Notte Bianca update

It’s us again,


Photo by Mal

It’s been a hectic day. You can believe us. But before we hit the bed and call it a night, we thought we will post some information about the Notte Bianca project.

You have seen the site already. You know that we will be in collaboration with the amazing Maltese artist –Pauleen Micallef. She will be taking on the task of upgrading the street above us.

This past Saturday, we went to check the sites around Valletta and Pauleen decided to work on images of balconies. Mal took some test shots for her. If you don’t mind, we want to share those images with you now.

Photo by Mal
Photo by Mal

As you see the architecture of the Felix Street is pretty much amazing. There will be a big challenge for us to – reinvent the street but it’s gonna be double the fun.

Photo by Mal

On Thursday or Friday, we are going to take more shots of the area and to measure our ditches. Then we need to complete the shopping list. Not the usual shopping you may think. We go for Christmas lights and curtains and lots and lots of fabric. And maybe some perhaps candles.

Good night,

Mal and Rita

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