A Mortal Moment

Hi there,

Banner for Earth Garden 2011


I don’t know about you but the blog’s been too silent.  It annoys me too; unfortunately my day doesn’t have 48 hours so I can execute all that has been planned. I am gonna try harder though and will update all those entries that have been prepared in the last two months. I am not joking, I have a backlog of material and I am about to use it 😉

Coral by Mal


But today I want to talk about something very important. Earth Garden is taking place this week end and Rita and I are again taking part. We had incredible time last year with our “Tree of Dreams” and we are eager to return with yet another project.


Emerald by Mal


This year’s main motif is water. The most precious resource you can imagine. Without water there is no life, nothing can grow or bloom.


Pearl by Mal


In recent weeks I have been extremely inspired by art of Amy Abattoir.  She’s an extremely versatile painter who resides in Pennsylvania, US.  Her eye for nature, smallest details and use of colour and light is amazing. I tried to transfer some of her ideas into my own work, especially the contrast between background and the main object, colour and texture. That’s how a series of 7 prints “A mortal moment” was born.


Sepia by Mal


This series plays on the theme of passing seasons, from spring to winter, and the stages of life, from blooming to withering.  Yet, all the plants I have photographed are somehow dry and dying. This is circle of life in the country, where water reserves are running low, where we waste the precious resource and soon may face a complete lack of it. And if we lose the water, the trees that we still have, the rests of greenery on this rock will wither and fade away.


Violet by Mal


This is our mortal moment, the hour of our reckoning.


Carmine by Mal


All prints are named after colours and resemble a certain season: “Coral” is early spring, “Emerald” is the arrival of warmer days but not yet full summer, “Pearl” is the proper summertime, when days are the longest. “Sepia” is Indian summer, still warm but the shades are growing longer and the sunlight turns amber. “Carmine” symbolizes the autumn in its splendour of reds and purples, while “Violet” is the misty evenings that arrive with the Hollow’s Eve and first freezing nights. The circle is closed with “Cyan” – the dead of winter and the end of life.


Cyan by Mal


I hope you like this little series. Tomorrow, we are gonna show you the Planet Caravan and our site where we will be located. It is worth waiting for!



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