Trip Westerns Free Mind single review

Free Mind cover sleeve

Some things are certain: like death and taxes and perhaps me following the careers of Harrison Baird-Whitman and Joseph Devine. Sometimes I feel like an unofficial chronicler of musical shenanigans of these two, but it’s worth the effort. Who knows, maybe there`s a book somewhere in my distant, psychedelic future?

I won’t bore you with that anecdote how once I took shelter from the cold in a tiny venue in West Midlands only to discover a duo of a drummer/guitarist making enough noise to wake up the dead. But what I can tell you is that December evening my heart was stolen yet I don’t miss it. Because in return I was presented with music that uplifted me and gigs that I will cherish forever and that’s all the music obsessives like me really want.         

Before the pandemic, Harrison Baird-Whitman and Joseph Devine were co-leading a five piece The Psycho Relics and released two incredibly funky digital singles “Rocking Chair” and “War/”Heavy Cherry”. In 2022 they are back with another project – Trip Westerns.

It`s time to get your cowboy hats and ropers out, as Trip Westerns take us on a wild rodeo with their highly addictive mixture of rock a billy, psychedelia and soul. Band`s first offering, entitled “Free Mind”, is like a secret song at the end of Tarantino movie soundtrack. It comes out of nowhere and grabs you by the throat. Before the three minutes and thirty-three seconds are over, you are served some mean riffs, drums like a thunderstorm in the Gulf Coast and cryptic lyrics that would make Mulder and Scully scratch their heads. Give it a listen few times and you`ll find yourself singing and longing to hear the song repeatedly. Then there`s about 30 seconds at the end of the track that is just pure doom rock. No kidding. I had to stop to check if Bandcamp didn’t skip to play me something off “Take as Needed for Pain”. But I wasn’t mistaken. Baird-Whitman and Devine hail from Birmingham area and if anyone knows how to pay musical homage to Black Sabbath it`s them. Absolutely mind -melting and jaw dropping stuff.

As usual – extra points for DIY approach. The single has been produced and mixed by Harrison Baird-Whitman and mastered by Alex Smith. Sleeve cover was designed by Birmingham based tattoo artist and member of band Hollow Bones, Harry Jesse Charles.

Trip Westerns are consisting of Harrison Baird-Whitman on guitar/vocals, Joseph Devine on guitar, Ellis Dickson on drums and Luciano Narcisi on bass. Worth mentioning that Luciano is also
a frontman of another psychedelic band Los Suns where Harrison is a drummer. One big, happy family. How things really should be.

I still haven’t had the pleasure to see Trip Westerns live, but that will soon change as the band starts to tour more and more and I plan to catch them at first opportunity. It will be a total pleasure to hear their new material in a concert setting. You can say I`m itching to get my fix. And some things in life have to be certain.

Malicia Dabrowicz

Trip Westerns by Willow Shields

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