The cat collector or Kat-a-log part 10

It’s February…Happy New Year!

We had two kitty-licious entries since New Year in Kat-a-log. But you know, celebrations never get old so we decided to do it all over again! Before you think we had too much catnip, we would like to explain. This time around we will celebrate Lunar New Year or Chinese Year of The Snake of the water element.

Year of the Snake is not seen as a very lucky in the East, unless you have been born in the Year of the Monkey. According to Chinese Zodiac, Monkey is the only heavenly animal that can handle a Snake, so when everybody is treated to an average year, Monkey is having a ball.  Please note that Chinese don’t have the idea of bad luck like we have in the West. Snake is a relative of Dragon, but is not as powerful as his Great Cousin; his might come from ordinary, hard work, wit and adaptation. Snake is practical and secretive, often humorless. That’s why Snake welcomes an optimistic and cheerful Monkey as his companion.  This year, it is good to keep a good relation with a Monkey for advice, fresh approach and healthy perspective, if you feel like overworking yourself.

Both Rita and I are Goats (in the element of Earth), our dad is a Wood Horse and Matt is a Fire Ox. The only really lucky person in the household is our mom Olympia. She is a Fire Monkey. It’s been three days since the New Year (February 10th), and she already won in Super 5.  Told ya. Monkey is in preference this year.

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Chinese New Year is a great opportunity for introducing readers of Kat-a-log to some Oriental beauties in Olympia`s collection. So scroll down and have a look!

Kat-a-log Feline no. 35
Original name: Daikini

Three sides of a cat: Evening yoga with Daikini, (Don’t forget to put some) Flowers in your hair and Fair trade.
Country of origin:  Unknown, probably Germany. Found in February, 2013.

We will start off with the newest member of the cat family – please meet Daikini. Named after Tibetan deity, this sporty feline is a true cat-in-a-bag success story. We have been on a bus one evening, sitting right next to a woman who loudly spoke on her cell phone. Bad manners aside, she complained that her colleagues at work presented her with a really ugly birthday gift. She was so displeased that she left the bag behind her when getting off the bus. The driver tried to catch up with her and was shouting at her that she left her items. She pretended not to hear him and disappeared into the night. We were kind of stunned but once we looked into the bad, we knew there was no way we would be parting with it. Unlike the mysterious lady, we definitely have good taste in presents. And Daikini is fantastic. Like true yogini, she’s simply stunning and makes a beautiful home décor. We took her for an evening yoga photo session and she is a born model as well! Some of her photos were taken is a fair trade shop – Why Not? which specializes in hand made things from India and Daikini fitted in right away. Mom was very pleased with our find and soon Daikini will be having a special place in her living room. We have tried to track her origins, but there was just a small label saying “Made in Germany” on the figurine. She’s a clay figurine and could be handmade.

If you want to visit Daikini`s favourite shopping place, go here:

Dont forget the flowers
(Don’t forget to put) Some flowers in your hair
Fair trade
Fair trade
Evening Yoga with Daikini
Evening Yoga with Daikini

Kat-a-log Feline no. 36
Original name:  Maneki-Neko

Three sides of a cat: All welcome, Eastern Aesthetics, Sakura sakura
Country of origin:  Fukuoka, Japan

Number 36 on our list but this original Japanese beauty was first-ever cat in Olympia`s collection. It was given to her in 1999 over Christmas, just before the new Millennium and the Year of Fire Dragon. This is a very powerful cat, having her usual spot in the kitchen as she likes to know what’s cooking.  Her home city is Fukuoka in Japan – world’s 12th largest and most populated city. You can say that she is the god-mother of all felines in the collection. Mom is extremely fond of this piece, not every visitor gets the privilege of being able to hold it. In the East, Maneki-Neko are treasured as good luck charms and invite customers into businesses.  Olympia prides herself on her open–house policy and she had hosted many visitors over the years. But you really know you are a friend of the family when being allowed to get closer to this gem of her collection.

You can learn more about Fukuoka here:

Eastern aesthetics
Eastern aesthetics
All welcome
All welcome
Sakura, sakura
Sakura, sakura

Kat-a-log Feline no. 37
Three sides of a cat: The Shining, Oriental beauty, Ready for celebrations
Country of origin:  Beijing, China

This little gem of a cat figurine was hand crafted in Beijing and shipped to Malta in 2010 alongside with many other handicrafts. Malta is one of few European countries that have Chinese Cultural Centre (located in Valletta) and there is always something extraordinary happening for New Year. 2010 has seen a lively artisan market, alongside the usual parade. We have bought it from the artist himself (we know it is a crying shame we didn’t ask  for his name) and he was happy to inform us that this was his most popular design. He was not hiding that he made many of those figurines in his workshop, so it is perhaps not a unique piece but still – this kitty spent more time on a plane that we would ever wanted to!

You may want to visit ChineseCulturalCenter in Malta here:

Oriental beauty
Oriental beauty
The shining
The shining
Ready for celebration
Ready for celebration

Kat-a-log Feline no. 38
Three sides of a cat: Lucky charm, From the rooftop and Classical set up (for a cat)
Country of origin: China, given as a gift in 2010

This tiny porcelain creature known as jiu choi mao is the Chinese equivalent of Japanese maneki-neko. A lucky charm, he is raising his left paw inviting money and good luck to the household. It was given to Olympia as a present by Rita’s friend named Kate. It can be attached to a bracelet or a chain as it comes with a small hole drilled inside. This kitten is the smallest cat in Olympia’s collection and is being kept in a glass cabinet among the most valuable figurines. He is decorated with two hearts stuck together – a perfect ornament for the New Year and Valentine’s Day celebrations.

You can read more about Maneki neko here:

Lucky charm
Lucky charm
From the roof top
From the roof top
Classical set up (for a cat)
Classical set up (for a cat)

We hope that you had a lot of fun reading this entry. May the Year of The Snake treat you kindly! But if you are not fond of reptiles, you can always make 2013 The Year of The Cat.
And Happy Valentines to all our readers. Lots of love for everybody and a fish for the cats!

Here’s a tune for ya all:

All the best,

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