Vanadian Avenue

Cultural catalysts, PR, A&Rs and know-it-alls based between Birmingham and Manchester. We help and advise independent artists regarding PR/marketing. Also twins, cat lovers, artisans and nerds. Always there when you need us.

Shop till you drop

Good (and very early) morning to you, folks.   It’s a week left to Notte Bianca and we are very busy. One room had been turned into storage of all possible items: guest books, materials, artworks, paper ribbons, ropes, paper cuttings, pot pourri…yes you have read it correctly. We have decided to create something very […]


Action, lights, candles!

Howdy!   So many things have happened that we don’t know where to begin. The official name for the project is “ZEKZIK U WAHEDHOM”, gossips and loneliness. The market was once the heart of the city of Valletta, but most of the merchants moved in the 80`s outside of the capitol and only few meat […]


Remembering Katrina

Hey there,   Five years ago today, the leaves around New Orleans broke and half of the city went under water or was affected by the flood. Hurricane Katrina will definitely be remembered as one of the biggest disasters in the US. Rita and I spent the days running through Red Cross databases trying to […]


Notte Bianca update

It’s us again,   It’s been a hectic day. You can believe us. But before we hit the bed and call it a night, we thought we will post some information about the Notte Bianca project. You have seen the site already. You know that we will be in collaboration with the amazing Maltese artist […]