Countdown to the Day of the Doctor – Part 2

The day has come!!

Welcome back Who-vians! The 23rd of November 2013 is here and tonight we shall save the Universe. Yes, once again. We have done that for the past 900 years and it never gets boring. The excitement and adventure just gets better and better and tonight the greatest tale is about to be told. The Doctor has become the worlds greatest hero. Earth is his favorite place in the universe and he has been protecting it ever since landing on it for the first time. Nothing, absolutely nothing is going to threaten us as long as the Doctor lives.

Poster promoting 50 years celebration episode "The Day of The Doctor" broadcasted on 23rd of November 2013
Poster promoting 50 years celebration episode “The Day of The Doctor” broadcasted on 23rd of November 2013

He has led many lives. He has had many faces and many memories.  There is one life he would like to forget about and tonight it shall be revealed. Before we will learn more about the War Doctor, let us show you the past incarnations of the Time Lord. Yesterday we have told you about his the newest forms. Please click on the database link below to read it again in case you have missed it:

Today, we want to tell you about his classic lives and reincarnations. And we shall start with the life number 7.

The Seventh DoctorDarker Doctor
Portrayed by Sylvester McCoy
First appearance: Time and The Rani
Companions: Melanie Bush, Ace (Dorothy Gale McShane)

Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor
Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor

The Seventh Doctor is usually compared to his 2nd and 11th incarnations as they seem to share few distinctive personality traits: they are manipulative, secretive and cruel at times. However, the Doctor number 7 is still completely different from the Doctor portrayed recently by Matt Smith. The 11th Doctor is much madder, darker and unstable, while Doctor number 7 could be called a gambler. Right after his regeneration, The Seventh Doctor was a comedian and a showman, playing with spoons, creating nonsense rhymes and relying mostly on his luck when dealing with hie enemies. This behavior quickly changed and the Doctor showed a different, more serious side of him. His colorful clothes, eccentric umbrella with a question mark shaped handle and an imperial style Panama hat gave him a look of an foolish older man that pose no danger. To enhance this  perception, the Doctor would willingly act like a coward in dangerous moments or make silly mistakes. In reality,  everything he did, was part of a coldly-calculated game that lead Doctor’s foes to their designed and ofter tragic ends.

Being around the game-master was not easy for his companions. Often they were excluded from his plans, misinformed or lied to and unintentionally took part in his schemes. Feeling manipulated and betrayed, both Malanie and Ace had to forgive and learn to trust the Doctor again and again during their travels. Please note that the Seventh Doctor has never been evil and always had best intentions at heart, but his secretive and plotting nature made it difficult for others to appreciate it.  Ace was known to call the Seventh Doctor “well devious” at several occasions. The Doctor himself was not very pleased with this incarnation either. His  future selves would  refuse to speak about Number 7 at all or mention him with a strong sense of displeasure or shame.

Favorite quotes:

The Doctor: Not interrupting anything, am I?
Belazs: What are you doing here?!
The Doctor: That’s a very difficult question. Why is everyone around here so preoccupied with metaphysics?
Glitz: I think she’s going to kill us, Doctor.
The Doctor: Ah! An existentialist! – from “Dragonfire”

Ace: These dayleks…
Doctor: Daleks.
Ace: Oh, Daleks, where are they from?
Doctor: From Skaro, at least originally. They’re the mutated remains of a species called the Kaleds. Left here.
Ace: Why were they left here?
Doctor: No, turn left here!
Ace: Oh, right.
Doctor: No left, you missed the turning!
Ace: What turn? Where?
Doctor: Why don’t you concentrate on where you’re going?!
Ace: Look, I’m doing the best I can! If you don’t like it, you drive!  – from “Remembrance of the Daleks”

Doctor: Hallo, hallo, hallo. Dalek mothership, come in please…come in please… Ah, there you are. This is The Doctor: President Elect of the High Council of Time Lords, Keeper of the legacy of Rassilon, Defender of the laws of Time, Protector of Gallifrey. I call upon you to surrender the Hand of Omega and return to your customary time and place.
Davros: Oh, Doctor, you have changed again? Your appearance is as inconstant as your intelligence. You have confounded me for the last time!
Doctor: Davros, I should have known. I see you have discarded the last vestige of your human form. Still no improvement.
Davros: Save your insults for the weak-minded, Doctor!
Doctor: Will you return the Hand of Omega or not?
Davros: Are you threatening me? If so, it is most unwise.
Doctor: Every time our paths have crossed, I have defeated you.
Davros: Ha ha ha!
Doctor: Davros, the Hand of Omega is not to be trifled with!
Davros: I think I am quite capable of handling the thick knowledge yet.
Doctor: I sincerely doubt that.
Davros:  Does it worry you Doctor, that with it I will transform Skaro’s sun into a source of unimaginable power and with that power at my disposal the Daleks shall sweep away Gallifrey and its infinite quorum of Time Lords. The Daleks shall become lords of time. We shall become all…
Doctor: Powerful! Crush the lesser races! Conquer the galaxy! Unimaginable power! Unlimited rice pudding! Et cetera, et cetera!
Davros: Do not anger me Doctor! I can destroy you and this miserable, insignificant planet!
Doctor: Oh wonderful! What power, what brilliance! You can wipe out the odd civilization, enslave the occasional culture, but it still won’t detract from the basic, fundamental truth of your own impotence! –  from “Remembrance of the Daleks”

The Sixth Doctor Colorful character
Portrayed by Colin Baker
First appearance: The Caves of Androzani
Companions: Peri Brown, Melanie Bush

Colin  Baker as the Sixth Doctor
Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor

All right, if you thought the Seventh Doctor was the least likable one, then think again.  Rita is assured that Doctor Who had some kind of mid-life crisis and his Sixth and Seventh incarnations are, to put it mildly, very, very strange. Now, the fans of Colin Baker will hunt us to the ends of the Universe, but you have to admit – the Doctor number Six tried to strangle his companion Peri, seconds after regenerating and that was just the beginning!

The Sixth Doctor is the most brilliant of all incarnations and is very well aware of his power and knowledge. He is proud, flamboyant, almost an egoist. He doesn’t like taking advice from anyone (even his friends and companions) and insists on doing everything his way. Of course, having a brilliant mind and being an all-round genius, he is usually right, but his constant remarks  about how good he is, are equally putting off humans and aliens. His  mismatch clothes are perfect fit for his very colorful personality – The Sixth Doctor is a larger-than-life actor with dramatic tendencies, melancholy and great dose of self-loving.  The Doctor always had a sense of justice and it is strongly represented in his Sixth life. He is unable to walk away from a wounded foe, he displays a great deal of compassion and pity for dying creatures (even if seconds ago they tried to devour him for lunch) and never rejects a call for help. His behavior might be less than perfect but his hearts are in the right place. It is also worth mentioning that the Sixth Doctor was the only one to fix TARDIS camouflage system and it worked as long as he lived. Oh, and he also like cats – he is seen wearing a cat brooch in several episodes which is described as  a very fashionable accessory from a distant planet.

Favorite quotes:

Russell: You murder a police officer you’ll get thirty years!
Doctor: Handful of heartbeats to a Time Lord! – from “Attack of the Cybermen”

Peri: Do you mean the TARDIS is malfunctioning again?
Doctor: Malfunctioning? Malfunctioning? MALFUNCTIONING!? After all the work I’ve done on it!?
Peri: Well, I only asked a simple question!
Doctor: Indeed you did, and it was the wrong question! – from “The Mark of The Rani”

The Fifth DoctorPeace-seeking pacifist
Portrayed by Peter Davison
First appearance: Logopolis (Part 4)
Companions: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan Jovanka, Vislor Turlough, Kamelion and Peri Brown

Peter Davison as The Fifth Doctor
Peter Davison as The Fifth Doctor

In direct opposition to two Doctors mentioned above, The Fifth Doctor is one of the most beloved Doctors in the whole series. His regeneration from his fourth life goes very bad and at the beginning, he suffers from hallucinations and displays personality traits of all four previous incarnations. This however is short-lived and soon, the true, peaceful and nature-loving, personality takes over.
The Fifth Doctor is rather timid and do not take leadership, preferring to stay behind. He is often happy to have a friend or companion take charge and prefers dialogue and negotiations to conflict  and aggression. He dislikes arms and any kinds of weapons, thinking they bring only suffering and no real solution. It is hard for him to make a decision and  this sometimes leads to tragic consequences that Doctor accepts as his punishment and personal failure.

The Fifth Doctor is very fond of cricket, allergic to rosemary and empathic to the extreme. He can read the mind of others and even if they were sent to kill him, pretends that he doesn’t know it and tries to convince them to change their minds  by displaying fair and sensitive character.  He succeeds to turn two of his would-be assassins into permanent companions: Vislor Turlough and android Kamelion.

Favorite quotes:

Tegan: What year are we in?
Doctor: Around two thousand and eighty-four.
Tegan: Little seems to have changed since my time.
Doctor: Absolutely nothing, Tegan. There are still two power blocs, fingers poised to annihilate each other  – from “Warriors of the Deep”

Doctor: Androzani Major was becoming quite developed last time I passed this way.
Peri: When was that?
Doctor: …I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the future – from Caves of Androzani

The Fourth DoctorEager explorer
Portrayed by Tom Baker
First appearance: Planet of the spiders
Companions:  Sarah Jane Smith, Harry Sullivan, Leela. K-9, Romana, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka

Tom Baker playing the Fourth Doctor
Tom Baker playing the Fourth Doctor

The Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker is the longest serving Doctor in the series. He starred in 7 seasons and in 172 episodes. Tom Baker’s Doctor is the best known to American viewers and many consider him to be the best incarnation of the Time Lord.
This version of the Doctor is again drastically different from the previous and future Doctors. He is very unpredictable, having frequent (and sudden) mood changes, melancholic episodes and moments of withdrawal from action and time-travelling.  He is a deep thinker interested in learning more about the universe and its rules.

The Fourth Doctor has been called a dualist and this name seems to suit him perfectly: he knows how to use force and he is an admirable fighter able to attack and to defend himself. At the same time,  he detest  fighting and looks for other ways out, mostly through scientific experiment or negotiations.  He can be charming and funny, entertaining his companions with a manic grin and jokes and yet he is sombre and often aloof. He can be loving and warm (calling his companions as best friends) but while taking charge, he is controlling and egoistic to the point of  disregarding and hurting his comrades. He is peace-loving and just man, but he is able to torture others just for the same pleasure of feeling their pain.

During this life, Doctor has formed one of the strongest friendships with Sarah Jane Smiths. She was his longest serving companion and a true partner. The deep bond the two share has survived until 11th incarnation and the Doctor admitted to still being affected by her loss.

Favorite quotes:

Doctor: Homo sapiens. What an inventive, invincible species. It’s only a few million years since they crawled up out of the mud and learned to walk. Puny, defenseless bipeds. They’ve survived flood, famine and plague. They’ve survived cosmic wars and holocausts. And now, here they are, out among the stars, waiting to begin a new life. Ready to outfit eternity. They’re indomitable. Indomitable – from “The Ark in Space”

Sarah Jane: What’s gone wrong this time?
Doctor: Nothing. Nothing at all. What makes you think something’s gone wrong?
Sarah Jane: Because you always get rude when you’re trying to cover up a mistake.
Doctor: Nothing of consequence. Slight overshoot, easily rectified.
Sarah Jane: Come on, where are we?
Doctor: We’ve come out of the time vortex at the wrong point, that’s all. A few years too late.
Sarah Jane: How many?
Doctor: …30,000… – from “Planet of Evil”

Wow… only four incarnations are left on our countdown and the time for 50 years anniversary episode is nearly here!
With only 10 minutes left, we have to show you something!

BBC have just released a new mini episode entitled “The Last Day”.  Please take a look at the last minutes of Arcadia during the Time War:
And if that’s not enough to prepare you, then please see the two last trailers before the biggest adventure unfolds:


Official movie poster for the "Day Of The Doctor"
Official movie poster for the “Day Of The Doctor”

Please return safe and check out the blog tomorrow for the last episode of the  countdown as the celebration is going to last a whole weekend!!

Rita and Mal

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