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Another day and another interview. In 2011, we have spent nearly ten months running an online campaign for Canadian rock band City of Fire trying to collect funds for the band’s second album. During the campaign, we interviewed Jed Simon, another rock legend and COF member at that time. Sadly, soon after the interview was conducted, Jed left to pursue other musical projects. But being a big fans of Jed’s talent, we are truly proud and grateful he took his time to  answer our questions. Plese read on!

Jed Simon being totally politically incorrect and we love it!
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An Interview with Jed Simon

Not every day, you have a chance to interview somebody as special as Jed Simon.

Incredibly talented, extraordinary nice and universally admired – Jed has shared the stage with the greatest metal and rock bands in the world. In his long career, he has played with Front Line Assembly, Caustic Thought, Strapping Young Lad, Zimmers Hole and recently, City of Fire, to name just a few. With a resume like that, he has become one of the most influential Canadian musicians. Jed was kind enough to find a spare moment to answer several questions we had for him. Please enjoy!

Vanadian Avenue: You joined City of Fire right before the tour with Soulfly. How do you remember the tour?

JED: The tour itself was amazing, I’ve followed Soulfly since day one, and it was an honor to travel with them. On top of that we were inAustralia, which just happens to be my favorite place on Earth. So all in all, there was nothing even slightly dull about any of it!

As for joining CoF before the tour, it was so easy to “fall in” with Burt and Byron, and Bob too… I’ve known those guys for so long they are like family to me. And now that I know Terry a lot better, I count him as a Brother too. The thing about Terry is that we have a really great bond on stage…I hope that in the future I get to  do something with him again, we really “clicked” as guitarists…and that is a VERY difficult thing to achieve. I love that guy. So you can imagine that the preparation for the tour was a relatively easy process!

Page 1 of the interview. Copyrights to Jed Simon, pictures used with permission

Vanadian Avenue: If you were to name the best concert that you have played with COF, which one would that be?

JED: EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Although the show in Whistler (Canada tour) was a bit  of a tough one. It was so fucking cold, haha! The guitars just would not stay tuned, every time I hit mine it sounded like a dying donkey braying his last wishes!

Vanadian Avenue: Any anecdotes from the tour that you would like to share with the fans?

JED: Anecdotes eh? Oh man…there are always more than a few when I get together with these guys…well, SYL was full of anecdotal material too! The first that comes to mind would be me getting a little tipsy on Blueberry Stoli and repeatedly tackling Byron in the hotel. After a while, he was like “Simon! Enough!” and he just bull-tackled me to the floor. He was the angry parent scolding the mischievous child for sure, haha!

Vanadian Avenue: You and Byron have a long history together, playing in at least 5 projects. How it is to work with Byron?

JED: Yeah we sure do have history. It’s hard playing with anyone else. We work together like gears in a clock, always in synch, always knowing what the other is doing, and never having to worry about anything. That’s an unbreakable bond. He is one of my best friends, I can lean on that guy for anything, and he’ll always be there. A true brother. Through and through.

Page 2 of the interview. Copyrights to Jed Simon, pictures used with permission

Vanadian Avenue: Please share some new info on your new projects. What can we expect from Jed Simon in the future?

JED: Well I am always busy writing whatever is happening “in my head” at the time. So I tend to have a backlog of material when it’s time for band stuff, which is a good thing! Lately, I have been writing new Zimmer’s Hole songs and we are looking to get that beast fired up and running again asap. And apart from that I have my new band here in Philadelphia, we are called “American Blood Cult” and are dead in the middle of writing for a first album. We are currently looking for a singer so there is still a ways to go, but stay posted with us and you’ll be hearing some new Simon-style thrash very soon.

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