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PRoject Leave The Capital – Luna Rosa Interview

And here we are! Today is the big day when Project: Leave The Capital is finally going on tour. After months of preparation, recording, rehearsals, planning and worrying, the first show is happening right now, probably as you read this article. Four incredible teams (Blaggers Records, Blender, Vandalism Begins @ Home and Transmission Indie), joining together to give four […]


Samuel Lambeth – The King (You and Me)

Samuel Lambeth is a well known figure on the West Midland music scene. Over the last decade, the Wolverhampton based musician fronted three local acts (The MonoBloggers in 2009, Quinn in 2017 and recently, the alternative outfit Winona), self released sort of a “greatest hits” album entitled “10 Years on Four Chords: The Best of […]