The cat collector or Kat-a-log part 8

Happy New Year!

Something very unusual had happened to us recently. We have been working on a new Kat-a-log issue and we went to a local beach to photograph one of the items. A woman saw us working and she approached us asking if we had anything to do with Olympia’s blog. We must have been very surprised, because she followed up with an explanation. She had seen our mom’s cats collection over the Internet and she loved the idea behind it. She told us that it was a very nice way of showing one’s hobby and that our mom had built herself a name as a collector. We will admit it left us speechless and kind of flattered. We are being recognized!

We called mom and she said it was our fault that she is getting famous 🙂

Anyway, mom wanted to wish you a happy 2013. This year will be associated with the water element, so to go along with the theme, the wishes are written in the sand.

New Years greetings from the cat collector herself.
New Years greetings from the cat collector herself.

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Now onto the new additions to the (ever growing) collection:

Kat-a-log Feline no. 28
Three sides of a cat: Healthy lifestyle, Newsroom fridge, Personal assistant
Country of origin: hand made in El Salvador, November 2012

This cat has been made by a local artisan in a really far away place: El Salvador. It is a hand painted wood with a magnet on a back, shaped as a playful kitten. It was bought by our good friend Martin Galea de Giovanni while he attended a conference for Friends of The Earth. As you can see, the cat had a busy life with us serving as a fridge magnet in the newsroom and reminding us about healthy diet and appointments. Now it will join a big collection of cat – magnets in Olympia’s kitchen

You can follow Friends of the Earth Malta here:

Be ecological and perhaps you will be given a cat magnet as well 😉

Personal assistant
Personal assistant
Newsroom fridge
Newsroom fridge
Healthy lifestyle
Healthy lifestyle

Kat-a-log Feline no. 29
Two sides of a cat: Pebbles on the beach, Hidden Treasure
Country of origin: Turkey/Malta, December 2012

What you see here is a stone painting created by Turkish artist – Berivan Serin. This lady resides in St Julians in Malta (where Malicia is based) and we just couldn’t pass the opportunity to grab one of her excellent items, especially if they have been on exhibition in a local beautician shop. Mom truly loved this little item and ordered it to be shipped pronto to Poland so she can exhibit it in her living room. Photo session was taken in St George`s Bay in St Julians, Olympia’s favourite spot to sunbathe when she is in Malta.

Please follow Berivan here:

Pebbles on the beach
Pebbles on the beach
Hidden treasure
Hidden treasure

Kat-a-log Feline no. 30
Three sides of a cat: New Years’ party couple, I can explain… and Festive season
Country of origin: hand made in Thailand, December 2012

The last kitten from this edition of Kat-a-log is a very unique cat carved from one single piece of wood. It has been hand made in Thailand and arrived to Hereford with a fair trade organization helping poorer communities to earn their living by selling various arts and crafts. 90% of the money earned goes straight to the makers, so if you ever come across any volunteer NGO’s connected to The Fair Trade, please support them. Rita was told the rest 10% is covering fuel, shipping costs and food for the volunteers selling the goods on behalf of the Thai people. The Fair Trade movement is covering not only Thailand and Africa but also Asia, Latin America and Europe.

You can visit the Fair trade Foundation here:

New Years party couple
New Years party couple
I can explain...
I can explain…
Festive season
Festive season

We hope that you have enjoyed the first Kat-a-log issue in the New Year. 2013 will be very busy for the cat collector. Rita is travelling to Poland in 2 week time and while there, she is going to take pictures of several cats that Olympia already has in her collection.

We are also preparing a few surprises for the cat lovers – be on the lookout and soon special edition of The Kat-a-log will be delivered straight to your computer screen!

Meow to you all,

Rita, Mal and Olympia

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