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Hello world!

Proposal for Notte Bianca printed in April 2011

We finally managed to get to update the blog again.

So much is happening that we don’t know where to start.

We have two very important events to announce.

First and foremost, remember that in April we have prepared a proposal for Notte Bianca 2011. Good news is that we are in and we are in the middle of preparation for the event.

Photo by Mal

Keeping with the tradition of this blog, we want to show you each and every step of the process. We believe that it is much better this way, we have nothing to hide and hopefully others will learn by seeing how we do out thing.

Photo by Mal

This year’s event will not be just Rita and I. We are back to the game as PHOS, the art collective, that we helped to fund back in 2006. We are quite excited because it will be PHOS first collaborative event since bringing World Press Photo toMaltain 2007. We have two new members and it feels good. The machine got some new parts and we are rolling better than ever. Hopefully, other events will follow.

In case you wondered how our proposal looked, we have now put it online and you can access the PDF file here

It will take a bit to load but if you are curious who we are and what we have planned, it’s all there. Again, all cards on the table.

As you can see, we have a ton of stuff prepared already. Guest books are bought, markers ready, bookmarks printed and artworks are neatly packed.

Photo by Mal

We are also having some amazing lectures to help us prepare.

To cut long story short, we are on fire and just can’t wait to unfold more details.

Photo by Mal

We will be posting regular updates; soon there will be also an event page on Facebook and some other nice things that we have planned.

So please stay tuned and come back regularly so you won’t miss out.


copyrights Friends of The Earth Malta

Also, this may be on a short notice but on Sunday 18th of September we will be taking part in a Car Free Day in Birkirkara.

 The festivities are organized by Friends of the Earth Malta and the Birkirkara Local Council between 11am and 6pm around the main square of the town (near St. Helen’s Church), which will be closed to traffic for the day.

 The celebration of this day will give the audience a chance to consider alternate means of transport – including… walking, cycling and the use of public transport – and to make the streets more accessible to people as it was in the past. It will be the combined benefit of promoting practices beneficial to the environment in which people live and also to help them become stronger as a community by having increased use of the common space in the locality.

 The organizers are planning a number of activities which will include a fun run for children and adults, a cycling run, open air demonstrations of different disciplines such as dancing and martial arts, food stands with local products as well as open air music. A number of walking guided tours will be organised around the town to create awareness of places of interest in Birkirkara which are not always well known to the public. The opportunity will also be taken to raise awareness on Climate Change issues through the display of an international photo exhibition set up by Friends of the Earth Malta.

 Rita will have a stand on the day and you will be able to grab some new cat portraits and figurines hand made by her and designed alongside with our mother –Olympia.

 If you allow us, we will debut few pieces in this post. Please scroll down to see some of the works that Rita will put for sale next week end:

Cat in the dark:

Artwork by Rita Dabrowicz, design by Olympia Dabrowicz

Better copy can be found here


painting by Rita Dabrowicz, design by Olympia Dabrowicz

Better copy can be found here 


Artwork by Rita Dabrowicz, design by Olympia Dabrowicz

Better copy can be found here
If you use Facebook, please follow this event here


That’s all for now.

We will be keeping you updated on a regular basis now.

It’s a promise.

Kisses and hot chocolate


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