The cat collector or Kat-a-log part 20

Hey, hey, meow, meow!

Happy Holidays everybody! Today is the Christmas Eve and according to Polish tradition, whatever you are doing today, you will be doing a whole year. Which is perfectly fine with us as we intend to continue writing the blog, collecting the cats and create more editions of Kat-a-log!

The entire team behind this artistic project would like to wish every visitor, reader or a feline a very Happy Christmas, lots of presents under the tree, lots of catnip toys, things to chase and play with, great adventures, boxes to sit in (that’s very important part of cat’s life!), great food, lots of health (visiting a vet or a doctor can be stressful and we don’t want that) and may all your human or cat dreams come true!

As usual, any comments, reviews, news, gossips and meows can be sent to our  dear Rita at No spam please or she will hiss at you. You can also read previous edition of Kat-a-log below by clicking on the links:

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Kat-a-log Feline no. 79
Three sides of a cat: I’m on my way, Gate keeper and The most beautiful cat in the world
Country of origin: Worcester, bought as a gift in November 2013
Official name: Bell (The Lady)

The fist two cats of this Christmas edition of Kat-a-log have been made by the same artist and purchased at the 19th Annual Christmas Victorian Fayre in Worcester. We are very sad to say, we do not know the name of the lady who makes those beautiful beads artworks, but she was Chinese and had problems with understanding us. All we managed to find out was that she is the owner of a small, two-person business called Genie Beads Crafts and has a shop on Mealcheapen Street in the city center of Worcester.

The cats are made using only artistic beads and copper wire. The beads are made from high quality hardened plastic, diamond shaped and cut to resemble a gem stone. They are multicolored (white, black, red and purple) yet semi transparent: you can see the wire going through the beads and even notice the small bell rotating inside the artwork. The white cat is a girl named Bell, and she is a true lady – she wears a collar and a bow around her right ear. Looking a bit like Hello Kitty, this lovely feline was photographed outside the Brecon Cathedral in Wales.

You can learn more about the Christmas Fayre by visiting two official websites:

Click to access Stall%20Listings.pdf

I'm on my way
I’m on my way
Gate keeper
Gate keeper
The most beautiful cat in the world
The most beautiful cat in the world

Kat-a-log Feline no. 80
Four sides of a cat: What’s on the menu? Very berry, Do you love me? and Cats and Dogs
Country of origin: Worcester, bought as a gift in November 2013
Official name: Tramp

Kat-a-log kitten number 80 is the partner of Bell. His official name is Tramp and the pair has been named after the famous Disney move “The Lady and a trump”. In direct contrast to the snow-white Bell, Tramp is jet black and wears a red cravat. He as well has been purchased at the 19th Annual Christmas Victorian Fayre in Worcester and was photographed on the grounds of Brecon Cathedral. The first picture entitled “What’s on the menu” was taken inside the Pilgrims Tea Room located on The Cathedral Close. We have to say that the waitresses loved Tramp and even allowed him to jump into a sugar bow! And they serve a delicious bread and butter pudding there! Oh, if you are wondering about the additional picture, we can only tell you that Tramp has a bit of an attitude and wanted to send a clear message to our readers about his thoughts on dogs. This is his own opinion only and  it’s not associated with our views. We might have our favorites but this is a bit of an exaggeration 🙂

Please visit their official website at:

What's on the menu?
What’s on the menu?
Very berry
Very berry
Do you love me?
Do you love me?
Cats and dogs
Cats and dogs

Kat-a-log Feline no. 81
Two sides of a cat: Under the palm and dreaming and Spiky spiky world
Country of origin: USA, bought as a gift in September 2013 (Bulgaria)

This cat has been bought in September 2013 in a gift ware shop at the Sofia airport in Bulgaria. One of Malicia’s co-workers was visiting home and just couldn’t help herself when she’s seen this little creature. Even the price of 20 EUR did not scare her off – she thought it was a suitable present. She was informed that this was the last of the figurines in the series that the shop had and therefore there would be no official box. She asked how many the shop had and the reply was somehow strange – the figurines of this sort were selling like hot buns in the morning and were considered highly collectible. Whatever the stock was, it would sell within few months and new order had to be made. The cat was given to Malicia with words: “do some investigation; there should be interesting story behind it”. So that’s what we did, we did our research.

There is a story behind this figurine, Hallmark movie like story to be exact: Meet Priscilla Hillman, artist, painter, beloved children’s author and marine biology specialist. She was raised in New England with her twin sister Greta and a brother named Rick. They would spend idyllic years on Cape Cod, fishing, playing out doors and painting in the kitchen. The extraordinary childhood gave Priscilla foundations for her artistic endeavours in the future. When recovering from a serious back injury that confined her to bed for months, she created illustrations that would become her first series of collectible figurines “Cherished Teddies”. She approached the manufacturer Enesco with her idea in the late 80s and this led to a cooperation that lasts now for three decades. For Enesco, Priscilla created other series like “Calico Kittens”, “My Blushing Bunnies”, “Priscila`s Moust Tales”. Priscilla collaborates with her siblings on her collections (like the limited edition figurine named “Priscilla and Greta” for Cherished Teddies created in 1995). She is completely self -taught. She and her husband live now in a self – restored 1771 colonial house, filled with antiques and local artisan products. For many years Priscilla has been battling Lyme disease which has nearly make her blind, but she is recovering and continues to correspond with her fans.

But amazing story of Priscilla is only a part of the bigger picture. Enesco itself is also a fantastic subject for a movie! The company was created in 1958 and for 40 years has been a leader in gift ware and collectibles in US, Canada, UK and France. That quickly ended at the beginning of the economical crisis. In 2007 after the crash on the collectibles market and stock – selling scandals, Enesco had to file for bankruptcy. It is slowly raising itself – pretty much like Priscilla fighting and changing the way it has been managed. If you – like us – love art, artisan products and gift ware, you will have another reason to hate The Wall Street. They nearly killed a blooming business that has been supporting artists for generations. But back to our little fella. The figurine is part of “Calico Kittens” series which was produced between 1993-1993. It is now discontinued (or retired as it is said in the business) and considered highly collectible item! It is usually priced between 25-50 USD and usually comes with a neat box designed by Priscilla and a certificate. Unfortunately, the pieces that still remain on the market, especially in Europe, come with no box and this lowers their market price to some 20-30 USD per piece. However the demand seems to be rising and we don’t know if the series will be back into production. So hear out Olympia’s advice and grab the figurines as soon as you see them.

Artist: Priscilla Hillman
Manufacturer: Enesco
Composition: Hardened hand-painted ceramics
Official name: “Always Paws For Playtime”
Serial number: 254959 / 6C4/028
Year: 1996
Series: Calico Kittens (1993-1996) – discontinued, considered vintage
Official website:

Under the palm and dreaming
Under the palm and dreaming
Spiky, spiky world
Spiky, spiky world

*UPDATE* As you know, our little fella, has been purchased without an original box and leaflet. You can find the original packaging sometimes on Ebay it looks truly wonderful! We wanted to show you the box, but we were unable to find any promotional artwork released by the company. We have contacted Enesco with a request for any marketing materials they still might have, and  we have received a reply! Enesco wrote: ” We have attached the only documentation we have on the line. Hopefully this will work for your needs. Thank you for your business and support!”
They have sent us two scanned pages from Gift Gallery  –  a very rare catalog that listed all company’s figurines from 1998! We are probably the only blog who has those pictures, so no stealing kids 🙂

Here they are for your enjoyment:

Cover of Gift Gallery - scan provided by Enesco. Thank you so very much guys!
Cover of Gift Gallery – scan provided by Enesco. Thank you so very much guys!
Callico Cats collection in 1998. Those beautiful figurines are now considered vintage and  very sought after.
Callico Cats collection in 1998. Those beautiful figurines, now considered vintage, are very sought after.

Kat-a-log Feline no. 82
Three sides of a cat: Just like Cheshire Cat, Hide and seek and Nice trick!
Country of origin: Wroclaw Poland, bought as a gift in 2009

Would you believe us that feline number 82 is probably the heaviest cat in Olympia’s collection? This grinning cat weights about 5kg (or 11 pounds),  and is made out of two big chunks of thick ceramic, well four if you count the ears. It has been bought in 2009 in Wroclaw during the International Art Festival organized on the main city square. Rita remembers that she found the cat on a ceramic stand among garden statues of frogs and turtles. The artist who made the cat was either Australian or New Zealander  and she needed to dance for the cat to be sold to her! The local customs of the artist requires the buyer to give the artist something else than just the money, so Rita decided to make few pirouettes. The price was 45 PLN (Polish zloty), the equivalent of around 5 pounds.  As you can see on the below pictures, the cat has a long metal tail, perfect for hanging from the tree branches. We have to admit of breaking at least two or three of them, this fat feline is really in need of a diet!

Just like Cheshire Cat
Just like Cheshire Cat
Hide and seek
Hide and seek
Nice trick!
Nice trick!

Kat-a-log Feline no. 83
Three sides of a cat: Careful, the leaves are falling, Watching the skies and Fall festival
Country of origin: Bedzin Poland, bought as a anniversary gift in 2011

Cat number 83  is yet another kitten given to Olympia as a present by her husband. We have described several of them already: Kat-a-log Feline number 66 (from 17th edition), Kat-a-log Feline no. 58 (from 15th edition) and Kat-a-log Feline no. 60 (from the 16th edition). They come from the same place and were purchased in Black Red and White  superstore in Bedzin. The most important quality of that store is they try to be very unique and deliver only one-of-a-kind goods to their customers. Their strategy is to order only few copies of their home decoration items and if they sell out, that’ s it – you cannot get another one. Each Black Red and White store also has a different stock , that’s why it is a good place to look for a rare gift for your loved ones. And Olympia likes adding truly special cat figurines to her collection. This particular cat has one serious fault we need to mention here. His legs are not part of the figurine – they are attached to two small metal rods and screwed into the ceramic body. This makes it impossible for the cat to stand still and the figurine keeps sliding to the right. Other than that, it is perfect and incredibly cute! The autumn photo-session was taken in local park  not far away from Olympia’s flat.

Careful, the leaves are falling
Careful, the leaves are falling
Watching the skies
Watching the skies
Fall festival
Fall festival

Please excuse us but we are incredibly hungry now and the Christmas dinner is waiting! Once more, have a peaceful, lovely holidays filled with joy and a lot of presents. Don’t forget to give a nice treat to your furry friends as well.

All the best for the new year!
xxx and ooo’s
Rita, Mal and Olympia Dabrowicz

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