The cat collector or kat a log part 23

So good to see you!

Welcome again to another Kat-a-log issue and Happy Easter! The weather is lovely, the sun is out and all cats in our neighborhoods are sleeping outside without a care in the world. It’s a rare treat for the UK to be getting so much sunshine, we are going for a walk as soon as this entry is ready and published online! Don’t worry about Malicia, she is living on Malta and they enjoy beautiful weather there at least 320 days a year. It’s only poor Rita that has to be careful not to freeze off her backside in the middle of April!

Big thanks to everyone who visits us  often, we seem to be getting more and more hits with each entry. We are pleased to announce that the  Kitchen special was one of our most popular blogs – all thanks to you dear readers.  We are truly grateful and please don’t stop visiting. Pass the word around, we have enough kittens to share with you (and with the whole wide web) for another 20 editions or so.

All comments, tips and links are greatly appreciated. As you know, we are unable to identify all figurines and you have to help us. All fan-mail and kitten crunchies can be sent to rdabrowicz at yahoo dot com.  Our cats especially like a certain brand that starts with letter P (we are not telling ya, you will have to guess!)  so each donation will be quickly and dutifully eaten 🙂

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As we are celebrating Easter Holidays, we decided to show you the newest additions to our mom’s collection of cats. The newcomers have joined the rest of the gang just days ago and they haven’t been even shipped to Poland yet!

Ladies and gents, please welcome the new kids on the block!

Kat-a-log Feline no.102
Four sides of a cat: Hello, I am a cat, Waiting for you, Garden of Eden and On a hot tin roof
Country of origin:  UK, bought as a gift in late April 2014

The newbie with a number of 102 is a cute ceramic white kitten so fresh as a bun in the bakery at 4:00 am in the morning! It was purchased in Cardiff just few days ago and photographed on the spot at the lovely Oriental Garden located at Atlantic Wharf waterfront in Cardiff Bay. We went to Cardiff to visit The Doctor Who Experience (we  cannot recommend it highly enough!) and on our way to the car, we noticed a small arts and crafts  event taking place  right at the waterfront promenade. You know us very well  so it it  easy to predict what has happened next: Rita and Mal delayed the decision to go home and went off cat hunting. And it was a very good decision as we would never met a very talented artist named Sadie Hurley. Sadie is  proud owner of small business called Sadie Hurley Ceramics that specializes in making beautiful earthenware items. She is an award winning artist with an excellent reputation in Wales and beyond. Sadie is a frequent  exhibitor at the  International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth, so please visit her if you have a chance.  She is open for commissions and runs a popular ceramics workshops several times a year.

Our white fella is a small bisque (unglazed) figurine, 6 cm tall, weighing about 300 grams.  It can be painted with acrylics but we decided to leave it as it is – he is perfect! Rita took only four pictures and Olympia decided to include all of them in this issue for your enjoyment.

Cardiff Bay official website:
Sadie Hurley Ceramics Facebook:
Sadie can be  reached at or by the phone at: 02920309456, mobile: 07518210570.
Say hi from us if you are going to give her a call!

Hello, I am a cat
Hello, I am a cat
Waiting for you
Waiting for you
Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden
On a hot tin roof
On a hot tin roof

Kat-a-log Feline no.103
Three sides of a cat: Carry on through it all – he’s a waterfall, I was promised a fish and Swimming on a Sunday
Country of origin:  China, given as a gift in April 2014

Everybody loves blue-green colored cats and we are no exceptions. We cannot decide if this color is  actually cyan, teal or maybe even turquoise,  you will have to be the judge.  One thing is for sure, a cat number 103 won Olympia’s heart in an instant and she wants this figurine delivered to Poland pronto.  It was a gift from Jenn, Rita’s co-worker and it was bought during her  trip to Brighton at the beginning of April 2014. Jenn loved this figurine herself and she had a hard time parting with it, we feel really sorry for her! You will have to believe us, this figurine is not a fluffy little thing but a properly heavy piece of a fat cat! It weights about half of a kilogram and Olympia can employ him as a paper weight.

This figurine has been made in China but it was shipped to the UK by Joe Davies, the oldest British Independent Retailer and Wholesaler under their own brand Shudehill Giftware.  Shudegill collection consists of nearly 40.000 items and each year about 5000 new gifts and collectibles are introduced on the market.

Vibrant watery photo-session has been taken in the gardens of Witley Court near Worcester just before the holidays.
Official website can be seen here:

Joe Davies official website:

Carry on through it all  - he's a waterfall
Carry on through it all – he’s a waterfall
I was promised a fish
I was promised a fish
Swimming on a Sunday
Swimming on a Sunday

Kat-a-log Feline no.104
Three sides of a cat: Sitting at the top of the wall, Canal cat and City hunter
Country of origin: Vienna, Austria, given as a gift in April 2014

Another cat and another gift from Rita’s co-workers.  Crescent headed cat was bought by Ali on her trip to Vienna  at the beginning of April 2014, almost at the same time when Jenn got us the kitten described above. Sadly, we do not know much about it.  The figurine came without any tags or labels and Ali doesn’t know where it was actually bought. She remembers only a small art gallery/souvenir store near the famous Opera House which is located at Opernring 2  in the city center of Vienna.  She is convinced this cute cat is not an unique work of art made by a local artist but a mass produced figurine as there were many other cats looking exactly like this one in the store.

Unique or not,  we appreciate any feline given to us. Olympia thinks the design is really beautiful and cannot wait to put this figurine on a shelf. she has found a purrfect spot for it already!

Sitting at the top of the wall
Sitting at the top of the wall
Canal cat
Canal cat
City hunter
City hunter

Kat-a-log Feline no.105
Three sides of a cat: Walking on the moon, Space stare and Spaceman
Country of origin:  South-East Asia, bought as a gift in Sorrento, Italy in April 2014

What can be made from several pieces of driftwood, two long springs, 43 wooden beads and four thin metal wires? The answer is simple: a very strange looking cat. Olympia’s collection is filled with unique creatures, but this feline is simply out of this world! This wooden figurine (or maybe a sculpture) is 20 cm tall (just body) and 29 cm in height if you count the tail. Hand carved driftwood has been polished, painted and covered with a nice amount of wood varnish giving the cat a nice smooth finish and lots of glow in the sunlight. It has been made in South East Asia and was brought to Europe by fair trade organization known as  Leaf Gifts. Their headquarters is based in Nottingham (United Kingdom) but the Leaf  Gifts import their stock to other fair trade stores in Italy, France and Germany.  Our figure has been purchased by a friend in Sorrento in Italy during his spring holidays.

You should see Olympia’s face when she saw this  remarkable pet on Skype for the first time! Her laughter could be heard for a few miles, we are absolutely sure about that. And once she stopped laughing, she said this cute oddball is every cat collector dream come true. That’s what collecting is all about – finding rare and curious items before anyone else does!

Leaf Girts official website:
Leaf on Facebook:
Leaf on Twitter:

Walking on the moon
Walking on the moon
Space stare
Space stare

We nickname this cat Spaceman as  he reminds us of  Babylon Zoo’s lead singer. Jay Mann is known for having amazingly blue eyes that could see through you like an X-ray machine.  Here’s the video  if you haven’t heard this superb cosmic rock anthem before:

Photo-shoot for the space kitten was taken on Malvern Hills several days ago and it was a true nightmare as his head would not keep still. We have taken hundreds of shots and only handful of them were not blurry. It’s hard to work on a hill top fighting strong gusts of wind and escaping hordes of tourists. Eh the sacrifices we make for this projects!

Thank you kindly for reading Kat-a-log issue number 23! Please come back again shortly and  don’t forget to rest.

Have a wonderful holidays!
All the best from your Kat-a-log editors:
Rita, Malicia and Olympia Dabrowicz

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