Notte Bianca Retrospective # 9: Photography

Hello good, good people!

As you probably remembered our exhibition entitled “The Astral Room: A journey through the stars in arts and photography” was a collective experience. It was divided into two parts: “The Zodiak Series” by Rita Dabrowicz and Matt Griffiths, and a photography session known as “Sky in two perspectives” – a picture battle between Martin Galea De Giovanni’s real sky shots and Malicia Dabrowicz’s photos of hand drawn stars in the urban environment.

The Astral Room poster prepared by MArtin and scanned by Malicia

Every zodiac sign was given a separate guestbook for the visitors to record their opinions and stories. The Photography section also had one. This entry is dedicated to the comments left by people who appreciated Martin and Malicia’s efforts. Please see below what our guests thought about the sky seen through the camera lenses.

Photography background leaflet written by Rita and scanned by Malicia

The first page of the guestbook was shared among three different persons. Thomas S. left a note, which needed three pairs of eyes to decipher what it said! We are still not quite sure we got it 100% correctly, but we think Thomas wrote: “Quite interesting work of art!”. Second author, Elestrine commented with single word: “Interesting” and third, anonymous person left a small but detailed review. It mentioned: “Excellent! What a great exhibition, exactly what interests me. Do some more! Please!”.

Photography guestbook scanned by Malicia

Anna, Jara and Daria visited Messina Palace on the 4th of October 2011. They wrote a collective comment on page two: “Very interesting exhibition. Hope to see more next time”. They also wished Martin and Malicia good luck and ended their note with a big smiling “face” : )

Photography guestbook scanned by Malicia

Page three belongs to Karolina and four of her friends. Karolina wrote the comment on behalf of them all by saying: “This is yet another occasion when the authors are surprising us with their works. I am/We are completely amazed by the quality of your pictures. Congratulations and we wish you all the best!” 

Photography guestbook scanned by Malicia

Another comment was unfortunately signed with only an unreadable signature so we do not know much about the author. It was left on the opening night of the 1st of October 2011 and says: “Well done! Having the photos of a larger size might help to appreciate them even better!”.

Photography guestbook scanned by Malicia

The last page was literally flooded with comments! We think 5 different people wrote them judging by the differences in the hand writing. All of them are anonymous, there no dates either so we do not know who left them and when. Please find the comment below, starting from the top of the page:

– Very nice : P : )
– Well done
– Good effort (but them I’m drunk!)
– It’s very interesting 😀 😀 !!
– The rooms are very nice! The Exhibition is very interesting! 😀

Photography guestbook scanned by Malicia

All right! Martin and Malicia are incredibly proud of their works and are looking forward to co-operate again. Our host, the German-Maltese Circle was kind enough to house the exhibition for 14 days, where it was seen by hundreds of people!

Thank you to all who visited us!
Up next, the lovely Sagittarius!

Have a good weekend!
Martin and Malicia

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