The H Art festival – Artists of the Hereford Open Exhibition

Hello everybody!

Holy Molly! We cannot believe that it is November already! This was supposed to be our 4th post for October and we aimed to have it published just before Halloween. But as the saying goes “if you want to make the Gods laugh, tell them your plans”, we got snowed under tons of work and here we are! To make things even more miserable (doom and gloom approaching, ladies and gents!), the glorious autumn is turning into not so glamour winter. We hope that you have had a good trick and treating this years and gathered lots of candies that will make everything look (and taste) much sweeter! We had a splendid Halloween: Mal was bugging people in the centre of Valetta, demanding sweets from complete strangers and Rita got robbed by a band of 15 kids and had her pumpkin named Ed the Dead stolen from her porch! In short – we had a blast and we will do it all next year!
Well, as all good things must come to an end, let’s us return to the business

If you have missed the first part of our report about the private view of the Hereford Open Exhibition, please click on the link below and learn what was happening!

Today, we will try to introduce you to several exceptionally talented artists, whose works caught up our eyes and impressed us enough to write this blog entry! We swear, there must be something in the air or in the water in Hereford – the amount of artists living here is just incredible!

Jane Tutge – Wax artis
Official website: 

We do not remember, if we have ever come across wax art before, that’s why the collection of small wax artworks created by Jane Tutge came as a true surprise. 20 small glass panels, framed in perfect white, hanged closely together on a white wall and made a huge impression almost on everybody. Mrs Tudge is a heavyweight champion artist. Since becoming professional in 2004, her works won several awards and were exhibited over 40 times! Jane is also an artist-in-residence at Ludlow College and holds BA degree in Fine Arts from Wales University.

One of the wax artworks made by artist Jane Tutge
To create this unique effect, Jane used a special beewax, hand made paper and graphite powder. A seperate piece was priced at 85 pounds, and the entire collection at 700 pounds.
Elizabeth Morison – mixed media artist
Official website:
in preparation

Elizabeth Morison (also known as Liz Morison) is a young artist from Hereford that made a huge impact on the town’s artistic map in a very short time. Liz may be the recent graduate (AD 2012) of Herefordshire College of Arts but has participated in numerous exhibitions as a part of art collectives and as a solo artist. Her works were featured in art magazines and art campaigns. Liz specializes in mixed media using clay, textiles (linen and muslin), water, metal, glass, rubber and ceramics. Currently, she is working on a series of installations for Hereford Museum.

Tube 3 installation by Elizabeth Morison
Douby Evans – paper art/mixed media
Official website: in preparation

Douby Evans resides in Hereford and has her art studio on Foley Street.  She has been creating art professionally since 1998 and is well known and respected in West Midlands and Welsh art circles. Her unique skills and vivid imagination won her several prestigious awards and public admiration. You can honestly say that Douby can turn everything into a piece of art: she grows flowers in her garden which she later presses and turns into framed compositions; decorates dried fruits like apples and pears with scenes from English gardens, creates cards and bookmarks, design clothes and jewellery. Her main interests lie in oil painting and paper art. You can see her winning sculpture entitled “The moon has many faces” (with the price of 250 pounds) displayed on the picture below.

Douby Evans was voted as the most innovative artist by the public

Maria Morgan- acrylics/oil paintings
Official website: none

We wish we could write something more about Maria.  Despite our best efforts and Google-searching skills, we came up with almost nothing. If any of our readers know where she works or how can we contact her, let us know! Maria Morgan’s artwork entitled “The Flock” has been painted with acrylics on a thick wooden board and contrasts the realistically looking sheep with dark, abstract background. Some visitors compared her art to the famous graffiti painted by Banksy. Maria exhibits her works locally and took part in h.Art festival in 2010 and 2011.

Shockingly realistic “The Flock” by Maria Morgan proved to be extremly popular with young visitors

John Jake Clark –  landscape painter and sculpture maker
Official website:
More information:

The last artist in this entry and the only gentleman, John Jake Clark is the oldest and probably one of the most famous Herefordian artists displaying his art during Hereford Open Exhibition. Mr Clark has been painting for nearly 30 years. His works are in private collections and museums in London, Los Angeles and mainland Europe. He is also an acclaimed art teacher (tutored more than 30 various art courses in his career!) and traveller. He specializes in creating something he likes to call “sculpture-installations”: elaborate constructions made from wood, glass, paint, metal, clay and various small items the artist found laying around. Mr Clark says he draws inspiration from historical events and poetry. Take a closer look at the picture below, we absolutely love this red bird carved from wood!

The veteran artist John Jake Clark captured our attention with sculpture-installation entitled “Paulo Cogitates”

All right, that’s all for the part two of our review. We hope you enjoyed it and that you will return to read the final part.
We have 5 other artists we would like you to meet.
Believe us, you will not regret it!

Until we meet again,

Rita and Mal

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