H-Art Festival 2013 – Apple Store Gallery and Fired Earth exhibitions

Welcome back art lovers!

We are really sorry that you had to wait so long for another part of the H-art review. Rita had a bit of health issues and needed to undergo a thyroid operation, but now she is feeling fine and is back at work! You can expect a lot of blogging in the next few weeks as Rita is having a lots of great ideas and cannot wait till she shares them with you all!

Official Logo for  Herefordshire Art Week
Official Logo for Herefordshire Art Week

If you missed the first part of the H-Art 2013 review, please clicks on the link below to read The call of the wild. The first part was dedicated to Martha Holman (Love Zimbabwe art and charity) and Brian Hamilton-Cox:

For the second part, we decided to do something completely different.  First of all, we went off the beaten track and skipped the grand openings that we attended last year. We love socializing with artists and people but since we have seen it all just 12 months ago, a small change was  very much needed. It was decided that we should skip the bigger events and concentrate on the smaller venues that are likely to be missed by general public. The experiment was a huge success in our opinions – not only we could spend a lot of time looking at the artworks without being pushed around by the crowd, but we had the time to speak to the artists and owners of art galleries. Of course, do not misunderstand what we just written – while visiting the H-Art venues we were never alone. H-art is a very popular festival with hundreds of visitors and passer by’s, but we had the luxury of photographing artworks without having to watch for other peoples elbows being stuck in our lenses or being stamped nearly to death by art enthusiasts. Skipping the night openings and exhibitions previews can be a fun experience too. You might not be able to grab a free drink, but you can contemplate  and enjoy the art in silence as long as you please.

Official Create Herefordshire logo
Official Create Herefordshire logo

Smaller venues do not usually organize any openings but they offer you a bit of privacy and the feeling is really important to us. You can walk around the venue,  stick your nose into every hole and explore freely. For example, we have noticed that some venues have additional visiting rooms that normally are closed to visitors as they are either part of private workshops or stores. In normal circumstances, walking into those parts of the artist’s house or gallery equals to trespassing. During art festivals, artists not only open their own houses for the public, but they will happily give you a tour of their garden or show you an old barn that has been turned into painting atelier or a photography studio.  Art galleries are acting in similar fashion.  Backrooms and offices are normally inaccessible, but if you pay them a visit after the opening madness has ended, you will find out that the extra rooms are being open and serve as additional exhibition space.

We have chosen two smaller galleries in the Hereford City Center especially for this review: Apple Store Gallery on Bridge Street and  Fire Earth Store on King Street. We would like to thank the owners for showing us around their premises and introducing to three wonderful artists. It was a real pleasure to speak to them and learn more about their work.


Official Apple Store Gallery Logo
Official Apple Store Gallery Logo

Apple Tree Gallery has been founded in 2005 by husband and wife team, David Laws and Marion Campbell, in an Arts & Crafts apple store in Brockhampton, Herefordshire. They moved to Bridge Street offices in 2010 and since then, they became a very important spot on Hereford art map. David and Marion have nearly 30 years of experience in art management and work very closely with numerous Herefordian artists, painters, jewellery makers and arts and crafts people. If you are new to the area and you’d like to talk to somebody who knows what is going on in the county, David and Marion are your best bet. We have met them for the first time in 2011, and they are  wonderfully well informed couple, always ready to help and direct the lost souls in the right direction. Apple Tree Gallery is open all year long and organizes literally hundreds of events. Every time we walk into the art gallery, there is something happening there. The place is so popular, that the gallery is booked solid till the end of 2014! David and Marion will  speak to new artists and if you’d like to exhibit your works at Apple Tree, all you have to do is to contact them and explain what you do.

Apple Tree Gallery offers additional services as well: you can buy  art materials, frame your artwork and learn how to paint. During the H.Art festival, the gallery was a sponsor of Herefordshire Young Open exhibition and End of Year show for the BA Fine Art Degree at Hereford College of Arts.

Apple Store Gallery Official page: http://applestoregallery.com
Apple Store on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Apple-Store-Gallery-in-Hereford/174009972629325

Address: 3 Bridge Street, HR4 9DF Hereford, Herefordshire
(Tuesdays to Fridays from 09:30 am to 16:30 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm)
Telephone: 01432 378436
Email address: applestoregallery@btinternet.com

Apple Store Gallery banner
Apple Store Gallery banner

We have visited Apple Tree Gallery on Saturday 7th of September to see what David and Marion have prepared especially for the H.Art Festival. The first thing we noticed was that the gallery have been redecorated: some cabinets  were removed to make more space for exhibition stalls and easels. A small corridor leading to the back of the building was also decorated with paintings and portraits and the garden was now opened for the visitors. It was actually the first time, we could enter the garden and take look around.  It is beautifully designed and looks like a real secret garden should. Among wild flowers and narrow alleyways,  we have discovered a white tent containing beautiful artwork by two artists: sculptor Sally Grant and painter Roland Moore.

SALLY GRANT – Sculptures with a soul

Sally Grant is an internationally renowned artist with many years of working and exhibiting experience. She has been born in Aberdeen in 1973 and became interested in painting and sculpting at a very young age. She has studied Visual Arts at Cheltenham and holds MA Degree in Arts Management from Cambridge.

Sally Grant sculpture in the Apple Store Gallery garden
Sally Grant sculpture in the Apple Store Gallery garden
Sally Grant sculpture entitled "Remembering Head"
Sally Grant sculpture entitled “Remembering Head”

What we truly love about Sally’s art is her uniqueness – her style cannot be mistaken with anything or anybody else. All you need to do is to take a one, quick look at her works to be sure it is her. Rita has been interested in abstract art for many years now and she is always happy to discover a new abstract artist living and creating in Hereford. Sally’s sculptures have semi abstract feel to them, but they are not overly abstract or too hard to understand at the same time.

Sculptures on display
Sculptures on display

Sally has exhibited her sculptures inside the Apple Gallery  (in the main hall) and in the garden.
Official  website: http://www.sallygrantsculpture.co.uk

RONALD MOORE – the beauty of the Welsh border

Ronald Moore is one of the best known artists working at the boarder of Herefordshire and the Wales. His skills are almost legendary.  Mr Moore has a long and very successful career:  he is not only a renowned painter that exhibited his works all over the world (Asia, USA, Japan and majority of Europe), participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, but he is also a famous art historian and art teacher at several universities and colleges in the UK. The most fascinating thing about Ronald Moore is that he has spent  35 years working as a painting conservator for museums and galleries, English Heritage, the army and the church and has handled paintings by Caravaggio, Turner, Constable, Rembrandt, Canaletto and many other major names.

Beautiful landscape by Ronald Moore
Beautiful landscape by Ronald Moore
Ronald Moore artwork displayed in Apple Store Gallery
Ronald Moore artwork displayed in Apple Store Gallery

Mr Moore has several degrees to his name including:
1961-66 Birmingham and Oxford Colleges of Art.
1975 BA (Hons) History of Art at London University
1970’s Research in the psychology of perception with reference to early 20th century non objective painting.

In 2013, he has exhibited in Australia and New York  and his paintings can be found in private and public art collections in New York and New South Wales. He is also represented by British Royal Collection as well.

Mr Moore is represented by Ardent Gallery and Management:

Show me the way to the next art gallery....
Show me the way to the next art gallery….

We have left Apple Tree Gallery thinking that we would not be able to find another artist that could show us something as beautiful as Sally’s sculptures or so skillfully presented as the paintings made by Mr Moore. As usual, we were mistaken! Our next stop was FIRED EARTH, a store that specializes in hand made floor and wall tiles, paint, wallpaper, bathrooms, kitchen furniture, handwoven rugs and wood flooring. Wait a minute, you may think. Why after leaving an art gallery, suddenly we decided to go to a tiles store? Well, we didn’t go there to choose our next bathroom tiles, but to see a small exhibition by ceramic artist Kate Davson.  The cool thing about H.Art festival is the whole town is involved in it. You do not have to be an owner of an art gallery to participate. Many stores, cafeterias and coffee houses take part by allowing artists to put their works on displays in main windows or inside the shops.  Kate being a ceramic artist chose Fired Earth as the best place to showcase her ceramic wonders.

Fired Earth logo and design catalog
Fired Earth logo and design catalog

FIRED EARTH is located on 11 King Street Hereford, Herefordshire, HR4 9BW
Telephone: 01432 277000
Email: hereford@firedearth.com
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 9.30 – 5.30
Website: http://www.firedearth.com

KATE DAWSON – decorative & sculptural Raku

Kate Dawson made her official debut at H.Art 2013 with a group of other artists known as The Bredwardine Bunch (Kim Davis, Jackie Edwards, Rob Grunsell , Sam Hughes, Kate Pritchard and Jacky Thomas). The Bredwardine Bunch were located at Bredwardine Village Hall in small village of Bredwardine, nearly 13 miles away from Hereford (aka Venue 101). Kate’s ceramics however were displayed in several other places, one of them being Fired Earth where we had a chance to see them.

Kate Dawson exhibition in Fired Earth store
Kate Dawson exhibition in Fired Earth store
Raku pottery by Kate Dawson - Rita's favorite piece of art this year!
Raku pottery by Kate Dawson – Rita’s favorite piece of art this year!

Kate has spent many years exploring different mediums (including painting, jewellery making, textiles, Chinese brush painting and others) before she finally stumbled into ceramics in 2002. Since then she  acquired City and Guilds degree in 3D Design and Ceramics and opened her own ceramic studio with huge success. She specializes in raku – type of Japanese pottery that is traditionally used in Chanoyu – the tea ceremony. Kate and her husband live very close to the Welsh boarder and  work together from their studio overlooking the Wye Valley.

Please visit Kate’s Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/kate.dawson.1460
Kate official website can be found here: http://www.ceramakate.co.uk/
Telephone: 01981 500696
Email: kate@ceramakate.co.uk

Detailed picture of Kate's  timeless raku pottery
Detailed picture of Kate’s timeless raku pottery

Since moving to Herefordshire in 2006, Kate has become a very active member of the artistic community. She is one of the senior members of Herefordshire Guild of Master Craftsmen and runs Hereford Life Drawing Group. She is also the main organizer of popular Portrait in Clay and Life in Clay workshops. If you are interested in purchasing one of her ceramics or taking a part in her classes, please contact Kate  and don’t forget to mention our blog!

We hope you have enjoyed this little trip through the back streets of H.Art festival. Please return shortly as we are going back to the mainstream! The third and the last part of our review will introduce you to young and very creative Herefordian art wolves that are planning to take up the art world by storm!

Have a good rest!
Rita and Malicia Dabrowicz

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