The cat collector or Kat-a-log part 17

Hello all the cats lovers!

Welcome to a very special edition of Kat-a-log. There are two reasons why this particular entry is super special to us. The first reason is that this is one of our planned Holiday Specials we wanted to do for a long period of time. Second reason is named Milena. Please scroll down to learn more about the humble beginnings of our project that go back in time to the early 1970’s!

Each week, the list of our editions is getting longer. You are currently reading the 17th issue of Kat-a-log and we are pleased to announce that during the recent visit to Poland, Rita and Olympia photographed at least 30 figurines from the collections. Now we have enough materials for the blog until the next year!. If you’d like to add something to the descriptions, you know the name of a model or a maker – please contact us straight away. Send your fan mail and kitty treats to:
Thanks in advance.

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Kat-a-log Feline no. 63
Three sides of a cat: Miyabi, I think I’m turning Japanese (I really think so!) and Big in Japan

Country of origin: 
Poland, Krakow bought as a present in 2010

Life works in truly wonderful ways sometimes. This small kitten, made from hardened clay, has been purchased in Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow in October 2010. Rita and Matt have been visiting the city for just one day, but they stopped at the museum’s famous tearoom for some herbal treatment and fortune cookies. Strangely enough, an art exhibition was organized in the museum on the day of their visit and the artist was selling cat figurines! Thinking about the photo-shoot for the cat, Rita wanted to find a place that has some sort of connection with Japan, especially if the cat has been made according to the rules of Japanese aesthetic. Perfect opportunity presented itself, when Rita came to Tarnowskie Gory in May 2013. Tarnowskie Gory is home to Polish – Japanese Cultural Circle, a NGO dedicated to popularizing Japanese tradition and culture in Poland. The society is led by Mr Miroslaw Blaszczak, former Polish cultural attaché in Japan. Rita and Mal know him for many years as they co-operated with him on numerous projects in the past. It was good to see him working on another event! Rita took several pictures of the cat sitting at the traditional matt, known as tatami, and near beautiful kimono.

Please look at the first picture below. It is entitled “Miyabi”. If you’d like to know more, find the entry on Wikipedia:

Pictures from the event can be found at the official website that belongs to the museum in Tarnowskie Gory:!/media/set/set=a.179983185497499.1073741828.123722401123578&type=1

I think I'm turning Japanese (I really think so!)
I think I’m turning Japanese (I really think so!)
Big in Japan
Big in Japan

Kat-a-log Feline no. 64
Three sides of a cat: Birthday present?, Cat in a bag and Looking out for love

Country of origin: 
Leominster, UK, given as a present in 2010

This ginger “cat-in-a-bag” resin figurine was given to Olympia as a present in January 2010. It has been purchased in a small town of Leominster, at Brightwells Auction House at one of their popular sales shows known from Cash in the Attic or Antiques Roadshow TV series. Sadly the kitten has been damaged by previous owner but it is still a very much sought-after piece of The Leonardo Collection made by Lesser & Pavey. Its official name is “The Mischief maker” and the figurine has been produced in 2001 and now is considered vintage. The kitten comes with a real leather collar and a bell. All pictures you see below were taken in Poland, in May 2013 at the biggest city fountain in Bytom 🙂

You can visit Lesser & Pavey website at:

Birthday present?
Birthday present?
Cat in a bag
Cat in a bag
Looking out for love
Looking out for love

Kat-a-log Feline no. 65
Three sides of a cat: Neighbourhood watch,  Going green and Pretty as a flower

Country of origin: 
unknown,  received as a gift in the 1970’s
Unofficial name: Milena

Wow! It’s a very special moment for everyone behind the Kat-a-log project has finally arrived. Ladies and gents, this is Milena – the first ever cat figurine in Olympia’s collection. Milena is a brown porcelain cat with lustrous glow, produced somewhere in 1960’s. It was a present given to Olympia when she was young adult in 1970’s and spent nearly a decade standing on a shelf among other porcelain figurines. Mal and Rita used to play with Milena when they were small and it’s a real miracle that the cat survived so long without the tiniest scratch! Milena played the parts of huge monsters and evil creatures in Dungeons and Dragons inspired board games, served as a wall in hamsters/guinea pigs obstacle courses and was employed as a valuable antique statue in Barbie’s dream home. When the Kat-a-log started in 1999, Milena stopped being regarded as a figurine that’s been gathering dust for ages. She became the most valued and finally appreciated piece of family’s history. Today, Milena is proudly displayed in a prime spot surrounded by the most expensive and rarest collectible figurines. Her market price might be very small, but her sentimental value cannot be counted. There is no money in this world that could buy her. Olympia has many cats but Milena is only one.

Neighbourhood watch
Neighbourhood watch
Going green
Going green
Pretty as a flower
Pretty as a flower

Kat-a-log Feline no. 66
Three sides of a cat: Dressed for success, Very fashionable, Look me in the eyes

Country of origin: 
unknown, given as a Christmas gift in 2010 in Poland

Feline number 66 has a lot in common with two other kittens: Kat-a-log Feline no. 58 (from 15th edition) and
Kat-a-log Feline no. 60 (from the 16th edition). If you do not remember cat with magnetic tail named Goldie and a big heavy fella with large whiskers made of straw, please click on the previous entries to see them. Those three cats have been given to Olympia as presents by her husband and were bought in the same store. Feline number 66 has an elaborate outfit, two pairs of cute golden boots and eyes to die for. It was a Christmas gift and the cat was very expensive – it comes from a limited collection of designer felines. Unfortunately, a card the cat came with was lost and we no longer remember its name or the designer. Can you help us in any way? If you know who made the cat, drop us a line. We would be forever grateful!

Dressed for success
Dressed for success
Very fashionable
Very fashionable
Look me in the eyes
Look me in the eyes

Oh well, time to say good bye again! Please return swiftly, as we have a beautiful beach issue coming shortly!
Do you know that you are able to make your own Kat-a-log kittens everywhere you go?
If you are sceptical, we will prove you wrong – that’s what we love to do after all!

Have a lovely sunny day and we shall see you in the next edition!
Rita, Malicia and Olympia Dabrowicz


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