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Event poster
Event poster

Been a fun week, we can tell you that. Rita went to Poland for few days and we have kick-ass photos for new editions of Kat-a-log. The updates for Chilli Festival and Patches Market are looking good too and should be on the blog before the end of May. Mal is plotting how to promote photography and visual journalism (hey everybody needs a hobby!) and we booked ourselves a stand at Earth Garden, third time in a row. Yes – best piece of information in a long while. Everybody is beyond excited to have our favourite festival back.

Posters are seen around various localities.
Posters are seen around various localities.

For those readers who do not know what Earth Garden is. This event is the closest things that Malta has to a proper summer festival with live bands, art square, camping and hanging out with a crowd of people who really care about the planet at an ethnic market. Of course, when your home has 316 square km (divided between three islands) you cannot organize Glastonbury. It’s usually several thousands visitors during the day and few hundred people spending the time camping in the Malta National Park at Ta`Qali.

The briefing
The briefing
One on one - questions time
One on one – questions time

National Park is a wonderful plot of land with flowers and mini forest and fountains that is located next to National Stadium, Crafts Village and Aviation Museum. Groovy place where you can truly feel relaxed and a bit hippie 😉

Some photos can be found here:

So each year, the last week of May, National Park is a home to Earth Garden. Concerts take place at the Greek Theatre, while the park grounds host the art square, installations, camping site and holistic and ethnic market.

We have been blogging extensively about our previous visits to Earth Garden and you can browse the archives under this link:

Reubn at work
Reubn at work
Reuben explaining the market set up to a late visitor
Reuben explaining the market set up to a late visitor

On Wednesday 15th 2013, we had a meeting on the site with the organizers of the festival and paid for a stand and were debriefed about the set ups of the market. Reuben – one of the organizers is a fantastic person. He is able to pin down all the issues and possible challenges into 20 minutes talk and nobody asks questions later. All is clear and you know where you stand. If only people were so well organized and reliable as Reuben is, the world would certainly be a better place.

Map of the gfestival
Map of the festival

His input, optimism and faith in the festival are what brought us three times in a row to this event. From the start Reuben has been our main point of reference and we never had one misunderstanding or complaint (even if our site was trashed in the first year by vandals)

During the meeting, we also stumbled upon Mahii – another person from the management team. Like Miss Moneypenny in James Bond saga, Mahii stays in the background but her presence is crucial. She handles all lose ends and makes sure that nothing is overlooked. With her skills to avoid the camera and silent moving among the crowd, she could also be a master spy. You never know! 🙂

This is where the market will be localted this year,
This is where the market will be localted this year

With all the formalities now taken care of, we are concentrating on the set up of our stand (Balloons! Ribbons! Cats!), and preparing our goods. This year we will dedicate our efforts to the ethnic market only so we will not participate in the Art Square. However that means two days fully available in one place so come and meet us whenever you like!

If you want to follow the festival, here are some links for you:

Poster exhibited in Valletta
Poster exhibited in Valletta

It’s just few days before the festival but we are hoping for at least one more update next week-end.



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