Stars look down on me

Another day, another update

And more awesome news!

Folks, the poster for the event is ready! If you wish, you can download the copy and use it to promote the project. It has been designed by our own Martin Galea De Giovanni and you gotta admit, he’s done a splendid job. All the dates and address and even the links are there, so there will be no excuses for not visiting us on the night 😉

official poster, designed by Martin Galea De Giovanni

But of course that’s not all!

Time has come to start revealing the artworks. We begin with the photography of Martin who will take us on a tour through the astral bodies. Below you will find all ten images that Martin has prepared for the night.

Martin runs his own WEBSITE so please, visit him and leave him some nice comments. He was also kind enough to provide a detailed description of each piece.

So without any further delay, let’s see some extraordinary photography:

01. Star Watching


Photo by Martin Galea de Giovanni

….at last in sight the Centaur drew,

A mighty grey horse trotting down the glade,

Over whose back the long grey locks were laid,

That from his reverend head aboard did flow ;

For to the waste was man, but all below

A mighty horse, once roan, but now well-nigh white

With lapse of years; with oak-wreaths was he dight

Where man joined unto horse , and on his head

He wore a gold crown, set with rubies red,

And in his hand he bare a mighty bow,

No man could bend of those that battle now.

(William Morris – Life and death of Jason)

Such was the detail given to one of the many constellations that adorn the night skies. Set against a pitch-black backdrop the constellations used to stage their daily drama – to millions worldwide … No commercials, and absolutely environmental friendly…. No connection charges or fees.

02. The Scorpio


Photo by Martin Galea de Giovanni

Scorpio is a zodiacal constellation. The scorpion is generally believed to be responsible for the death of the great hunter Orion. According to some myths, the scorpion stung Orion in response to his boast that he could defeat any beast; according to others, it was sent by Apollo, who was concerned for his sister Diana’s continued chastity.

In either case, Scorpius was placed in the opposite side of the sky from Orion so as to avoid any further conflict. It is to the southeast of Libra, and is marked by the bright red star Antares. (Antares is Greek for “Rival of Ares,” the Greek war-god. The star is so named because of its brightness and colour, which are approximately the same as of the planet Mars. Mars, of course, is the Roman name for Ares.)

03. Falling Stars

Photo by Martin Galea de Giovanni

On a cold November night, streaks of blazing light sail silently across the sky. In contrast with the cold white light provided by the moon, these “falling stars” are shards of extraterrestrial material that on contact with our protective atmosphere, protest and become so hot, that they emit the sometimes-colourful light that we call a meteor shower.


04. Omen in the sky


Photo by Martin Galea de Giovanni

Comet Hale Bopp overDingli Cliffs, Malta.

05. 6 Planets


Photo by Martin Galea de Giovanni

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn gather in the constellation of Taurus. The 6th planet is in the foreground – Earth.

06. Music of the Spheres

Photo by Martin Galea de Giovanni

Venus floats silently across the solar disk


07. Solar Calendar


Photo by Martin Galea de Giovanni

Every October 10th I look out of the window as the sun sets from behind Mdina, old capital of Malta (also known as the Silent City)


08. The lake of the Moon


Thousands of years ago, the sun and the moon shone down on an earth where there were no people. The pale moon, blinded by the intense sunlight, shed a single tear onto the earth, high up in the Andes and this became known asLakeGuatavita, The Lake of the Moon.

When the king of the Chibcha tribe died, his body would be entombed in a golden coffin and thrown into this… Err… impact crater. His heir would then be crowned as the new king, but not before being covered in sticky honey and then gold dust, thus visually seen as theEl Doradowho would swim to the centre of the crater, which was believed to be inhibited by the Sun God.

09. Eclipsed


Photo by Martin Galea de Giovanni

 “The landscape around us became oddly surreal. As shadows started to get darker, the temperature dropped, daylight darkened eerily and the few fluffy clouds on the desert’s horizon transformed into an intense orange blaze. Then the moon fully covered the sun, which instantly turned into a bluish-black blob in the sky surrounded by an ethereal halo, a handful of stars and the planet Venus.”


10.  The centre of our galaxy

Photo by Martin Galea de Giovanni

This was once the path, where Phoebus drove; and in length of years, the heated track took fire and burnt the stars…


 What a great storyteller Martin is, we are captivated. But this is only the beginning of our journey.

We hoped you liked the presentation as we have much more in store…

Goodnight for now,
Mal, Rita and Martin.

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