The road to Earth Garden

Hello everybody!

"The other two" by Rita

The time is flying just too fast. Several months have already passed since we started planning the second edition of Earth Garden and the zero day is about to arrive! The celebration starts tomorrow and we are more than excited!

It has become our humble tradition to give you a small preview of what you can expect.

First please take a look at the below map to familiarize yourself with all prepared attractions. We will be present in two locations. In the Art Square you will have a chance to see our installations: “A mortal moment” – photography exhibition prepared by Mal and “Planet Caravan” – a small display of Rita’s ecological orbs.

We will also have our stand at the Ethnic market, where you will be able to buy some of our works.

Screenshot from Earth Garden website with the area map

More information can be found on the officia Earth Garden site:

In the last few days, we have been travelling all over the island in search of materials we could use. Mal went to Birkirkara to buy us a nice folded table. We also have knife, ropes, glue, two flashlights (one in the colour of deep purple!), guest books, duct tape, a hammer, batteries and a whole of other tools that will be used to set up our installations.

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal

Just like last year, our works will be hanging from a tree of Art. Two weeks ago Earth Garden main organizers called up a meeting with all artists and each one of us got their own personal art space. We have chosen two very handsome trees:

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal

One location is a spare one, reserved in case of plan changes, moves or any other art related emergency. We are equally pleased with both of them and whatever place we will end up in, will be turned into a truly magical corner!

Especially for the EarthGarden, Rita has prepared several new artworks that haven’t been displayed anywhere else before. Her ever popular cat series will be represented by 5 piece series called “The M-cats”. Their titles are: Melora, Malice, Mella, Makara and Moloko.

"Melora" by Rita
"Moloko" by Rita
"Makara" by Rita
"Mella" by Rita
"Malice" by Rita

Besides the cat artworks, Rita will be also showing her usual abstract work. One of the newest is called “Rain Machine” :

"Rain machine" by Rita

All works can be purchased at the stand in Ethnic market only on Saturday.

Earth Garden looks extra promising and we hope all visitors will have a great time. Mal will also be working during the night securing the Art Square (I have got a pink torchlight and a sonic screwdriver! Beware! – Mal)

That’s all for now. You can expect a long and very detailed report from the event posted very soon.

Till we meet again!



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