Good food, bath bombs and vintage chicken – its Easter time

Note from Rita:

Just to let you folks know that we are still alive, just slightly overworked (what was my name again?). We realize that the blog took a back seat for the moment but we are back with a vengeance.

Mal is gonna upload some new entries tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be able to keep regular updates without running around like headless chickens and wishing our day had 148 hours.

Design and photo by Rita

And speaking of chickens, eggs and bunny rabbits. It’s Easter. Time of the year when we celebrate spring, good food and a new circle of Life.

We at Vanadian Avenue would like to wish you all the best. For this occasion, we have three new digital Polaroids. As every year I am responsible for preparation of traditional Easter hamper (a small basket with food such as eggs, bread, sausages, ham, sweets and spices that is taken to the Church to be blessed and then shared on Easter Sunday over breakfast. It is a very old Polish custom). So, two of the Polaroids are also designed by moi.

Photo by Rita

One is actual hamper that I decorated for the family and the other is a vintage chicken with egg shells that have been decorated by hand. The eggs and chicken are in our family for many years and we do not remember from where we got them, but they have character.

Third Polaroid, shows gorgeous bath bombs prepared by Charlene of Soap Café. They are fully vegan and made of natural substances to make you feel prefect for spring. Recently we have been attending a workshop by Charlene and we will write about it really soon.

Photo by Mal, bombs by Soap Cafe

So there you are and hopefully you all have a splendid time.

XXX`s and OOO`s

Rita D.

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