The cat collector or Kat-a-log part 21

Kitty, kitty, kitty!

Awww, time flies when you have a cat! And if you are dealing with an entire collection, it doesn’t just fly, it miraculously disappears!

It’s been two months since we had any update to Kat-a-log, but don’t despair, today we have another great issue for you to enjoy! And that’s not all! We have been working especially hard in the last weeks to bring you something very special dedicated to the collections so come back pretty soon if you are interested. As the old proverb says, curiosity killed the cat, so we know our readers are as curious as the felines themselves.

If you have any comments or information about certain figurines, please contact us at Thanks to our readers’ help, we managed to identify the makers of few unknown figurines so we are truly grateful for any tip or hint. Each contributor receives a full mention on the blog (unless they prefer to remain anonymous) and gain a title of Kat-a-log kitten for life 🙂

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Now let us introduce you to six new kittens. Meow!

Kat-a-log Feline no. 84
Four sides of a cat: Glass and sunshine, Glass and wood, Glass and metal and Glass and stone
Country of origin: Malta, bought in Sliema in October 2010

Kat-a-log feline number 84 is one of the most unique cats that can be found in Olympia’s collection.  The most important thing here is that  Olympia has chosen this cat herself, which is a very rare occurrence. Usually the cats are given to her as presents or are brought to Poland as souvenirs by  her daughters’ work colleagues, family friends and various relatives.
If you look closely at this magnificent kitten, you will notice that it has been made from colorful glass. The cat has a long tail, long ears and sharp muzzle. However, it doesn’t have any whiskers, eyes or legs. This design is very abstract yet absolutely captivating. Some has speculated that this could be a fox, but they are missing obvious feline qualities here: gracefulness, typical pointy ears set far apart, large oval head and the sitting position. The figurine is quite heavy and can serve as a paper weight 🙂

If you’d like to own a kitten like that, please visit Mdina Glass, a family run business that produces the best decorative glass items on Malta for at least three generations.

Mdina Glass official website:
Mdina Glass on Facebook:

Each figurine made by the company comes with a sticker places at the bottom with Mdina Glass logo.

Glass and sunshine
Glass and sunshine
Glass and wood
Glass and wood
Glass and metal
Glass and metal
Glass and stone
Glass and stone

Kat-a-log Feline no. 85
Two sides of a cat: Games of thrones and Let me tell you a story
Country of origin: UK, bought as a gift on 14th of January 2011 (Friday)

We remember buying this kitten like it was yesterday! This colorful cat sitting comfortably in an armchair has been hand-made by local artist in Ludlow, an ancient town in Shropshire, famous for its ruined castle. We found it in a souvenir store on Church Street and we were told that the figurine represents a local tale about the King of Cats.

Before we tell you about the legend, we need to say a little bit about the kitten. It is very light, made of wood and according to the souvenir  store clerk,  the cat wears a traditional 16th century vest. The cat sits on a chair with two roses that symbolizes two powerful English dynasties: The House of Tudors (red rose) and The House of York (white rose). The two houses have been engaged in a bloody conflicts known as the War of The Roses.  The war only ended when Henry VII married Elizabeth of York on 18 January 1486 in Westminster Abbey.

Now Henry and Elizabeth marriage is the beginning of the most fascinating tale. According to tradition, future parents were told by a seer that their first child will bring the gold age to the world. Upon learning that Elizabeth has given birth to a boy, Henry ordered him to be named after the mystical King Arthur of Camelot. Prince Arthur was a very unusual child. He was not interested in battles or court games, but spent his days reading books and learning. His teachers commented that the young prince loved Greek mythology, memorized The Oddyssey and various philosophical texts, and found a great pleasure in history and ethics. He was also an accomplished archer, a good dancer and was extremely good looking. His servants found him to be wise and kind and he was universally loved throughout the land. It seemed that the prophecy was indeed coming true – Prince Arthur received the title of Prince of Wales (heir apparent to the throne) and was engaged to the beautiful Catherine of Aragon.

Arthur was said to have a special love for animals, especially the cats. The Prince protected them and they were always feed at his court at Ludlow. He even allowed them to use all royal properties in his kingdom as their own and many cats were seen sleeping by the fire or lounging in the sunshine in front of royal coaching inn near the castle. People were gossiping that the Prince knew their language and that the cats were bringing him interesting information about the world.  Arthur passed away only at 15 years old, killed by sweating sickness and was buried in Worcester Cathedral. During his funeral procession all cats from Ludlow came to the streets and meowed sadly as the coffin passed them. Prince Arthur has never became the king but his early death didn’t remove the royal edits given to cats. All Ludlow cats have the right to be treated with the highest respect and can use all royal properties. Each year on the longest day of the year, the King of Cats comes to Ludlow and sits before the inn on a special armchair. You can talk to him if you are lucky. His name is either Tom or Peter. The royal coaching inn in now a popular pub known as The Rose and Crown, located on Church Street.

You can read another story about the King of Cats here:

The Rose and Crown is open every single day and they offer a wonderful service.
Their address is:

8 Church Street

Telephone (01584) 872098


Game of thrones
Game of thrones
Let me tell you a story
Let me tell you a story
Rose and Crown Inn entrance
Rose and Crown Inn entrance

Kat-a-log Feline no. 86
Two sides of a cat: Salute! and I’m a philosopher
Country of origin: Malta, rescued in 2007 from Birkirkara

Honestly, we do not know much about the feline number 86. This cat is a real enigma, but we love it non the less. Olympia has personally rescued it from an old flat that Malicia has been renting in Birkirkara, long time ago. In 2007, Rita and Olympia came to Malta for the first time to visit Mal. She was living in a beautiful house of character with a very weird flat mate near St. Helen’s Basilica, in a front of a bar. The house was not in a top condition, it needed a lot of love and renovations, especially the kitchen. Since Malicia has been working long hours, Olympia and Rita prepared all meals and cleaned a little bit. During the cleaning, Olympia found a cat shaped magnet lying behind the cooker! Poor little creature was not only extremely dusted and dirty, also one of his paws was damaged. We have asked the owner of the flat if the magnet belonged to her but she was not interested in it and Olympia took it to Poland with her. She restored this little beauty to his former glory and now the cat is attached to Olympia’s fridge.  This is, ladies and gents, what we call a story with a happy end!

I'm a philosopher
I’m a philosopher

Kat-a-log Feline no. 87
Two sides of a cat: Madame Butterfly and Diva
Country of origin: UK, bought at Camden Market in February/March 2009

In February – March 2009 we have spent two weeks in London. We have already mentioned about that incredible time on our blog as we have covered the trip to Tower Hill in our One Castle A Day corner. But London is not only about places where heads were rolling. Large amount of time in the capital was spent arts and crafts shopping. Our stay in Camden was very fortunate because we were just few minutes away from Camden Lock and The Stables Market. We got our mom two items for her collection there. One was an amazing painting from Kenyan seller; the other was a fridge magnet from the Rachael Hale brand collection.

We will write about the Kenyan painting some other time, let us tell you about the lovely magnet. We found it in a curiosity shop, full of extravagant gadgets on 23rd February 2009, on the outskirts of the Camden Lock. The shop had a beautiful black toaster in the window and we absolutely fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it cost a small fortune, so we had to skip it, but we left the store with a bunch of feminist post cards (they were later sent as late Valentines), jewellery and the mentioned magnet. We don’t remember the name of the lovely store but here’s the window picture; if somebody recognizes it; drop us a line and a proper credit will be given.

Rachael Hale brand is known to be the home of “the world’s most lovable animals”. It started out as a family business of a female photographer based in Auckland, Australia around twenty years ago and soon became one of the most recognizable brands that use stock photography on wide range of accessories. The magnet we bought for our mom has a beautiful black cat portrait on it – mom loved it as it reminded her of her cat Salem.

Rachel Hale is flagship part of Dissero Brands – a rival of Swedish Ikea on the home décor front. Over the years, they have worked with many photographers and designers and it’s quite hard to tell who, was the artist behind the photo on our magnet.

The original photographer is now known as Rachael McKenna. In 2007 she has left the company and moved to France to work again as a freelance artist and book author. She is currently in NYC working on her new project “The New York Dog”. You can visit her LinkedIn profile here:

You may also want to see the links to her previous company:
Or visit her official page at:


Madame Butterfly
Madame Butterfly
Camden gadget shop where we purchased the magnet. If you know the name of it, let us know!
Camden gadget shop where we purchased the magnet. If you know the name of it, let us know!

 Kat-a-log Feline no. 88
Two sides of a cat:  Classic tea-set (with a cat) and Reflections
Country of origin: Poland, bought as a gift in 2009

Slim, sleek and shining – this beautiful kitten was bought by Rita in March 2009. We have mentioned this before in an earlier issue of Kat-a-log, that Rita has spent 8 months working for a video game company in Wroclaw. During her stay, she discovered a shopping gallery with an entire floor dedicated to hand painted Polish pottery. Sadly after so many years, we do not remember the name of this  store, but Rita recollects that it was located somewhere near the main square. This particular cat figurine is known as a “mother cat” and could only be purchased along with another porcelain feline, a small kitten. Meant as a set for the customers, those two figurines are not a true match – they represent two different styles and probably have been made by two different companies. There are no signs or names on the bottoms and we cannot give you full details who made them. If you recognize the maker, please contact us and we will be able to investigate further. It is worth mentioning that figurines painted in blue, with dense patterns like those you see on the pictures below, were traditionally made to decorate kitchens and dining rooms. Rita did some research online and this pattern could be ether fleur de lis or a peacock. What do you think?

Classic tea-set (with a cat)
Classic tea-set (with a cat)

Kat-a-log Feline no. 89
Three sides of a cat: Grand champion, Royal pottery and Time is eternal
Country of origin: Poland, bought as a gift in 2009

Now, we will take a closer look at the baby kitten that Rita was forced to buy. Don’t get us wrong, the kitten is lovely and has been placed in Olympia’s kitchen along with its “mom” described just above. To tell you the truth, it was a lucky coincidence that somebody decided to match both cats together as Rita probably would have never purchased two very similar looking figurines that day. The baby kitten is obviously smaller, lighter and sounds hollow. Its blue floral pattern covers the entire figurine except for the cat’s face. It has blue ears and tiny whiskers. Again, there is no name or a logo on the bottom and we cannot determine who made this figurine. Both Kat-a-log kittens (number 88 and 89) has been photographed at Marianne Dabrowicz’ house (our grandmother) and she demands a mention on the Internet in return for her kindness. Antiqued silver mirror tray, tea set, decorative plates and clock used in this photo-shoot are from 1950’s.  Marianne has turned 90 this year so let’s have a collective “Helloo!” in her name.

Grand champion
Grand champion
Royal pottery
Royal pottery
Time is eternal
Time is eternal


Wow! What a great update it is! And a long one as well.
We love telling stories behind each figurine and we hope you enjoy reading them.

Please come back very, very soon as we have an excellent special edition of Kat-a0log coming right up!

Have a pleasant day and don’t forget to pet your own kitties.

Olympia, Rita and Mal Dabrowicz (with Marianne as a super-special guest :D)



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