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Cultural catalysts, PR, A&Rs and know-it-alls based between Birmingham and Manchester. We help and advise independent artists regarding PR/marketing. Also twins, cat lovers, artisans and nerds. Always there when you need us.

Food Drive

 HI All   It’s been a while since last time we posted. It’s not going to be much about art this time around but sometimes one has to blog about other things. As you may know, Mal is living on the island of Malta. Currently it had been brought to our attention that there is […]


Report II: The guests

Aloha!   As promised, we are posting a second part of our report from Earth Garden. This time we would like to tell you about our visitors. Over two days we had a pleasure of meeting some exceptional folks and had countless conversations with people from all places and walks of life: art students, comic […]


Preparation complete

  This is the last update before we launch our project tomorrow morning at Earth Garden in Ta`Qali in Malta. For the past few weeks we were relating to it as “an agricultural” work. We have decided to combine the art of nature and the art of man. Therefore we want the general public to […]


We`ve got the materials

We have spent the afternoon like busy bees. Shopping is done. We have got now a nice set of materials required for the project. Our goal was simple: not to spend a lot of money and yet gather materials that would be used (and re-used) after the whole thing is over. We have spent 30 […]