia:

What did you say??
What did you say??
Thinking hard
Thinking hard
Won't tell a soul
Won’t tell a soul

Kat-a-log Feline no.112
Three sides of a cat: Libraries can give you a headache, Red Alert! and The world is too loud
Official name: Hear No Evil
Country of origin: Indonesia, bought online in 2013

Once Olympia learnt that the Kat-a-log kitten number 111 was not a separate figurine but a part of a set, she was working hard to locate the two other missing cats. It wasn’t an easy task as the set has been released nearly 6 years ago and it is now hard to find. We had a bit of luck and Hear No Evil kitten has been found in July 2013 on Amazon. A week later, the cat arrived in Worcester and Rita took it to Hive, the biggest library in town for a photo session. We had a great time taking pictures there! The Second cat in the set is cat equivalent of Kikazaru, a monkey that covers the ears not to hear all evil things people are talking about.

Libraries can give you a headache
Libraries can give you a headache
Red Alert!
Red Alert!
The world is too loud
The world is too loud

Kat-a-log Feline no.113
Three sides of a cat: Nothing to see here, Blinded by the sun and Refusing to look
Official name: Speak No Evil
Country of origin: Indonesia, bought in 2013

The third and final cat has been found in October 2013 in a charity store in Cheltenham. It has been abandoned by previous owners and needed a new home. Rita found it by accident on her way from the hospital and thought it was her lucky day! The kitten is a bit damaged (the paint on the base and around left ear is slightly peeling off) but with a lot of care and proper conservation, it was well preserved and now leads a good life on a shelf in the living room. This is the cat equivalent of Mizaru, the monkey covering its eyes.

We don’t have a picture of all three cats together as they arrived at different times, but next time we are in Poland, the picture shall be taken. Also, Landon Tyler do not have an official website or Facebook profile, but their collections are easily available from¬† the gift-ware and home ware stores.

If you’d like to own an older version of the set (released around 2005) described here, please use the link below.
The set is quite rare these days but you can still find it in stores.

Nothing to see here
Nothing to see here
Blinded by the sun
Blinded by the sun
Refusing to look
Refusing to look

Kat-a-log Feline no.114
Two sides of a cat: Sparkle, sparkle and Fashion accessory
Country of origin: China, bought in the UK in April 2013

Extremely popular 3D Pointiage crystal pendants have been popularized worldwide by Swarovski. Kitten number 114 has been made in China and the gems used in it are not real crystals, but it truly doesn’t matter! Every cat is cool and they all can find their own place in Kat-a-log.¬† This is a key ring pendant with two moving parts: the hear and the body. Rita bought it in Worcester as an Easter gift for Malicia and this sweet creature has been shipped to Malta. Sadly we don’t know who made this cat as the store owners had absolutely no idea! Please let us know if you have something similar and know the maker! Thanks in advance.

The cat was bought in Crown Gate Shopping Centre in Worcester from a small fashion and handbag stand on Angel Walk.
Official website:

Skarkle, sparkle
Sparkle, sparkle
Fashion accessory
Fashion accessory

Kat-a-log Feline no.115
Two sides of a cat:¬†I know,¬† I’m cute and¬† Magnetic personality
Country of origin: China, bought in 2013 in Birmingham

Do you want to support a noble cause? Do you want to adopt a cat? Do you like cute, little things that make your house all neat and beautiful? If you answered YES three times – welcome to the club!¬† Mal and Rita just cannot walk past a charitable event without getting involved or at least supporting it. If we would, then this¬† beautiful kitten would never make it into Olympia’s collection! Last year was not very good for Rita as she was struggling with thyroid problems and had to have an operation. She was flying back and forth between Poland and UK, and the closest airport to her is in Birmingham. Returning from the operation, she stopped at New Street Shopping Centre where she found a Wind Horse Gift Shop.

WindHorse started in 1980 as a market store and grew quickly. Today the company hires more than 100 people and are  one of the biggest importers of gift ware from Asia, Indonesia, China and Africa. Their catalog contains over 1000 products and new items are added on  daily basis. Ethical trading is very important for the  company and they support local artisans and their communities. The cat you can see below on pictures have been made by group of artists located in central China that are collecting money for constructions of schools and  workshops in rural parts of the country. Each sold item helps to fund those goals.

Please visit their website and help today!

I know I'm cute
I know,¬† I’m cute
Magnetic personality
Magnetic personality

All right kittens!  The celebration continues tomorrow as we have so many new kittens to show you! Have fun and please come back as soon as possible!

Have a good day,
Olympia, Rita and Mal Dabrowicz


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