The sky in two perspectives

The sky in two perspectives


The sky has always fascinated the mankind. Since the ancient times, the philosophers, astrologists, scientists, kings and common men have looked above and gazed at the stars in amazement. The most enthralling quality of the sky is that everyone can look at it and see it differently. Sky is never the same. Seen through different eyes, from different angles and perspectives, it mirrors the emotions and feelings of the individual.

Martin Galea de Giovanni and Malicia Dabrowicz prepared a project that shows the sky from two unique sides: the natural and the industrial one. A skilled photographer and ecological activist, Martin has been taking pictures of the night sky for many years and achieved a perfection of showing details and astral landscapes that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Malicia sees the universe all around her: in dirty industrial alleyways, painted on walls, engraved in metal or composed from corrosion and rust. To notice all the small pieces of sky in everyday life, she does not need a telescopic camera, only a bit of imagination and interest to look around. The two different views seem to contradict themselves at first, but if you look closer, you’d notice they are complementing each other completely.

The nature and the man coexist together in one perfect creation known as the universe.

And the sky is nothing, but another proof of that.

In the previous entries, we have presented Martin’s photographs, Rita and Matt’s Zodiak series, now it’s time to introduce you to the industrial magic captured by Malicia Dabrowicz. As Mal always says “let the pictures do the talking”, it’s a rare occasion to hear her commenting her own work. Using this as an opportunity, I decided to hijack this thread and give my own interpretation of the photographs prepared especially for Notte Bianca Exhibition.


This small graffiti was photographed by Malicia on 22nd of September and is probably her latest work. Dark and a little bit fuzzy, there is something powerful about it. A bird in flight caught in the form of a star – an unknown symbol. We can only guess whom does it belongs to. A friend or foe? Will you take a pick?

Photo by Mal

Hi resolution of the image can be found HERE


The word “star” has many meanings nowadays: an astral body, a champion in sport, a winner, celebrity, an actor, entertainer… It doesn’t matter where you go, there is always a star walk of some sort, filled with marks left by the famous, not so famous and the complete unknowns. When the fame fades away, your star at the supermarket might be the last thing people will notice under their feet…

Photo by Mal

Hi resolution of the image can be found HERE


A boarder, a barricade, a wall – all the inventions used to segregate and divide. This graffiti spotted in 2007 is a sign we sadly see too often. But the stars do not know the definition of a barrier; they can freely roam the sky and nobody will stop them to ask for a passport or an ID. I hope one day people will be like stars, just free.

Photo by Mal

Hi resolution of the image can be found HERE


One of my favorite works at the exhibition. An abstract star painted on vividly green wall.  The destruction of a star is the beginning of another form of life in the space. This is the endless circle of life and death, creation and destruction.

Photo by Mal

i resolution of the image can be found HERE


Socialist serenade seems to be the most popular picture taken by Malicia. It has been used on 3 previous exhibitions and is a crowd‘s favorite. The title comes from the song of British band Manic Street Preachers. A star, the color red and a shape that looks like a country on a map – it’s as they say: it’s good because it’s political!

Photo by Mal

Hi resolution of the image can be found HERE


A very, very rare picture! It’s more romantic than political or socially conscious as other pictures. Yet again inspired by music, this time by an album called “Digimortal” by Fear Factory. Eerie quiet and nearly minimalistic. Simple composition, big effect!

Photo by Mal

Hi resolution of the image can be found HERE


This is ne of the abstract pictures taken by Malicia in 2006 or 2007. A child’s painting on an old garage door. To me, it looks like a star chase, very dynamic and strange mixture of shapes and colors. Truly wonderful the mind of a child is! Well said, master Yoda!

Photo by Mal

Hi resolution of the image can be found HERE


Night time, small village near the ocean, sunset and the travelling plane far above our heads – this picture was taken during a walk with me and Matt Griffiths. It was a magical moment, I’m glad that Malicia managed to capture it. I’m also grateful that I was there to witness the beauty. Nothing can do justice to Nature, the greatest artist of all!

Photo by Mal

Hi resolution of the image can be found HERE

 Eight photographs, eight unique postcards from the world that surrounds us.

They all will be exhibited in the ancient MessinaPalacein Valetta on October the 1st.

We hope to see you there!

Rita on behalf of the entire Phos.


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