Looking back again – Earth Garden 2013 workshop

Greetings gardeners!

Thank you so very much for your clicks and visits! We knew our review of  cat drawing workshop for kids will be a popular topic among our readers, but we had more traffic than usual! Lovely stuff as Rita always says. We guess you want more and we shall not disappoint you!

For those who missed yesterday’s blog, here’s a shortcut. Please click on the link below and it will open in a new window:

We all know that children are very imaginative and creative. They don’t need any extra encouragement and will literally jump at the opportunity to learn how to create abstract cat drawings. Adults are a different fairy-tale.  Rita remembers their reactions when we offered them a chance to gain new skills.  Some visitors gave us strange looks and disappeared not to be seen again, others giggled, shook their heads and fought hard almost like we were trying to convince them to swallow a poisonous pill.  Luckily, adults can be persuaded to do everything when offered a bribe. The sweeter the bribe, the better.  If you are preparing any public event and you lack participants, offer them free chocolates or candies.  Success is guaranteed.

It's a dare! Draw a cat!  Our poster advertising art lessons for adults
It’s a dare! Draw a cat! Our poster advertising art lessons for adults

Once our guests discovered that drawing can be fun, we had many willing students to teach (a bag of free sweets on the table served as an additional motivation). You should see how pleased and delighted they were after learning few basic abstract techniques. They created amazingly cheerful cat portraits and proved that sometimes all you need is a bit of spontaneity and positive craziness. Don’t be ashamed to act silly and unpredictable.  Life is not about doom, gloom, death and taxes.  Simple pleasures like that can change your life!

By the end of the weekend, we had enough cat artworks for a full blown art exhibition! Mal was kind enough to scan all drawings  so sit comfortably and enjoy the best abstract artworks on Malta!

1. Lady cat with dedication for Malicia from Mahii. The autographed masterpiece says “For a sweet girl, Malicia. XXX”

A cute cat drawn by Mahii
A cute cat drawn by Mahii

2. Cat attack! Six wonderfully abstracts cats drawn by Valentina, Frany and Chrissy.  The VFC art collective wrote that they are sorry, but we do not know about what. Not enough space for another cat? Should have said so earlier. We had additional sheets of paper!

Group effort by Valentina, Frany and Chrissy
Group effort by Valentina, Frany and Chrissy

3. We are not sure why but there is number 4 next to Tyra’s name. Her cat wears a stylish scarf probably because summer tend to be quite cold in Sweden.  Tack Tyra!

Cat by Tyra
Cat by Tyra

4. Red and black cats duo drawn by Steph (19 years old) and Bekka (17 years old) are cute as buttons. They are very happy as well. Just look at their faces 🙂

Two cats  by Steph and Becca
Two cats by Steph and Bekka

5. Very professional cat portrait by Roisin. It looks almost manga-like. Well done Roisin. Contact us if you  come across this blog. We’d love to see your other works.

Cat by Roisin
Cat by Roisin

6. Another visitor, Kym, came up with this  lovely, larger -than-life female (judging by her long eyelashes!) kitten.  Perfect in every detail.

Cat drawing by Kym
Cat drawing by Kym

7. Simplicity is a virtue in abstract art. A visitor named Marcon used some classical tricks for a great result. Rita especially likes  his soft quick  lines that fill out the cat’s silhouette. Beautiful job.

Cat drawing by Marcon
Cat drawing by Marcon

8. This cat is Rita’s absolute favorite.  Drawn by Miguel, 32 years old resident of Malta, his  feline is very original and unpredictable. Perfect proportions, absolutely mesmerizing face. Winner!

Cat drawing by Miguel
Cat drawing by Miguel

9. Antonella, 29 years old from Malta tried to convince us that she cannot draw. But we know better and we have a proof that she can! the cat is very talkative and says MIAOOO to all blog readers. Say hi!

Cat by Antonella
Cat by Antonella

10. Ilenia is yet another non believer, thinking that she is unable to draw a cat. Proven wrong! She named her delightful creation “Nikita” and that’s just ideal name for a stealthy feline.

Ilenia's cat Nikita
Ilenia’s cat Nikita

11. Pointy ears, extremely long tail, soft fur – this is a description of a new breed of domesticated cats discovered by English artist  named Gordon. Fédération Internationale Féline is in the process of registering The English Abstract Short-haired breed as we speak.

British cat by Gordon
British cat by Gordon

12. Our fist anonymous artwork is that of a dancing red cat. Anyone is claiming the authorship?

Dancing cat by Anonymous  artist
Dancing cat by Anonymous artist

13. Giulia and Brogan portrayed two distinctively different types of cats. Brogan(20 years old from Malta) went for minimalistic style while Giulia (18 years old) painted a peace loving feline. Brogan might be a dog person but she surely knows how to draw a cat. Greetings to you both!

Brogan and Giulia and their cats
Brogan and Giulia and their cats

14. The last cat is a big, fat blue striped boy that probably would own the entire neighborhood if he was real. Drawn by anonymous artist – it’s a real shame that you haven’t given us your name!

Blue cat by anonymous artist
Blue cat by anonymous artist


Many visitors and art students were too shy to draw or paint anything. They left us wonderful and warm greetings in the guestbook and we would like to share  the best comments with you:

Page full of comments - straight out of the guestbook!
Page full of comments – straight out of the guestbook!
Comments  - page two
Comments – page two

Wow! What a great memories we have.  So many cats, so many comments and so many new friends we have met. Earth Garden 2014 will start  this weekend (just  3 days left, we cannot believe it!) so please come and say hello.
We will be at Ethnic Market in our usual space so don’t  miss it.

Have a great time and we will speak to you soon,
Rita and Malicia Dabrowicz


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