The cat collector or Kat-a-log part 16

Kitty, kitty, kitty!

Hey kids, rock and roll! Finally, it’s the weekend! After the hard week’s work, now we have the perfect time to lay down and rest. We can also say that the weather improved again (the previous 5 days have been extremely wet both in the UK and Poland) only Malta is enjoying a truly summery heat. Rita is visiting her parents in Poland and today along with Olympia, they had photographed 4 new kitties – the July edition is looking hot, hot and hot!

Previous editions are below: please click on the links to see the cats that we have featured so far. All comments, reviews, gossips and information are highly encouraged and the Kat-a-log team (Rita, Mal and Olympia) are waiting for the fan mail. You can expect an honorable mention on the blog so keep the messages coming! The list is getting longer and longer – it’s not a surprise as you are reading the 16th issue for our cat project. And we are not even half way through 😀

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Kat-a-log Feline no. 59
Three sides of a cat:
Shining silver, Mysterious gaze and On a watch
of origin: Hong Kong, bought as a gift and given in May 2010

You wouldn’t believe, but this kitty with a long, pointy tail is actually a ring holder and not a figurine. It is made from a stainless steel with two blue cubic zirconias for the eyes.  It has been made in Hong Kong and delivered as a holiday gift from Chris, a very nice guy from Rita’s previous job (Hi Chris!!). Chris and his fiancee traveled to China to visit some relatives in 2010 and returned with this kitten. Olympia had never seen a ring holder like that before and was very impressed with the design and idea for a accessory hanger in a shape of a cat. The cat is standing on a small plate decorated with elaborate flowery pattern. Sadly, we do not know who is responsible for manufacturing a cat like that as Chris removed the price tag. He didn’t want any money for it and Rita is still owning him a favor!

Shining  silver
Shining silver
Mysterious gaze
Mysterious gaze
On a watch
On a watch

Kat-a-log Feline no. 60
Two sides of a cat:
Looking good from every angle and Stretching after the nap
Unofficial name
: Goldie
Country of origin: unknown, bought as a gift in Poland

Do you remember Kat-a-log Feline no. 58 from our previous edition? It was very heavy, big and had massive whiskers made from straw? If you are struggling to remember, please click on the link to the 15th edition of Kat-a-log and look at the last cat featured there. Feline no. 60 has been bought in the same place as number 58 and it was also a gift for Olympia from our father.  The cat  was purchased in Black Red and White shopping gallery in the city of Bedzin in  September 2010 as a 32nd wedding anniversary gift. The best thing about the cat is the tail. If you look closely at the pictures below, you will notice that it can be easily removed and re-attached again to the resin figurine. The secret is simple – the tail has a small magnet at the end! No magic here, but this is the only cat in the whole collection with a magnetic tail! Very clever design but people holding the cat have to be careful. We had several guests expressing desire to take a closer look at the golden cat (it is known to us as Goldie) and then freaking out that they have destroyed the cat when its tail fell off 🙂

Looking good from every angle
Looking good from every angle
Stretching after the nap
Stretching after the nap

Kat-a-log Feline no. 61
Three sides of a cat:
Sunspot, By the well and Perfect symmetry
of origin: Israel, bought as a gift in 2009

The third cat in this issue is the most exotic kitten that Olympia keeps in her collection. This  small wooden beauty is only 10 cm tall (about 2 inches) and has arrived to Poland from Israel. The cat was a gift along with a wooden rosary and The Star of David keyring bought in the holy city of Jerusalem during a pilgrimage. We do not know what kind of wood the cat has been carved from (it is probably the olive tree) but we were told that all three items have been blessed by a priest (kohen or a rabbi). The figurine does not have eyes or mouth or whiskers but Olimpia thinks it has an air of mystery about it. We consider this cat to be a part of our own heritage as our great-grandmother was Jewish and it is nice to have something from her homeland with us.

By the well
By the well
Perfect symmetry
Perfect symmetry

Kat-a-log Feline no. 62
Three sides of a cat:
It’s a good observation point, Cute as a cat and Something in the distance has caught my eye
Country of origin:
Uruguay, bought as a gift somewhere in 2000

Kat-a-log Feline no. 62 is cute as a button! It is tiny but surprisingly very heavy. The kitten has been made from ceramics and has several colorful porcelain stripes on it: gold, red, black, silver and blue. The golden stripes are additionally painted with high gloss varnish, giving the cat almost mirror-like finish. If you are truly observant, you will easily spot Rita’s reflection holding her camera appearing in the tip of the kitty’s tail! Mal has bought this little fella in Berlin while living there in the early 2000’s. The figuring has a small black mark at the bottom probably made by the artist or manufacturer, but after so many years, we are unable to decipher what it says.  If you recognize the maker or the artist responsible for creating this kitten, please let us know! The photo-session has been taken near the Bedzin castle, the first castle at the popular Trail of the Eagles’ Nest trail.

You can read more about the Trail here:
More information about the Bedzin castle are here:

UPDATE: Thanks to a tip from one of the readers, we managed to find out who made this lovely kitted! The cat you see below is Baby Calico Cat by Artesania Riconada! It was made in Uruguay in 1999 and is still part of their ongoing collection in 2014! There are three cats in the Calico Family (catalog numbers: F107, F311, F106), and the one that Olympia has is F311.

Please read what the official website has to say about the cat:
“This piece from The Family Collection has two other cats designed to be displayed together with it (as shown in photo, from left to right: F107, F311, F106), but it is beautiful displayed all by itself. Each Artesania Rinconada ceramic animal design is individually hand-carved, hand-painted and kiln-fired, resulting in unique variations in detail and design. Family Collection pieces are beautifully accented in platinum and 18k gold, making these fascinating figurines prized by collectors worldwide”.

Artist: Jesus and Javier Carbajales
Composition: Hand-carved, hand-painted ceramics
Height: 3-3/4″
Length: 3-1/2″
Manufacturer’s UPC or EAN Code: 682896005736
Official website:

Artesania Riconada Calico Cat Family - from left to right: F107, F311, F106
Artesania Riconada Calico Cat Family – from left to right: F107, F311, F106
It's a good observation point
It’s a good observation point
Cute as a cat
Cute as a cat
Something in the distance has caught my eye
Something in the distance has caught my eye

All the good things are ending too fast! Another four cats are described and posted here for your enjoyment. Please come back soon if you are still not satisfied and craving for more Kat-a-log goodies. We believe, we have mentioned something about the backlog in the cats department in the last blog and we are not joking – there is still so much to write about and new additions are being photographed as we speak! Olympia the cat collector, always says: the more the merrier or more cats, more work.

July is going to be a busy month for cat lovers! And this is not a complain!

Rita, Mal and Olympia Dabrowicz

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